Fisher- Price Cradle Swing My Little Snug-a-Bunny Sent A Free Motor

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Occasionally I sprinkle my blog tips website with some cool parenting things. After all I am a first time mom.  I had the most amazing baby shower in the world here is a picture of some of my gifts . I know God did this because it wasn’t possible any other way we didn’t need on thing for Matilda when she was born EVERYTHING was provided. Here are some pictures of my shower hard to believe it was over 10 months ago.


When I say everything I mean everything. I remember I was going through a major  transition career wise and we weren’t sure how we would get her everything she needed..I knew we needed a crib but we were short on money. I just prayed about it and set my mind not to worry.


The crib and dresser we looked at was about $900 or so..the envelope you see me opening with money was filled with $1,000.  That is why you see me weeping it was a total answer to my prayer.

Ok so on to my other gift.  My girlfriend bought us this Fisher-Price Cradle Swing My Little Snug-a-Bunny.  Matilda loves it and it’s the only thing she will nap in..ever.  Well a few months back it broke.

Well the motor broke.  But being the research queen I am I thought I read somewhere if you tell them they will send a new one.  I’m not sure the time frame on this but I can tell you that’s exactly what I did.  After all this swing is about $170  and for that money your motor should last a long time.

Well Fisher-Price was super nice ( hey that rhymed LOL)  they asked a few questions about the model number and said our motor would be sent to us in about 30 days. It was on backorder.  Sure enough it came and Matilda is just a swingin again.

I wanted to share this because if you have little ones with little swings this is good advice to know. And if you have friends you can share this with them also.  This is why I love Fisher-Price great company and great customer service- AND NO I’m not being paid to write this, I wish I was though but not today.



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