Amazing Tips From The Top Internet Marketing Gurus And Bloggers In The Industry

 Amazing Blog Tips From The Top Internet Marketing Guru’s & Bloggers In The Industry Plus One

I have collected some amazing pieces of wisdom advice & quotes from  the greatest marketing leaders in the industry and put them in this post for you. Bloggers like Brian Clark, Copyblogger,John Chow,Ramit Sethi ,Seth Godwin, Darren Rowse & more.

I know you will love it. I know I did. Be prepared to be inspired.


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If you want to build an online audience, you’ve got to teach people something valuable. Or entertain people. Preferably both. Brian Clark CopyBlogger


Email Marketing is something that most bloggers overlook. They’ll work on building their RSS, Facebook,Twitter and all other forms for social media contacts but do nothing about email. Most blogs don’t even have an email list. And yet, this is the biggest factor separating the big money-making bloggers from all the little guys – we have a big mailing list. And if you truly want to make the big bucks in this business, you absolutely must have a mailing list. John Chow dot Com


Friends don’t let friends die a slow boring death of sameness.

John Jantsch Duct Tape Marketing


If you think you have no choice but to do what you do now, you’ve already made a serious error.It seems to me that passing the buck on this merely because it’s easier than choosing is precisely the wrong strategy. It enables an abdication of power that will be very hard to reverse. It’s up to you, and that’s part of the power that you’ve got.Back to the framer: I picked, because that’s my job.-

Seth Godwin It’s Completely Up To You



blogging tips


Times are a changing and as a result, the foundation of business must also change. It’s a new era of  consumerism and you play a role in defining it. Brian Solis



The fastest way to get big is by using the strategy that naturally fits with your current stage of growth. The more your strategy is tailored to your current stage of growth, the faster you’ll outgrow it and be ready for the next one! Danny Iny FirpoleMarketing Engagement From Scratch


Did I mention that all professional bloggers need to have business skills? Yep, that’s right, marketing – the fine art of attracting attention and THE key component for successful business – is a paramount ingredient for successful blogging. It’s through marketing that people find your good content. Yaro Starak





There is no one way to grow a blog. They come in all shapes and sizes, and their growth cycles vary considerably. Darren Rowse Problogger


  • Deliver value. Give even more than your readers would ever imagine.
  • Encourage replies. Make your newsletter come from a real email address, not a “” type of address.
  • Write in a personable tone. People respond to the sense they’re talking with a person.
  • Share useful information, not ads. The more you can help others and extract value elsewhere, the better.
  • Be clear when you’re selling.
  • Connect with people outside of the email on social channels. (Secret gold.)

Chris Brogan Email List Building The Lazy Way


  • Make websites for people, not search engines.
  • Make websites that convert to your end goal… not just rank for keywords.
  •  Build a brand around a community. One that loves you and will fight for you because they love your services. Don’t shut them off.
  •  Make your brand so big that search engines need you.

So those are my thoughts on Search Engine Optimization. Now please keep in mind I am not a professional SEO. I have never been paid for SEO services. I don’t spend time researching Google Patents or brain storming with other SEO’s about what could possibly happen in the future. All of my opinions about SEO come from my experience in doing over 10 million dollars in online commerce in the last 5 years.

Jeremy Schoemaker

“People don’t trust entities. People trust people. Tim Ferris

Place the community’s interests above your own.The big picture is that a vibrant community will help you, but getting to this place means sacrificing short-term interests. For example, people should be able to freely discuss and endorse competitive products.     Guy Kawasaki
Behind every comment is a person. Behind every person is a life. And behind every life are the same basic desires.  The desire to be liked, appreciated, to be loved & to be respected. Do this with your readers and they will always visit you.  Lisa Cash Hanson Mompreneur Mogul GET FAMOUS

How can you  make this article useful?

None of this information will  help you if you don’t do it .  You learn so much more by doing than you do by watching. I should know.

I’m launching a new baby product with limited knowledge on everything that entails. I have talked with  many  people who have helped and I have an awesome prototype and I’m on my way.

My Final Thought:

Of course I am the plus one in the title of this post.  I  added  myself to this list because A. it’s my blog and B. I give some pretty useful information so I feel totally confident placing myself in this category with these other bloggers.

Let me share a quick tip that can truly help you. I spent most of my life portraying some of the biggest celebrities of all time ( see about me). So why  be star struck by the biggest Internet marketing bloggers of all time thinking I’m not worthy to be listed beside them?

I wouldn’t.  When you’ve been onstage with Wynonna & Michael McDonald and joked with Larry the Cable Guy about his costume lady pressing his “redneck shirts” backstage, well lets just say I’m not easily intimated.

You should not be intimidated either. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to and you are only limited by your thinking. Not anything else. You are also the only person who can put barriers on your life. So don’t do that.


blog inspiration

You see here is the thing. In life we all put our pants on the same way, one leg at a time.  I know that saying is forever old but it is still one of the best out there.

I’m not better than you because I performed with these people , or because I’ve landed some great TV spots with my blog. It makes no difference. Perception is reality. If you believe you are inferior to other bloggers you always will be.

Maybe it’s a plague of being an entertainer for so many years I joke with my friends saying” Good thing I have an ego the size of Texas.’ I normally said that when someone insulted my performance.

I do have a pretty big ego but not in a prideful way. I’m not saying that to be arrogant. I ‘m really a very humble person  and treat everyone with kindness and respect.  Anyone who comments on my blog will tell you that. The reality is life is too short to live in the shadows. It’s cold and dark and I love the sun.

So what do you want to do? What are your goals, your hopes your dreams?  Just DO IT.


Now that I’ve shown you my smarty pants why don’t you do us all a favor and show us yours? I know my readers are smart so share some of your best comments below.


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  1. says

    Hi Lisa,

    I have always appreciated hearing from the “gurus” – it’s so much better to learn from others rather than make mistakes on your own!

    I completely hear Darren Rowse – there is no one way to grow a blog – hit the nail on the head!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    Thank you for this great list! I receive most of their emails but rarely have time to sit and read them. Giving without any expectation of receiving is my motto! I think most bloggers love to teach and help others. At least that is what I have found since I started blogging. I love your story! I would have loved to have watched you on stage, awesome! I am so glad we connected! ~Lisa

  3. says

    You’ve got an AMEN from me! Your final thought is the best one of them all – be confident and SELL YOURSELF. I’ve always been so afraid to refer to myself as an expert, but when people purposely come to you time and time again for guidance and advice, you are an expert as far as they are concerned. And that’s what matters. Perception is reality, my friend.

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