Domestic Goddess Mommy Our New FF

Hi everyone please say hi to our new Featured Follower Domestic Goddess Mommy!

How can you not love that name!?

I’m going to work on getting more of you featured quicker you’ll have to forgive me I’m pretty exhausted today LOL up way to late and awake much too early ,4:30 AM

I’m also thinking of changing the name “Featured Follower” To something cute and maybe even a little cooler if you guys have any ideas be sure to comment below.

Also show some love and at the bottom of this post take two seconds and share this.  The little X share thing opens up all your social media. FB Twitter, linked in etc;.  That way you can help me share the message of how awesome you all are.  And if we each do that the person being featured would probably really appreciate it!  So here you go and thanks!

Here is a little more about her:

I’m a mother of three little beauties, ages 6, 5 and 2. I’m on a journey to become a domestic goddess, but I’ve a long way to go! The ambition is there, but not the energy! My husband and I own and operate a start-up retail wine store and I rarely have a spare moment. When you do, I invite you to join me over a cup of coffee and journey with me as I blog my way toward domestic perfection.




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