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This is Chad my husband.  This gorgeous backdrop is Sula Montana where I performed for Chuck Schwab at his private country club. It was such a beautiful trip full of cabins, horses, super fun people and more. I’ll share more pictures from that event in the future.

So let me just say I think our husbands are our best friends, lovers, comfort, support , and sometimes comedians. Be sure to comment below and share your fave thing about your man too.
So let  me give you a tiny weeny window into my life and my man.  Chad is, well lets just say if clubbing your wife , throwing her over your shoulder , and hunting a large animal saying ” you cook meat, ME EAT ” was legal, that’s probably what he’d do.

He is so rugged and such a macho guy’s guy LOL.   He’s also super creative and has many hidden talents that I discover daily, like an eye for interior design.   I know!  Totally weird but with him I get a TWO-FER Macho/Artist.

One of the traits that made me quiver when I met him besides his smile ( although not pictured here LOL) was his quick wit.  I should have known in time that I would be the target of that wit.  It’s OK because I shoot back to so it’s a free-for-all and tons of fun.  I think his humor is so funny that I didn’t want to keep it all to myself and I thought , ” I have to tell someone what this boy just said to me, so your the lucky somebody and I truly hope these make you laugh as much as me.

I have decided to add what I call “Chad ISMS” to my blog.  You can always revisit this post and find new Chad “Isms”.

So I’m sharingmy hubby’s humor.  Oh and by the way I’d love to hear your comments on the fave things your husbands do or say you can call them “Tom”isms” Mat”Isms” or whatever your husband’s name is and we can all share  a laugh together.


  • CHAD “Isms” Driving to the pet store the other day and I told him to slow down 

Chad: Notice the vanity mirror on your side that’s so you can sit there and look pretty, notice the steering wheel is on my side that’s so I can drive”
 Me- I’m gonna drive you don’t tell me to sit here and look pretty. UGH


  •  CHAD “Isms  I’m a little older than my husband ( “how much older” you ask ” I’m not ready to share that yet LOL but soon.  Anyhoo we were singing “Wheels on the Bus to Matilda but I didn’t remember all the words which is crazy weird because I know all the words and Chad never does. But this time he just went on singing all the verses and never missed one. I said how did you know that?

Him ” My mom sang it to me didn’t yours sing it to you”
Me– ” I don’t think so”
Him ” Was that before your time?”
Me– ” Ha Ha”
Him “What did they sing when you were growing up ” The Stage Coach Driver Yells Whoa Whoa Whoa”   Nice Chad your hilarious ( sarcasm)

  •  CHAD “Isms” Took M to the Dr to get her shots Doc says ” she weighs 14 lbs 14 oz , two teeth coming in on the bottom.  Get in the truck Chad calls his moms says “weighs 14lbs 4 oz two teeth in the back”I said “babe didn’t you listen to anything the Dr said? ” He said so sweetly ” Shut up if it wasn’t for Google you wouldn’t know anything” ahhhhh true love. My Googling has saved his tushy many times.  When he wants to learn anything it’s “babe can you find this for me ”  uh-huh  don’t be sipping the google hater aide Chad you know you love it.


  • CHAD “Isms”  At our local mall the other day took M to the Pet store. There was a huge cage of hamsters, Chad said ” Babe ugh look at that huge narly rat!”  I laughed so hard the other ladies looking at the cute “hamsters” looked up at me.  He asked ” what are you laughing at” I said “babe that’s not a rat, that’s a hamster.”




  1. Crystal Stokes says

    LOL, I know, I said do not pretend to be me! You just stole my identity! lol. But, whats funny is that was a “Warren ism”!!

  2. crystal stokes says

    My husband is also in caveman mode and taught your husband how to to get your attention, remember the I’m the tiger stalking the elk in the field story, My husband is way more funnier and good looking. I think you guys are trying to be like us

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