How To Get Your Domain And Hosting For Cheap Part 2

I have a great tip on how to get your domain and hosting cheap. I had done this post earlier but realized after many questions some may not have seen this. So I’m reposting . Have an amazing New Year!!

This is a really great blogging tip I found for mom bloggers.  I just stumbled on this when I was thinking of getting a hosting account for my blog and I was so excited!  This is the most amazing option because what if you don’t feel like keeping your name for 3 years or paying $50 – $60 just to get a ?  Well thanks to blogger you don’t have to.

I could write the instructions all out  but this link below will show you exactly what to do.   Not to mention blogger has a snazzy video to help you.  Well OK it’s no so snazzy but it will help you. Once you click the link you should  see a box that says
What would you like to do?

  • Buy a custom domain through blogger
  • Host my blog on  a URL I already own.

You will click buy a custom domain.
I’m assuming you’d like to get your URL and this is why your checking out this article.  Lets just say your blog is called   what you would do is click buy a custom domain and in the box that says check availability put your polka dot name and see if it’s available.  If it is you can have your dot com!  Cool huh?    So click the link below watch the video and with $10 paid to Google checkout in a day or so your site will be redirected to your own personal dot com and you can look professional like the other top mom bloggers!  Let me know if you have any questions or if you need any help.





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    You can still do it. If you want the title you have now for your blog if it's available you just follow the steps with that name and then it's dot come instead of blogspot. Or if you want to change it , it will automatically redirect everyone to your new domain name. It shouldn't be too hard. Don't live with it you should get what you want life's too short to settle 😉

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    Thanks for sharing. You know when i started blogging few months ago, i was a real novice and i made a mistake of using my last name instead of my blog name. Now i wish to have my own domain but is very late because i don't want to use my last name in the .com thing. And is very impossible to change my url. Well i just have to manage. I would have made all the changes when i first started.

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