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This awesome guest post is from my sweet friend Lisa Ladrido. She has an awesome blog called I’m all A Twitter About Life
She loves Pinterest, who doesn’t?  And this is A great post about how to use Pinterest.  Go by and check out her fabulous blog.  If you love Pinterest I want you to list one of your favorite “How To Tips” in the comment section below.
Source: via Samuel on Pinterest

(Warning this is going to show my age!) With all the buzz around Pinterest in the past year, I can almost hear Arte Johnson from Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In saying, “Verrry Pinteresting!”

Maybe you are too young to know who Arte Johnson is or never saw an episode of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In, but you must have heard about Pinterest, right?!

If not, have you been spending your days under a rock like the gentleman in this photo?! I actually found this photo on a Board on Pinterest!

How to Use Pinterest

First of all Pins are the images that are of interest to you, that you either upload yourself or find on the web. You place your pins on a Board. A Board categorizes your interests. Simple!

  • Are you a Photographer or Artist and would like to show your work? Create a Board! 
  • New baby coming? Create a Board with everything you would like in your new nursery!
  • Wedding? You could create a Wedding Registry Board with links and prices linking to the store’s website! What a great tool for your family and friends!
  • Blogger? Create a Board with your blog posts, with links to your post! 
  • Love to travel? Show the places you have been and would like to go to, on what? Yes, a Board!
  • Do you have an Etsy shop for instance? Create a Board with some of your products and yes you can add prices and links!
  • Books? Are you on Goodreads? Create a Board with your favorite books! If you are an Amazon Affiliate Pin the books from your Amazon account! (See My Recommendations below)
  • Videos? Sure thing, just use the “Pin It” button on your browser! (See below)

With the Chrome “Pin It” button on your browser it is easy to post to Pinterest directly from your websites. The Pin will include the originating source as well. Just drag the button to your browser from here.

My Recommendations

  • Use a watermark on your personal photos. Without some kind of identification on the photo, the original source may get lost in all the pinning!
  • Try to thank people who Like or Re-pin your Pins by commenting. 
  • Build relationships, find and invite your friends, follow others.
  • When re-pinning, make sure you include the original source if missing. 
  • When adding a Board with Affiliate Links, make sure you include a  Disclaimer on the Board’s Description. 

As with any other Social Networking site use common sense and Etiquette

Pinteresting Facts

According to Compete on the graph below, in December 2010 there were 50,671 Unique Visitors on Pinterest, (U.S. Data Only). Fast forward one year, to December 2011 and they recorded 7,208,409 Unique Visitors! That is quite the growth in one year! To date, Pinterest has reached over 10,000,000 Unique Visitors!

The opportunities are endless on Pinterest! Visit Pinning 101 to get you started! Have fun Pinning!

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      Dawnll! Yes Ruth Buzzy, I was her for Halloween one year when I was a tween! The hair net, drooping stockings and all! Thank you for visiting Lisa’s Blog. She is awesome! Lisa L.

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    You are righ..Pinterest is a fun yet powerful tool.. Your post reaches the masses in a more extensive way…kind of like passing the parcel from one group to the next…


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