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Every blogger that I know would like to figure out  some great tips on how to create blog posts that drive more traffic to their blog.  There are a ton of ways that you can do that. I think the best way is to create blog posts that people want to read. Sounds simple enough. Some call these Pillar articles, writing killer content , or other titles but whatever your name you have for the process the goal is the same. Create useful content that truly helps your reader.

What is the purpose of wanting to drive traffic to a blog ? That depends. You may be selling an ebook like my Get Famous Mom Blogger’s Resource ( shameless informative plug), you may have some great blogging tips your readers must know, you may be running a sweepstakes or a giveaway that you want to share, or you  really  want to tell people how yucky the day was with your baby crying and suffering from  mom guilt we all experience s from time to time. If your a guy reading this your excluded from that last part. ( Not  the guilt just the mommy)

Either way we all want traffic for our blogs.  A blog with no traffic is like a ghost town & ghost towns are pretty lonely places. So what do we do? Write. Keep writing. Write some more. Then, promote, keep promoting, promote some more.  Via social media, FB Twitte ,  because after all any social media you share is an avenue of promotion for your article.

Speaking of promoting via social media,   I just joined Triberr I am starting a tribe called the Soaring bloggeristas if you’ve wanted to join Triberr let me know and if I have room I’ll add you to our tribe. Comment below or send an email


Here is a recent article called:

Blogging Basics On Steroids Powerful Tips To Add Muscle To Your Blog How To Choose A Blog Platform .

So what is pillar content exactly?  Well, it’s a super great article that brings lots of new readers who tell a friend and they tell two friends and so on and so on and before you know it your content gets spread throughout the blogosphere, you gain more followers and we all ride off into the “I’m a super cool blogger because I have tons of readers” sunset.

How do you create content that accomplishes those types of goals? Easy.

  • How To Articles

You know the kind that say this is how you fix your car step one through six, this is how you paint your baby toe nail, or this is how you add pillar content to your blog, like I’m doing right now.

  • You can always stir the pot

I’m not a big fan of this, I can confront any person on the planet but I prefer peace. However you could for an example begin a series of posts on the Presidential elections. If you’re readers would enjoy that.

Primarily what you want to do with Pillar Content is show your readers that you are the expert by being informative blog tips, or tips on your particular niche to drive traffic.

  •  List Articles like a  Top 10, top 100, or top 56

You can post a series on the top 10 ways to get a ton of comments. Or top 10 ways to avoid blogger burnout ( hey I think I may write that one)

In any case you get the point. Pillars are just that they hold everything else together, weak pillars, caved in roof, squashed blogger. Get the picture?  So please don’t get squashed. Write some great posts and if you don’t have any series on your blog than get busy.

I want to hear from you now. Do you have some great tips on how to create blog posts that drive traffic to your blog ? If you have written a great series on your blog that will help readers tell us about it, what it is, how it helped your traffic, and link up to  share the knowledge in the comments below.

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  1. says

    Lisa ~ Great tips, thank you! I like the new look of your site.
    I am interested in joining your Triberr group, would love more info.
    ~ Kelly

  2. says

    Not only does your post include good tips for driving traffic but it also serves as an example of common sense SEO tips that you’ve implemented here. For example, your post title serves to entice visitors who are looking for tips to drive traffic while at the same time, you’ve include keywords for the search engines. That is very smart. Another thing that your readers should pick on is that you’ve changed the “permalinks” setting in WordPress to display your post title in the URL. Good job!

  3. says

    Great tips! The site runs much smoother than your old one did. Love it!

    I think I will steer clear from writing about the presidential elections. Yikes! I can’t even imagine the fallout or comments! I think you can write about ANYthing if you know how to do it well meaning you can writing in an entertaining way that can engage your audience. And if they can relate to the situation, that’s even better!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. says

    Love the clean look of your site Lisa. Blogging is a great way to generate traffic and can increase profits for any business if done correctly. Thanks for a great post.

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