50 Cool Widgets For Your Blog & Cool Buttons Backgrounds For Blogger

So a few moms have commented on the graphics on my blogger blog.  Here is where you can get your own.  These are really cool free widgets for your blog and some great backgrounds and blinky buttons and other buttons free for your blog!  I hope you enjoy and if you do please share this Post!  Thanks.

50 Cool Widgets For Your Blog







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    Wow, thanks I too love all the buttons. I'm very new at blogging and am trying to figure out things like buttons and all that. Still need one for my blog and website. I will be coming back read more. Thanks for the tips and my blog is at http://poweredbymom.blogspot.com. I also have an affiliate website at http://www.theonlinestoreforyou.com. I'm hoping to put some of these great things I've learned from other bloggers, friends and MBC members to good use and work from home 🙂 Thanks again.

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