Mompreneur Mogul Lisa Cash Hanson On Yahoo! Shine In A Few Days

I just found out that Yahoo Finance & Shine are two of the same so to speak.  My upcoming appearance that they filmed will air this FEB 9th on the Yahoo! Shine network!  If you’d like to see behind the scenes pictures from shoot day you click this link  and visit Yahoo Footage   I als have some fun videos of a donkey invasion that day you’ll have to see to believe.  I am super  more excited because as you can see  Yahoo! Shine is all about us, women.

I also found out they get 31 MILLION unique visitors a month.  I KNOW!  31 MILLION.  I should get some great new visitors via this opportunity.

I hope it all goes well, I believe it will. I didn’t do anything funky on camera ( at least nothing I can remember) .  If you have time  please come and check it out this Thursday FEB 9th here Yahoo!Shine,  and be sure to comment on my article.

The site is ranked very high and it should help your traffic too.  I’m excited and wish to  thank all of you  who have Tweeted this, FB, GOOGLE PLUS and otherwise helped me to get the word out you are really amazing!



On another note. I’ll be sending GET FAMOUS out to a few bloggers for review and after that I’ll be answering questions and blog interviews.  I’ve had some bloggers request an interview so  if you would like to have an interview for your blog also I’m happy to do a Q & A on behind the scenes filming, the launch of my book, or tips to write your own.  Just let me know and contact me via this blog or twitter @MompreneurMogul.




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