How To Add Your Link And Join A Blog Hop Tutorial

This is a great post.  How to add your link and join a blog hop tutorial.

This is one of the top ten blogging tips that you really need to know. I’ve taken it from my list.

A blog hop is a way to meet new mom bloggers and increase traffic. Google loves it because there are a ton of links and you are one of them.

It’s a great way to find new mom blogs, learn blogging tips and promote your blog. This is a quick post on how to join a blog hop and also what is a blog hop.

So what is a blog hop and how do you  join.  You will see tons of different ones to hop this one is called “Tis The Season Blog Hop”
You click on the link to the blog hop usually the person who is hosting the hops main page. Here is an example of what it looks like after you click over-

Once you are on the page You will see a section that says add your link it looks like this :

And you will then see an image like this :

Or this:
What you will do is in the URL Or Link to  you type your blog for example mine would be
You can also use the URL To one of your blog posts You do this by clicking on your blog post then copy and past the code in your search bar above.
In the Name portion type the name of your blog : Mompreneur Mogul ( this is mine)
Then your email then submit.
Next you should see your link appear like this look for mine .
And that’s it!  Now you’ve joined your first blog hop and you can click on any of the other mom bloggers links to check out new friends and gain some new followers.
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