How To Blog: Blogging Basics & Tips For Beginners Picking A Platform

So Today marks the start of a new series of posts and today I’ll cover How To Blog:Blogging Basics For beginners starting with picking a blog platform.

I’m not sure how long or how short this series will be but I intend to give you some of the most powerful blogging tips and resources for your blog available.

This series will cover how to increase community interaction and comments. How to choose your niche or does a niche really matter. How to increase your Google, & Alexa rankings. How to create compelling blog titles that will cause readers to follow your content and so much more.

Some of the posts will be written my me and I may add some of my friends guest post into this series. Either way hang on to your keyboards because we are going to have a great ride.

Here we go. How To Choose A Blog Platform

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? What goals do you have?

  • Is this blog a hobby or will you  make my living with this blog?
  • Do you want to advertise on your  blog?
  • Will you blog  for years to come or only  until next month?
Every platform is different. I like to think of it like this a fruit salad is all made up of  fruit. But a grape is nothing like a banana.  So it is with blog platforms each one has a different flavor.
Disclaimer:  I want to take a second right here to say I am not a guru on this topic. I can only share what knowledge I have gained from my own experiences and that of my fellow blog friends. and offer domains and hosting for free. offers the platform for free but you will have to buy your own domain name. I know there are other platforms if you have one you love be sure to let me know but most choose one of these two or three including so these will be my focus.
If you want to know the difference between and it’s super easy just check out this post here 
If you would like to host your  your own blog you just have to get your domain name and your own hosting through a company like Go Daddy, Blue Host or Host Gator. Everyone has their own thoughts on each one however I like pinterest-a5c9d“>Hostgator.
If you need hosting you can click on the link below and get yours through them as well.
This is my affiliate link however and I do get paid by referring people here however I”m happy to refer people because it’s a great service.


When thinking about which platform to choose you will also need to think about design. Either you can spruce your site up or hire someone.  Every platform has free templates that make it pretty easy to design something yourself. However some are slightly more complex than others.

I had an awesome guy do mine ( I say guy because he says he’s not a designer otherwise I would have called him my designer)- Brent if you’re reading this “You are my SUPER DUPER!”  He did a great job.


Not everyone loves WordPress like I do so if you want to see a great example of the different platforms  that other people use Darren At Problogger did a great poll you can find it here :Darren At ProBlogger

While deciding which platform you’d like to choose make sure you realize  that you can have it hosted for you like Blogger they handle that, or self hosted like this blog on Hostgator.

Don’t be intimated by hosting a blog yourself it’s very easy and anyone can do it.

Here is the Good , The Bad, And the Ugly with both.

If you choose to have it hosted  like


  • Free or Super cheap
  • Tons of free backgrounds easy to design yourself


  • Not as much freedom
  • Your URL is instead of
  • Your site may look like many others


  • Without paying something you’ll have that blogspot  by your site name. If you have that right now, I’m not really saying it’s ugly but it will look more professional with your own domain.  For tips on how to get  a super cheap domain & hosting if you don’t want hostgator and your on the blogger platform   check out this post here.

Basically it all comes down to choices. What do you want to do with your blog.  Most bloggers are super friendly and eager to help so just ask.  Also Google is my best friend. Chad ( my husband) said if it weren’t for Google I wouldn’t know anything. I would never admit to that but I do use it a lot.  So research and pick what is best for you.

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I know some of you have some awesome tips or experiences on the different platforms be sure to share those comments and tips below so everyone can learn together.




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    It’s definitely possible to have a customized, attractive blog, with your own domain name, on Blogger. 🙂 The only thing I spend is $12 a year for my domain name. I love using Blogger because I never need to worry about downtime (seriously – it’s Google!), it’s very easily linked up with Analytics, there’s a boost with exposure, and they handle security much better than I could.
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