Vlogging Family Photo Shoot Funny With My Husband’s Narration

This was our day- Tell me which video you like better. They are two versions of the same event basically. Chad is talking to his sister in case your wondering who the hot blond is that he’s shouting at LOL it’s his family.

  Chad is not a big video or photo guy thus the hand to my face..  That’s my deal left over from my show biz days. And yes I have pictures of me as Snow White and if I get alot of requests I’ll show those pictures otherwise- No Princesses today ! 

I will say though that I must have done a good job because as I said goodbye to the babies a little girl clung to my Snow White Dress and started crying ;(  It was precious but so sad. I told her that princesses never say goodbye we just say see you later, and that she shouldn’t cry everything is ok.  

She mustered up all her little strength and I said “Ok give me a princess smile,”  through her little tears she gave me the best smile she could , I hugged her and walked out.  The minute the door shut I hear the wailing begin. Poor precious baby.   Hope you enjoy a slice of our silly life.




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    The first video is better, IMO. But I love little Matilda in the second video! It reminds me of when my little Emma was that age, she even had the same green pacifier… She's only 3 1/2, but it seems as if the baby days are so far away, and I miss them sometimes!
    Anyway, you're keeping me away from writing posts over at my blog, and I really need to keep building that thing as it is so new still!
    Oh, and I am requesting Snow White photos!! Snow White, Snow White, Snow White!

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    Great post enjoyed it. So nice to meet you I have just found your lovely blog through the blog hop this weekend wonderful to join in. I'm now following you hope you visit me and follow back so nice to find new friends to catch up with. Have a great day.
    Always Wendy

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