Do You Micro Manage Your Husband? Guilty

I know I shouldn’t , I resist the urge but sooner or later out it comes,”Babe! don’t do that”.  Don’t get me wrong Chad is an awesome daddy. He’s up for work at 4am and if he hears her wake up he’ll go get her and change her then bring her to me to feed her. He wants to take her the minute he gets home from work because he’s missed her.

And many times he offers to share in the bath time follies.  Which pretty much comes short of a fall every time.  Matilda is super physical so she’s always kicking or exploring new territory.

She has a duck blow up tub and she loves to kick the sides and try to launch herself out. I’ve warned Chad so I can’t help but  peek in and sometimes there is Matilda almost doing a Swan Dive and Chad tells me as he’s holding her by her leg, “I’ve got her it’s OK”. “Yea, looks under control to me” I”m thinking.

The other day in her nursery there is a toy she loves to pull up on. I warned him not to let her do it without holding the toy because it topples over. Two seconds later I hear her crying , walk in it’s laying on top of her ( she wasn’t hurt just scared).  I said ,”BABE!, I told you not to let her do that,” ” I’m sorry I forgot”  Lord, help me.

I know that babies are made extra durable just for these reasons, and don’t get me wrong I’ve made my share of mistakes too.

 I know I shouldn’t look over his shoulder, and I”m working on it.  So I think I finally figured it out.  I’m going to just get some balloons and duct tape them around her as a protective barrier, then she and daddy can have a great day.

( You know I won’t really do that but the thought crosses my mind many times.)

Do you have micro manage moments? Do tell.




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