How To Find Great Blog Topics To Write About When Your Mind Is Mush

How To Find Great Blog Topics To Write About

If you are a blogger who is having trouble coming up with great ideas for blog posts don’t worry we’ve all been there. There are some excellent tips and resources that will help you find great blog topics to write about. I could even say these tips are a blogger’s secret copy writing stash. Let me share some powerful ways to help you write  killer blog posts. I would like to share that this post was inspired by my girlfriend’s post on Facebook. Here is tip number one:

1. Cruise facebook and see what people are posting. They may share a news story or a problem like, “My brain is mush what can I write about?” You will find great topics just by going through Facebook posts.

2. Online magazines are a great source. Look at Fox News, CNN, or The Huffington Post. You will probably see a story that sparks something in you and before you know it the writing juices will be flowing.

3. Google Alerts. Set an alert  with a few key words for your industry. If you don’t know how to do that here are some  instructions from Google explaining what you need to do in order to set up a Google Alert.

4. Check out forums. Blog forums are a great place to find topics to write about. People will have questions and that will cause you to find an answers to their questions. Then you can write a blog post about your tips.

5. Look At Tweets. People share some really interesting things via Tweets. Actually as I’m writing this I realize that social media is a goldmine.

6. Stumbleupon  Just click through a few websites there and I’m sure that your mind will be spinning in no time.

7. Go through Youtube. Search for blogging videos, or how to videos and you will find some fascinating topics.

8. Write a review. Paid reviews are wonderful. You don’t always have to be paid in order to write a review. You could review a week of recipes, or a week of exercise tips, or  a favorite product you have at home. The possibilities are endless.

Writing does take some effort. That being said it shouldn’t be painful. If you are racking your brain and feeling stressed over what blog topic to write then it’s time to take a break.  Go to your local park, grab a coffee, lay in the grass and look at the sky.

I always like to make my daughter laugh as hard as possible that makes me feel super refreshed.  Either way I know that you are on your way to being a super star blogger who will have fabulous topics to blog about because you read my post.  OK, I know that’s not the only reason but I do hope these tips helped you.  Please be sure to share your tips  with our readers. What do you do to  come up with great topics to blog about. Now sharing is care. I know you love this post  so please click those buttons below to Tweet it , Facebook and G+ to a friend or an enemy. Enemies need lovin too!




  1. says

    Great tips! I often find that I need some inspiration when nothing “exciting” is going on in my life. My problem right now is that I have several ideas, but just don’t feel like writing. Any tips on how to get out of that funk? 😉

  2. (¯`•¸Geca¸•´¯) says

    Thanks a lot for these great tips. I’ve bookmarked this page 😉 A lot of ideas come up in my head but I guess, I’m either too busy as a stay-at-home Mom or too lazy to work on it 🙁

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