5 Powerful Tips To Building A Loyal Blog Following

Here asome great tips to building a loyal blog following.


  • Lift others Up
You can do this via Twitter by re tweeting another blogger’s tweets, her blog post or business. It’s really great to see that someone cared enough to share your material.
You can also do this on Facebook just sharing posts from others is fun.

 Even though I’m sure your material is wonderful if you eat Vanilla ice cream all day it’s great to try chocolate.
Let another blogger be your chocolate by guest posting or re tweet them.
  • Reply & Respond
I work hard to respond to comments , tweets and especially FB posts. If builds great relationships and you can gain some awesome new friends in the process.
  • Be yourself
Don’t try to be super guru if your not. Even if you are just be real. I know that when someone is full of fluff and pomp ( I love saying that fluff & pomp), then it turns me off. Like the TV I just change the channel so be real with people and be you.
  • Comment on other blogs besides your own
I have realized that I look forward to cruising my friends blogs and seeing what they are up to. Then I love to comment and tell them how much I enjoyed their post. Not only is it fun but it just makes them feel great to know you think of them enough to visit.
Spread the Word About Yourself And Others
Twitter, Stumble, Facebook are all great places to meet other people in your field.You can follow them, share your posts share theirs, learn some cool new tips, find some great giveaways and then share yours too.  It really is limitless.
  • Cross Promote

Guest posting is awesome it brings new readers to your blog and vice versa. You can also host blog hops with your friends, it’s just a great way to introduce new readers to your blog.

I hope you enjoyed these few tips.  So it’s your turn What are some of your great tips to building a loyal following ? Comment below




  1. Adeline Yuboco says

    Great tips! It's also important to always give readers articles that can really help them and find interesting. Not only will they keep coming back for more. They will even help you promote your articles and gain more loyal followers.

  2. says

    I think you covered most of them. Maybe I can add: don't be afraid to communicate. Besides just the usual comment here and there, real sincere dialogue is always good for building rapport and even potential future partnerships. You never know what someone might offer you or you may e able to offer someone else. Support is key!

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