Show Us Your Holiday Décor And Share Your Secrets For Keeping Your Holiday Home Clean

This is our Christmas Tree this year. It’s beautiful and Matilda’s first Christmas tree ever.  You can watch the video of us picking it out in this post . But we have some issues because of my stinky dogs! Hank and Harley. Hank on the left Harley on the right. I have a few secrets for keeping my home clean because I’m dealing with these messy little creatures. I love them but man are they dirty.

They shed like crazy and my precious Matilda is crawling.  Dog hair plus crawling equals yuck and gross!  So I have to vacuum every day.  Which I”m not one of those  moms who loves to clean, nor am I really any good at it to be honest. I think I am minus a few of those domestic bones that you other crafty, organized moms have.

 I keep pleading for my housekeeper to come and rescue me. She hasn’t .  Maybe she can’t hear me? Oh well back to cleaning for me then.
I try to mop twice a week and include dusting.  Again not my favorite. It’s still hard to keep clean though because they come in filled with dust and roll around like two little piglets. Plus Harley has this sickO habit of not letting all his business drop before he comes back in the house and sometimes I find surprises on the floor.  And they are not good surprises!  I love them but we may be investing in dog houses soon.

Like I said I’m not the best cleaner in the world so if  you want to help me and offer up your tips..seriously I really need them !  Comment below and help a mama out 🙂  You guys are awesome looking forward to it!

I am sharing my holiday home decor and cleaning tips for the chance to win prizes from The SITS Girls and Great Cleaners.




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      @ Chris thank you 🙂 I'm following you now. They do shed LOL at least mine does a ton!! He probably needs more brushing and baths but with my little 8 month old washing him took a back seat.

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      @ Pam NO I haven't!!! But thank you I'll look into it I'm really desperate. I would post the pile of dog hair I swept one day but the only way I'll do that is if this post gets 50 comments. ( which I'm hoping would never happen because I'm telling you it was pretty nasty. The worse part is my husband comes from a mom who vacuums daily sometimes twice a day, and who's house is spotless. UGH I need help.

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      Oh dear, I had forgotten about babies and dog hair and we have two coming for Christmas.

      Have you tried the Ergo Rapido stick vac? I love mine. If I were a review writer i would be pounding their doors. lol

      happy holidays!

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      I also had to deal with dog hair when my son was a newborn. I felt like every time I had just cleaned, there would be dog hair everywhere again!! I love to have things clean, but I'm not a big fan of dusting and vacuuming either. LOL, maybe I need a housekeeper, too! ha.

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