The Best And The Worst Day Of My Blogging Life

This day started like any other ordinary day.  Little did I know it would be the best and worst day of my blogging life. At least I hope this was as bad as it gets. I don’t want to go through more of the same eek gads.  I woke up, grabbed my coffee, checked a few emails, visited some friends blogs, grabbed my yogurt, and got Matilda.  We did our morning ritual, nursing, playing with her Winnie the Pooh Bear, sang some worship music together then I laid her down for her nap.  Sometime around mid afternoon I checked my email and something crazy was happening. Every time I checked my blog I’d have 2, 4, and sometimes 7 new Newsletter subscribers at one time.  At first I didn’t think anything of it. But every time I checked there were more and more and more.

I knew I was on the home page of Yahoo! Shine the other day and it did spike and help me to get more blog traffic but I didn’t notice anything catastrophic, at least not  in my mind. Let me change that last statement I just checked my stats INSANE traffic increase. THIRTY EIGHT times the usual amount. WOW.

But this was really odd.  It continued throughout the day and is still happening as I”m writing this piece at about 9:45 PM Vegas time.  I thought  to myself, “Let me go check out Yahoo!.  Sure enough my little 3 minute clip had over 400 comments.  I said “Babe! look how cool!  This must be what’s going on today. I was so focused at the number I had no idea what I was about see next would hit me as hard as the anvil dropping in the Wile E Coyote from the Roadrunner.  My husband looking over my shoulder said ” Wow, these people don’t have anything nice to say.”  “What?” I said. And there it was. I read things I wish I had never seen.

How my makeup is too dark, that I’m a liar, that we’re rich, that my tips sucked, someone was even bold enough to make fun of my daughter’s name.  I mean it was pretty disgusting and it is still going on.  I felt my blood boil and then a flood of emotions. “Confusion, frustration, “How could a simple video about what we did to save money make people flip out?”

After a while I had to stop reading they were just so awful. The problem with that is, once you’ve read them you can’t remove it from your head.  I wanted so badly to just go off and say how rude, how obnoxious, how sick, how hateful, how ridiculous they were. I guess I’m saying it now but it’s my space so I’ll say it here and be done.  Besides tomorrow is Sunday and I’m going to have to forgive every one of those nasty little comments if I want to enjoy the worship time at church.

The subscribers kept pouring in but so did the thoughts in my head. Finally I couldn’t take it. I yelled I told my husband ” What is wrong with people!?  Are they so mean that they have nothing better to do than tear me apart?  HOLY MOLEY all I did was say I cut back on a few things.

I realized that this is why Jesus said ” The poor you will have with you always”  Now READ THIS CAREFULLY– I’m not talking about widows, children, or people who have suffered tragic events. I’m speaking of nasty people who only want to hate the world and drag everyone else down with them. then their bitterness takes root and they cannot succeed in life so they blame and attack anyone they can find. This time it just happened to be me.

I told Chad- My husband ” If I ever speak one day I will tell them they will never be in a good situation because they are mean, and rude, and selfish and it’s their own attitude that defeats them.”  He said calmly, “Babe you can’t do that” I said ” Peter was passionate” He said yes, he cut a guy’s ear off and Jesus rebuked him, and then Peter had to watch Jesus walk away with another guy while he stood there rebuked”- “Do you want to be rebuked Lisa?” Point taken.

So I did vent on my own blog. I vented to my husband. And even though I think I”m a pretty tough woman I actually cried. Which really made me angry that I would allow cruel people hiding behind a keyboard to even effect me like that.

Why am I sharing this with you? I have no idea. Maybe so I can get it out in the hopes I can forget about it. Even though those dreaded comments will be around for THREE years.  Yup you heard right THREE YEARS.- UGH

Even though I experienced the haters there were also  a lot of wonderful new people visiting my blog. I’m thankful I have found so many new friends, new followers of my blog that is awesome. I chose to take the high road and tried so hard not to say how I really felt to any of them.  Even the nut job who did a Zillow Search on my home to see how much we paid for it. Yes that really happened.

Just know in life, people are not always going to like you. They surely don’t  always like me.  I know you my followers do,  but those people did not. And what do you do about it?  You just move on.

My mom use to always say to me ” Lisa, you’re making a mountain out of a mole hill.”  So I have decided instead of building a great mountain of unforgiveness, resentment, anger and frustration over their remarks, I will choose another road.  Instead I will step on their little mole hill and use it to elevate myself , those I love and all of you to a higher level.  I had a great friend who once said,”Lisa don’t roll in the mud with the pigs because you’ll only get dirty and the pigs will like it.”

I hope you don’t mind my little rant. I’ve never done this quite this way but I really wanted to share my heart.  I’m a mom who loves her daughter . I love my husband and our life and I”m only trying to do anything I can to be a blessing to Matilda.

To all of my awesome friends who have given me so many encouraging kind words I appreciate you so much. Please know this is not a plea for more of the same. I just really wanted to vent and get it off of my heart before Sunday. And so I have.




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    I’m so sorry you had to go through this! I understand how painful it is. I run a YouTube channel and am going to be transitioning into blogging in the near future. It’s incredibly frustrating to have someone who doesn’t even know you insult you! Many of my videos are me talking about school, life – videos my regular viewers beg me to make – yet some people insist on commenting crudely on my looks, or even my personality because of the video diaries. One man even practically wrote me a novel about how I am just seeking attention (quite the opposite – I’m just catering to my niche! I don’t even like vlogging!), full of expletives. Out of curiosity, my boyfriend looked the man up – he’s married with two children not much younger than myself. I thought, would he talk like this in front of or to his family? I hope not – but the truth is, even though anonymity makes people bolder, he probably does. There are so many mean people in this world and we just have to stick together and remind each other that they aren’t worth paying mind to! It’s a reminder to be thankful for the good things in life. We have much more to offer others, and we give it. We don’t hide. This post made me feel less alone about my situation. I hope things are going better for you!

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    Lisa, it saddens me to hear of the abuse you went through from posting your video. I have not seen it yet but I have seen pictures of you and you are gorgeous! You have such a warm welcoming beautiful smile! You have a beautiful family and you care for others. You are a strong woman. Just know that people might have posted lots of hurtful comments but you so far have 132 comments of love and support. God bless!
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    I am sorry people were unkind. I believe when people do this it is about them, the dark place they are in, and not really about you. Something is going on in their lives that causes them to be negative and hateful. I’m sorry they hurt you.

    When I first started blogging I thought about pushing my blog(s) to a higher level. I chose not to. I like have a few hundred followers. I don’t want a lot more. This is why. The bigger you get, the more people resent you and rip you apart. Same wonderful content but somehow success seems to pull the mean people from the woodwork. It’s just not worth it. I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. I only had one post that garnered negative comments. It was kind of visceral. I learned and grew from it, so I don’t consider it a total loss.

    In time I hope this situation is less painful for you. And even though you were venting, it made for a good post. So you scored and you grew. And you got beautiful advice from your husband, who matters far more than any of those angry commenters.
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    It can be so disheartening to see faceless spammers write hurtful and cruel things online. There are ALWAYS going to be haters and they are often so much more vocal than your fans. I think the trick is to remember that the people on the other end of those comments probably don’t have a lot going for them which is why they feel good about tearing down others.
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    Ugh, that would’ve driven me nutso. (And I would’ve kept internalizing it, going back and checking, and trying REALLY hard to not comment to every little jerky thing people said. Seriously, talking smack about your kid?!) Clearly, you’re a stronger individual than most. 😉

    Your site and tips rock. Congrats on your SITS day!!

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    Lisa, I do not get why people are as cray cray as they are, but I am most certainly amazed by how you handled yourself in this situation! Bravo! I would have quit the blogging world, because I am a wilting flower like that! Maybe after reading this, I’ll change my mind and grow a thicker skin! 😉 I’m stopping over from SITS today (Happy SITS Day to you!!!) and I’m so glad to have been able to ‘discover’ you – and this post? This post shows me that to follow you would be the smart thing to do! New fan here!
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      You are so sweet Jennifer- And the rest of you who were so kind I’ll respond more when I return from my trip but I welcome you and I’m so happy you are here :)) Thank you for being a new fan.

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    At the end of the day, it’s the opinion of the people you love, the most important people in your life, that matters… There will always be haters, those insecure people who try to pull us down when they see us happy… And there’s nothing we can do about it except perhaps pray for them… 🙂
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    Wow. I’m so sorry that you had to go through that. That’s happened to me once but on a much smaller scale but it hurt nonetheless. But it made me realize that yes there are so nasty, mean people in the world who have nothing better to do than to hate on others. And that’s just a shame and truly their loss. You’ve clearly created a wonderful space here.
    Christine recently posted..Preschool GraduateMy Profile

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    Dear Lisa: You ROCK. Haters will always be there, detractors, too. We just have to gain strength from the Lord, and trust that HE knows all of who we are. And you are wonderful, such a helpful person, generous with your knowledge of social media. I’m sorry that some of those people were incredibly mean. But, they can’t change what you’ve already accomplished! Keep on helping and empowering other women, girl! And happy SITS day to you, too!
    Martine recently posted..The Creativity Project at Fully Booked {Event}My Profile

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    Stopping by from SITS! Congratulations on having the strength to rise above the comments. It’s only natural to initially feel hurt, disgust, sadness, anger, etc… If you allow yourself time to feel those emotions, it makes it easier, in the long run to rise above such pettiness without stooping to their level. I applaud you for moving forward and upward!
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    I believe that what we put out into the world comes back to us…and you’ve put out a whole lot of love and positive energy and support for others… the blessings you have in your life are a direct result of the blessings you have provided others. What a shame that others are so immersed in their own sadness and troubles that they have to try and destroy someone else’s happiness in an attempt to create some of their own. What they don’t realize is they’re doing the exact opposite.

    Congratulations on your success…please enjoy your moment! It is well deserved 🙂
    Stefanie recently posted..Car Seat LATCH Rules to Change in 2014: Please Read This TodayMy Profile

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    Just stopping by to say Happy SITS Day!

    Sorry you had to experience that. Sounds like it was a tough time for you. Always look on the bright side and try not to think too much about the negative comments. Don’t give the enemy any room to discourage you (in your mind).

    Glad you were able to get it off your chest though. We ALL need to vent every now and then (or more often) lol.
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    What a great accolade to be on Yahoo only to have this happen to you! Jerks! Happy SITS Day! Hope you have many more great accomplishments to go!

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    Wow! I just watched the video on Yahoo – great job, btw. I read some really bitter comments from some very unhappy people. I’m so glad that you decided to take the high road and continue on your road of success. Happy SITS day!
    Elena recently posted..12 Popular Green Myths DebunkedMy Profile

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    I’m guessing they never learned if you don’t have anything nice don’t say anything at all. I think your daughter has a great name. they will get what’s coming 3fold. Have a Greeat day and I can’t wait t get to knoe you and your family.

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    Congrats on your SITS day, Lisa! This is a sad story, but I’m not surprised. There are a lot of bored and emotionally bankrupt people out there – don’t let them interfere with or slow down your mission.

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    Sweet Lisa, sadly, life if filled with people who are vicious and atrocious and are not ashamed to show it. They don’t care that their comments cuts and degrades other people because they themselves are marred with hatred, jealousy and bitterness. The fact that you are not only beautiful but also successful, doesn’t rub right with their egos. A bunch of crabs in a bucket, wanting to keep everyone down.

    I am so excited to get your book. Can’t wait to apply those tips to my blog. I have been blogging for about a year and a half and have only 24 followers. I don’t mind but I think after knowing about you and your book, I’m ready to take that next big step. LOL.

    Your Matilda is such a cutie. I love her name! Thank you for being an inspiration.
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  18. Mothering From Scratch says

    {Melinda} Lisa, I happened to visit your blog last night and it looked so interesting! Unfortunately, my bleary eyes wouldn’t allow me to look at my computer screen long enough to watch the vlog that caught my attention. I decided I would come back later — and then found you were the SITS featured blogger today! 🙂

    I am so sorry for the experience that you had. Just this morning, I was praying about a situation in my life where someone unfairly and consistently attacks me. I’ve chosen not to allow myself to listen anymore, but I can’t completely remove myself from the situation. And I believe the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “This is a very small glimpse of what Jesus went through for you.” Jesus was attacked and belittled and ultimately crucified and He did NOTHING wrong EVER! And yet He never retaliated and boy He could have!

    God will honor you for your decision to forgive and not lash out. I can clearly see that you are helping many women and families. The enemy always attacks us when we’re doing something right!

    Enjoy your day in the sun! And I’m confident you’ll only get kind words from your SITS Sisters! 🙂

  19. Ugochi says

    Thank God you did not reply. God says we should not be overcome with evil, but should overcome evil with good. Haters will always be there, but the ones who love are always victorious.
    Visiting from SITS, congratulations and Happy SITS day!

  20. Kristi says

    Great post! We all put our hearts into this blogging thing and when we get negative results it hurts. I guess we have to put our hearts out there without putting them on the ground to be trampled. It’s a tough balancing act. Thanks for talking about it.
    Kristi recently posted..So many reason to miss himMy Profile

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    You know what! I really like this post. The other day I posted a picture of some really sexy shoes on my facebook page and joking asked if these were work appropriate. I expected people to say no and some say yes, but this one comment went beyond a simple no and I was trying so hard to figure out how to respond to them. I shared it with a friend of mine and she was annoyed that someone would even put that. I said to myself well this must be how it starts. I thought I had thick skin but I better make it a bit tougher if I really want to succeed.

    Thanks for sharing your feelings!
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    Visiting from your SITS day and just wanted to say that I think people are very comfortable judging from afar, and it is quite sad. The comfort of the black screen and the keyboard allows them to forget that they are actually typing things about a real person. You wrote this very well, and I felt your emotion through my screen.
    thedoseofreality recently posted..Sorry Kids, Mommy Is a MoronMy Profile

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    Lisa, you’re lovely and your makeup is perfect! Wish you could do mine! Those people are envious and express it with mean comments instead of getting off their butts and making something of themselves like you have. Stay on your course and ignore them!

  24. Laura says

    When you’re turning people’s mole hills into mountains, climb them. 🙂

    Remember this…
    “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.”


  25. Kisa says

    I never bother with reading the comments left on Yahoo! The people who tend to comment the most are the lowest of low, hate-filled ones that aren’t the people worth listening to. *hugs*

  26. says

    Lisa, you are an awesome, natural writer, and don’t let any nasty know-nothings get you down.
    Being able to just change direction because of a precious little baby, and make such a success of it, makes you such a strong person. In your generosity you have shared, and are still sharing, your God-given skills for dealing with this uncertain economy.
    You have the right attitude: forgive the mud-slingers and move on.
    God bless you.

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    LISA, I am so sorry you had to go through this! You are an incredible woman and you are inspiring so many women to be better moms, wives, business women. I am so happy to see that you are a God follower. So am I, maybe thats why I loved you and all your stuff right from the beginning. No coincidence. God works in funny ways! Im glad that you learned from this and that you were able to act in a Godly manner and show those haters what it is to walk in an upright way and they can feel bad when your prosperity increases incrementally and so does the joy and happiness in your life. Keep up the good work, you do a great job at inspiring and teaching other so keep it up girl. Lets chat soon about working together!

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    People really can be cruel – but they can also be awesome. Like you. You are awesome and nobody can take that away. So just ignore the hateful people you come across and realize that they are hurting somewhere deep down to cause them to act that way.

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    THIS is a tool to make you an even more powerful person! My life coach told me that Satan will stick his big fat face in our lives purely to drag us down so we can’t do God’s work. How true is that? How many times do we let others defeat us? Or even worse, allow our own self-doubt and insecurity defeat us?

    I have a daughter who is sweet, smart, moral, artistic, athletic and knock out gorgeous. She constantly has people who are cruel to her for the strangeest reasons. Why? Sad but true…they’re jealous. “We have told her for years, “The cream rises to the top,” and right now she’s beginning to see the light. So many opportunties are coming her way through school, work and relationships. I couldn’t be prouder of her!

    So Lisa, remember my words: The cream rises to top!

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    That’s terrible, and I’m sorry that happened to you. People can be so hateful. Joel Osteen talks about that a lot. People ask him all the time about the negative comments that are made about him and he truly doesn’t know anything about them. He explains that it does NO GOOD to listen to it. Even Jesus surrounded Himself with people that KNEW He was the Son of God. He didn’t listen to the naysayers, and there were a LOT of them. And that’s why He kept the limited few (Peter, John & James, out of the 12, mind you) very close at hand.

    And most definitely don’t get involved in the back and forth drama. That is another time waster and Spirit sapper. You do NOT need to defend yourself. Just keep being who you are and know that what you are doing is helping others, and THAT’S what makes you successful.

    Be blessed!

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    Lisa, dear, don’t listen to one word those awful people have to say. I believe people like that are called “trolls” in internet speak. Unfortunately there’s so many people out there who just have nothing better to do than surf the web and trash anyone who has anything to say. I like to remind myself that, the more famous you are, the more nasty things people will say…just because you are putting yourself out there for people to see, and therefore, mean people think they have the right to rip you apart. It’s truly awful.

    If it makes you feel any better, yesterday I stumbled upon some celeb article about Scarlett Johansson on vacation at the beach. There were all these pictures of Scarlett looking happy on the sand. What did people have to say about it? Overwhelmingly, everyone called her FAT. Can you believe it…Scarlett chunky?? Just because she wasn’t stick-thin? Anyway, I get the impression that celebrities don’t even read comments about themselves for this exact reason–because words hurt, and it’s hard to forget something mean someone said about you.

    Keep your chin up, girlfriend! Keep doing your thing and remember that, for every nasty comment on Yahoo, there were another thirty people who saw it and liked it but just didn’t comment. Look here on your blog for your feedback. This is where the people who care will be commenting.

    Someone once said to me… Be yourself. The people that matter don’t mind, and the people that mind don’t matter. Hang in there!!

    Oh, and I should probably tell you that I’m here from the hop, and I’m following you via Linky! Keep your chin up, keep doing your thing, and keep being true to yourself. Being the beautiful woman God created you to be is the best way to give Him glory!

    Hugs, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood

    • says

      Jenn- Thank you so much- I have one emailing me back and forth and I think to myself ” What am I doing wasting energy on this” I’m not exactly sure how to not care at all. I’m getting better I believe. I know people are rude to celebrities and you’re right the best thing to do is not to read it I suppose because once it’s in your mind it’s in there. I’m going to listen to Joel my mom said he had a great message about ignoring negative things that people say:) I’m so glad you came and glad you came to the hop :))

  32. Elisabeth says

    I just wanted to say how much I love your blog! I saw the yahoo piece and that is one of the reasons I came over to your blog. I love your daughter’s name 🙂 I also found your tips useful and I can’t wait to implement them.

    I love the asking for a cheaper rate idea because it’s one I’ve used for years so I know it works (sad thing is not alot of people do so it was an excellent tip) I started it out of a sad situation. I lost my son due to placental abruption. I went to one hospital and they didn’t have an OB department they did what they could do then transferred me to another hospital. I was at that second hospital (where my sweet son was born later that night) for four days and I also had to have surgery. Well alot of people don’t know that each service/doctor seems to have a separate bill. After everything my medical bills totaled $30,000. Blood testing they did the day after they found a tear in my placenta was $3,000 in and of itself. Asking if there’s a payment plan (after insurance we were responsible for about $5,000 of it) sometimes if they know your situation at the time my husband was in medical school and because of pregnancy complications I was unable to work. The first ultrasound I was given in the ER they took off my bill. I am proud to say that it only took us one year to pay everything off. Hospitals also have sliding scales even if you have insurance and you make a certain amount then your medical costs are lessened. I’ve known some RN’s who make a great living be eligible for these programs!

  33. Aditi says

    Read your blog for the first time, and then all the encouraging comments.
    The world is made of all kinds of people, and no matter what you do, there’ll always be people who won’t like what you did, criticise you or generally be rude.
    Don’t let it get you down.
    Sending you a big hug from across the world 🙂


  34. mike says

    My loving 2nd wife and I raised 2 daughters (not very successfully, at this point – but that’s another story). One of the things I had always told them was that you did not measure success or happiness on how much somebody’s income was; but, rather, on how they dealt with their income and their level of content with it. I owned a janitorial service, and often pointed to a few employees that were with me the entire time: They made less than $10/hr; but lead simple lives & were quite content with their honest work.
    That company I owned grew at such a rate as to create another point:
    It grew, almost overnight, into this monster that consumed my life! In the height of growth, I was known to work 72 hours in a straight, and to work 150 hours in a week! There were the perks: I know what it’s like to live in a 3600 square foot home, have 3 vehicles (for just the wife & I), and a vacation condo in Florida…but I did not have the time or energy to enjoy any of it, let alone my family. In 2006, we decided to give up the business in the name of (…sanity…) our marriage; and, then, the economy tanked, causing me to lose my job, July, 2009.
    While it is the extreme example (because I just finished an opportunity to get 2 years of college under my belt & am, just now, searching to get back into the work force), we are currently living on roughly 30% of what our gross income was 7 years ago, in a 900 square ft apartment, and driving ONE car (the same one we bought when I had the company) – and SO MUCH BETTER OFF, in regards to our marriage & life activities!
    If you are going to get ahead, you will, EVENTUALLY, have to re-join the working crowd; but it is totally possible to cut back and enjoy your time with your daughter! What’s more: The rewards, while far less easy to measure, will far out-weigh the financial gain. I commend you on seeing the better venue in advance! I wish I had.

  35. says

    I just watched your video and read the accompanying article and loved your tips! I love hearing practical advice about the small changes we can make in our lives that can add up to a lot of savings. I read that someone called my blog “garbage” a few weeks ago and was surprised by how much a stranger’s words could hurt me. One of my friends reminded me of Nehemiah 6:3 when he said “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down.” You’re clearly doing a great work for your family and through this great blog. I hope that any feelings of discouragement will be fleeting. So glad to have discovered your blog!

  36. Glenda Johnson says

    Hi Lisa,

    I read about you an yahoo and clicked the link to your blog. I did not even see that people said mean stuff about you because I don’t read the comments there or on news articles because people are always saying mean things and it just makes me mad so i don’t even bother. We are also cutting back at this time. We call it downsizing (daughter just started college and our son will next fall) and it can be difficult at times but it is also quiet easy once you figure out what you don’t really need in your life. We take out lunch to work instead of buying or eating out. My husband brings his coffee from home instead of buying it. We changed from a truck to a car, less on insurance and gas. We are moving to a smaller home which will save us $400.00 a month alone. All the little things can add up pretty quickly. Sorry people said mean things about you they are just not happy with themselves and can only feel better by tearing other people down. You know who you are, and so does your family, friends and followers of your blog and that is what really matters anyway.

  37. Gee says

    Hi Lisa,

    I know how you feel. A close family member died tragically a few years ago and it made the online news. Heartless people made fun of the deceased and wrote jokes about his death in the comments section. I was enraged, saddened, and confused. And then I realized their hatred stemmed from their fear and ignorance. And I felt sorry for them.

    Continue to hold your head up and take care of your family. Matilda is a beautiful girl with a beautiful name 🙂

    • says

      I have never heard of people doing that.It does make me so mad sometimes it tests every piece of Christian love I have because honestly if they were in front of me I’m sure I would punch them square in the face- I can’t imagine how that must have felt. Makes what they’ve said about me pale in comparison. So sorry for your loss.

  38. says

    I watched your video just now and loved it!! Wanted to know more so I clicked on your blog. I was happily reading this entry when I became appalled and disgusted by what you were saying about others comments….why?..whats the point? We both know the answer. You are beautiful and talented that’s number one…you decided to dedicate your life to raising your child instead of raking in the cash that’s number two..and you decided to do something fruitful to help out financially at home..number three. People can’t STAND to see others make good choices and have their priorities right because it’s a personal reflection on them. I too decided to stay home to raise my children after leaving a financially prosperous career that I loved…I do what I can to help live a frugal lifestyle for us and started an online store making baby items..something I never thought I would do in a million years. God led me to it after much prayer and now I am the happiest person in the world! Keep it up girl!!!!!

    • says

      Thank you Denice for the kind words. I’m so happy for you that you are making baby items that is very cool 🙂 And what a great way to be able to stay with your babies. I think women now more than ever can do anything we choose and it’s never been easier to stay home with our kids and be successful at the same time. Of course if all we did was stay home with the babies that is success as well 🙂

  39. Kathleen Benner says

    I read your article online a few days ago and found it to be extremely helpful! I even decided to add your blog onto my Favorites toolbar so you are only one click away!! I was so sad to read about some of the responses that you received from your video clip!!

    Try to look at it this way, for every one of those negative comments there are probably ten other people that you helped (like me!) and we just didn’t post anything!!

    I think you have the right idea. Those people who posted those nasty things are most likely people who have been unsuccessful in their own lives and are just jealous of everything that you have already accomplished! Their only purpose was to hurt you and I hope that you will be able to push their comments from your mind and continue to succeed 🙂

    PS~ The part about some guy searching the price of your home is creepy! Does he seriously have nothing more productive to do with his time? And I think Matilda is a beautiful name! It is even on my list of possible baby names for when my newest addition is to arrive in June 🙂

    • says

      That’s exactly what my husband said. He said ” Babe people who like your blog or what you say don’t waste time answering those other people.”

      Thank you for the compliment on my daughter’s name- yea that one made me want to ….well really get mad.

      Yea not only did he do that he listed every other business I’d been involved in. Little did the nut know none of those were successful. They were projects I tried but they didn’t succeed and I never made a dime. He is a nut. But I’m so glad he thought it was his place to tell everyone how modest my home is and our mortgage is 1200 a month- That was fun- NOT.

      • Kathleen Benner says

        Well then I must have a modest home too bc our mortgages are basically the same 🙂

        I am a stay-at-home mom with 3 boys ages 4 and under and have our 4th child due in June. We live off of my husband’s income alone and I just thank my lucky stars that we can afford our mortgage and for me to stay home!!

        There is NOTHING else I would rather be doing!!

        That guy needs to get a life! LOL!

  40. says

    Hi Lisa, I found your blog through Yahoo Shine. Just ignore those awful comments. It’s just a reality that some people just don’t have anything nice to say. Keep up the good work!

  41. Courtney says

    I thought your shine/yahoo piece was great–that’s how I got to your blog! I thought it was very interesting and relevant to moms everywhere that you quit your “easy money” job to be a stay at home mommy—and what your husband said about “budget”, a lot of people can relate to your circumstances! I look forward to reading more!!

    • says

      Thank you Courtney. It was just our story I had no clue it would cause such a major backlash. I”m glad you enjoyed the piece I felt so happy when it was done. Before I read all that hot mess LOL.

  42. Christina Baxley says

    Hi Lisa,
    I just saw your piece on Yahoo, and loved what you had to say! I don’t normally comment on blogs, but felt compelled to reply to this one. First of all, I never read comments on Yahoo stories because most people that comment on them are rude, vulgar and completely inappropriate. Second of all, your “rant” was honest and heartfelt, but also gracious and forgiving of the people who meant to hurt you. I thought that you were absolutely lovely, gave great tips that weren’t extremist and totally relatable! You have a beautiful daughter with a precious name and I for one, love your make-up! Believe this, God will not give you more than you can handle, and this season too shall pass. I know that there was a reason that I saw your piece and found your blog, and I consider it a blessing. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family in all that you do! 🙂

    • says

      Christina thank you so much for the kind words. Thank you also for the compliment on Matilda’s name:) I receive your words and the outpouring of kindness and love from you and everyone on this post is a testimony to HIS blessing – Thank you

  43. says

    I am so sorry that you went through this, Lisa. It’s awful, isn’t. You’ve inspired me to write a similar post sharing my worst day as a blogger and I’ll link back here, because I think more people need to see the other side of their “anonymous” comments.

    The downside to the internet is that people can hide behind a profile pic and say whatever they want to say with no repercussions. I’ve been called ugly, I’ve been called the N word, I was told by someone that my boyfriend (a cop) probably rapes civilians and beats up pregnant women. The people who say these things are miserable and have a I step away from the shock and rage (because it does piss me off) I just shrug it off, because I know the life they lead. I know people like this in my day to day life who do nothing but spew misery, not understanding that you reap what you sow.

    Good luck with that negativity crop, people!

    • says

      I am so sorry my best friend has brown skin 😉 if someone called her the “N” word I think I’d probably loose it for sure. That’s just sick. But you are right people will reap what they sew. When I was at church this morning during worship I was asking God to truly help me think about those people who commented the way He does. It was then I realized I was to look past the words and see hurting hearts. It doesn’t make it any easier to take that junk. But I have to believe you really have to be hurting to be so ugly to a total stranger.

    • says

      Kim I am so sorry. My best friend is not a white girl 🙂 If anyone ever called her the “N” word I”m pretty sure I would lose it. You are so right about reaping what they sew. It’s sad I hope they get a lighter heart so they don’t have to reap anything bad. I always appreciate your comments thanks for being here with me today you are appreciated 🙂

  44. says

    I too read your article on yahoo, yet I00% agree with your frugal life. Please do not take the negative things people say to heart, most likely instead of asking you for help or ideas on how to cut back ,they choose to become bitter (which is sad). I also run a money saving blog http://WWW.CouponsAreMyCash.COM and would love to link articles back to your site if you wish :_)

  45. says

    I am amazed because I have been researching and exploring in the past few days about how blogs work. I am a homeschooling mom of 4, run 2 health businesses, I just wrote a book and love life. But the world of blogs and social media has baffled me. Even though I am embarking upon this world I was hesitant. I ONLY wanted to post things that made a difference in people’s lives. A few days ago I realized fear of being transparent and vunerable has made me slow to jump in. That is the reason I have been studying lots of blogs. I did not stumble upon yours while searching blogs. I stumbled upon yours by your video on yahoo.
    What an incredible blessing it has been to watch your story unfold. Don’t forget God won’t give you more than you can handle. Sometimes things are not as they appear and God has a much bigger plan for your future. This just might be prepping you for something greater up ahead. Get excited about the challenge and the wonderful learning curve you are experiencing.
    We know there are unhappy people in the world so it is not a surprise that they desire to kill the radiant joy you exude. It is NOT about you it is about the ugliness they feel inside. But you already know that i am sure. I feel for those people. I see them in the stores. I see them in their cars. I see how they treat their own families. That is what aches my heart!
    But you have something special. You and your family radiate and the world is lucky that you are sharing.
    I hope you can laugh about all crazy people and be wow’d by all the wonderful people.

    PS You did it! I get it now.
    Thank you! thank you!

    Denise Locsin

    • says

      I am not really laughing yet 🙂 But I have had some thoughts and I’m trying to not be selfish by thinking ” They hurt me & realize they really must be hurting” I’m far from understanding it all but it’s shown me that I have some growing to do as well because it did bother me when I am confident that it should not have.

      Thank you for your kind words if I can help you at all on your blogging journey let me know. One tip I can give you – START 🙂

  46. Laura Borges says

    This is my first time responding to a blog other than my sister’s. Hopefully I am doing this correctly. Your blog attracted me from Yahoo as I am also a mom and grandma who is trying to change my own financial situation. I just wanted to say, “Thank you!” and don’t give up. We all hate going through the fire but without it we wouldn’t become the people that we are. Jesus gives me strength, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t get tested as well. Remember, galvanized nails are the strongest and they became that way because they went through a firing process. I think you are doing a great job and plan on forwarding your blog to my family and friends for not only great tips but because you are also a wonderful inspiration. Keep up the good work. Your family loves you and appreciates every wonderful thing you do for them.

  47. MCW says

    Seems like anytime I read an article online, it is followed by ugly, pointless remarks and opinions. Style blogs, celebrity pictures, financial articles, music articles – it doesn’t matter – the hecklers are always there and waiting. No one is perfect, and if we put those people online and showed their faces or caught a glimpse of their lifestyle, there would be much we could say to criticize them.
    The fact is, if you were someone who wore no makeup, there would be people saying “she needs some eyebrows” or “haven’t you heard of concealer?” – or if you were talking about how you made a decision to downsize to a less-expensive home they’d say, “what a dump” or “is that really the best neighborhood to raise their baby?”
    Basically, these people remind me of every unhappy, critical gossip I’ve ever met who can’t see the log in their own eye. They are the people I avoid in real life, but online, they’re free to roam and invade! I believe it’s a compulsion they have and it’s rooted in their fear of not being accepted.
    Good for you for making a hard decision, and congrats on a supportive husband. I told my husband to quit his job a few months ago so that he could pursue his passion. We had been fighting and were stressed-out, and it took a lot of faith for him to quit, but we knew it was what we were supposed to do. Turns out, God has given us much more financially (we’re close to being debt-free!) and our relationship is better than it’s ever been. Yay!

  48. says

    Well, I’m excited for you that your numbers were up. Those idiots don’t deserve your time. I’m sorry they hurt you. It is much easier to say, “ignore it.” We all can’t. They’re hiding behind a computer screen while you’re out there busting your tail to make your life as a family work. I’m so glad I’ve met you and had the chance to listen to your tips and advice. I think you are remarkable and I was amazed the first time I visited your site. Your “momma” is pretty cool too! Keep up the INCREDIBLE work. xo

  49. Tracey says

    There will always be those that say rude and hateful things for you because they are empty inside.

    There is a beautiful quote by Mother Teresa, I read it often.

    “People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.
    If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.
    If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway.
    If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway.
    The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.
    Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway.
    For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”
    ― Mother Teresa

    Keep on doing what you are doing, Lisa. And really, who cares what people you don’t know say about you. You have a gorgeous baby girl and an extremely supportive husband. Thanks for sharing this story and for all you do!


    • says

      These people need love, so just give and send them love. Personally, I just am launching a blog/business about creating, playing and living in Joy. I already know many people won’t like it because there are many people who aren’t happy. I also know there are people who are going to go crazy good over it. At first, it actually stopped me from launching it and then I remembered: “Wait a minute, I know who I am and I get to live my life’s purpose. I am meant to inspire others to lead a joyful and loving life using my life as an example”. I am enthusiastic and energetic and people always comment on that. I realize now, that it makes them feel bad inside because they are not like that, so that’s why they say mean things. Our Mom’s were right these people are jealous.
      It used to make me so mad and pissed on the inside as well, I can totally relate. I am super sensitive but I learned through therapy and getting my MA as a therapist, that I am giving my power away and taking out their energy and that is not who I am. So, now I just give them love. It’s better payback to be nice and loving- ooh, it makes them so mad I bet in the inside, because they WANT to piss you off and hurt your feelings. So, maybe take the time to thank them for their comments and wish them an amazing day. Because they are part of why your site got more traffic. Try to see it from a different perspective. In reality, they aren’t being mean to you, they are actually just projecting how they feel about themselves externally onto whoever is in front of them.
      I will have this type of information on my blog, Hopefully, you will come visit when you need some inspiration, love or another perspective.

      Play in joy,

  50. kimberly says

    lisa, the first time i saw anything about your blog was on yahoo. i am not much of a blog reader, so i probably won’t be visiting again, but i wanted you to know that i felt for you. you’ll always get people who look for the worst way to interpret things no matter what. keep doing your thing and let God deal with them. He will do it in exactly the way that it needs to happen. keep your chin up and stay joy-filled and gracious. rise above.
    take care.

  51. says

    I’m so sorry…I know how exciting it is to get a spike in stats…how awful that it came with all those negative comments. I didn’t read them or even this whole post ( baby woke up ) but I felt compelled to send some good mojo your way. As we heathens would say, and I;m sure God would overlook this one…F#*k em’! You’re lovely…perhaps they wish they had a paid off Lincoln Navigator, Lord knows I would! Don’t let em’ getcha down…they just need some love in their life, sometimes it’s hard to give when people are so mean, I have a feeling you can do it, that is if you haven’t already. Enjoy your baby…it’s amazing to watch them grow

    • says

      Kara you’re now officially my favorite “heathen” LOL There is so much they don’t know like how my husband and myself have not bought each other anything for Christmas in a few years, what we give to charity, but those things wouldn’t change their attitude and it’s no one’s business anyway 🙂 thanks so much for stopping by.

  52. Sue says

    You are awesome, an inspiration to women, very talented and incredibly intelligent. When you rise to a level of fame, the nastiness is a rite of passage. It means you are going places. I love that you put your thoughts on here. People need to know it’s not right. So much better to support one another and lift each other up. Keep up the great work!

  53. says

    Lisa , I am so sorry you had to go through this. I firmly beleive there are people in the world whos only purpose is to make others miserable ! I found you via the Linky Hop and am now following. I hope you have time to visit my blog and would like to follow back 🙂
    Keep doing what you’re doing !

  54. Cyndy says

    Hang in there girl… I am a SAHM and I love it! Cutting expenses is something I am trying to work on… thanks for the tips… Keep them coming!

  55. Kenna Covington says

    Hi Lisa – I’ve never responded to a blog before. I just happened upon your video on yahoo and I thought it was such great advice for the everyday family! I didn’t read the comments and I will not because my experience has been that lots of people who comment on internet stories have only negative things to say … not all but most! I just wanted to say, brush them off your shoulders and don’t waste another minute thinking about them. Keep doing what you are doing! Be proud! And enjoy that adorable daughter … (btw – I love her name) I wish I would have stayed home with my children and not missed all of those ‘firsts’ … but God gives us second chances. I am enjoying as many firsts as I can with my grandchildren! Put a smile on your face and hug that baby! Enjoy your day! Much Love, Minnie (that’s what my little ones call me and I love it)

  56. Rae says

    Hi, L…Thank you for your transparency. Isn’t what you’ve endured the past few days just like The Dark Side, stealing-robbing-attempting to destroy? Envy, jealousy – destructive sentiments. But He is greater ‘n because He resides within you, you are set apart.

    When some ill-mannered insecure folks are unable to control, they make feeble attempts to contain. However, the Spirit that reigns within you is so much more resilient and vibrant and forward-moving. Not to say what has been said has not pierced your heart. I know it has.

    HOWEVER…restoration is nigh…

    You have a beautiful family – Matilda is darling. A loving husband. Success behind you. More abundant success before you – on all levels of your life. I have an enormous respect for what you have done ‘n are willing to share. Open. Honest. Kind. Generous. The nay-sayers, be gone!

    You stepped out to step in to your destiny which has yet to unfold fully. I can’t wait to see what He has in store for you! Gonna be exciting.

    I relate. I have been an entrepreneur. Lost people dear to me, businesses that made my heart sing, things that brought joy. Been forced forever to work a 9-5, more than once. Yet my spirit cries out to be FREE. . .and my soul to be fulfilled.

    Remember, you are His handiwork. Remain and abide. Nothing is impossible with Him. Mountains of hurt, cast into the sea.


    Thank you for sharing hope to brighten my days…for gifting me with knowing that those dry bones ‘over there” can arise with new life. Thank you…

    Sending you a bazillion yellow butterflies to brighten your day –


    P. S. I’ve not commented on a public blog prior. Truth. See? You moved me. Looking forward to hearing from you at some point…

    • says

      Thank you for such amazing words! And it inspires me to know you’ve never commented on a blog before. You can do anything in life you want to because the only obstacle are those we create ourselves. Here’s to NO obstacles 🙂 Thank you my new friend.

  57. Nurse4Kids says

    You were inspiring enough to draw out the bad in people. When people are jealous or “feel less than” they tend to react negatively. Not many people in this country can knock out $1500 in a night, most can’t do that in a week! And you gave it up for your daughter, how self less! Good for you, what a shining example for the world that less can be more. What ticks them off is that they know you would give up the navigator for her, but you don’t have too! Don’t sweat the little stuff, they would commend you if they really knew you!

  58. says

    Michael David Beckwith would tell us that those kind of comments come from a place of lack and ignorance. I agree. When we are less than the best of our selves, we seek to cut others down to lift ourselves up. Those of us truly seeking to be our best selves, like you, Lisa, endeavor to support and uplift others. I’m on your mom’s team!

    And remember, when one is on the path to “Get Famous” no publicity is bad publicity! Just stop reading the comments. Hire someone to filter them and only send you the good one!


  59. says

    When your blog becomes popular (and it is – Congrats!) there will always be haters. You ranted and raved and I hope you feel better because your blog is so inspiring and positive. Jealousy is why people post negative comments. And your husband is right, take the high road and be the better person. I’m sorry total strangers took the time out of their day to hurt you. I guess they didn’t learn about cyberbullying. Keep up the good work! Remember – The best “revenge” is a good life.

  60. says

    I cannot thank you all enough what a wonderful way to wake up- And the “double for your trouble” – that is a word I am so familiar with thank you thank you. When we get home from church I’ll respond to you individually- I appreciate everyone who took the time to encourage me this morning 🙂

  61. says

    I just wanted to commend you on your outlook towards, what seems to be, more and more
    unhappy,self absorbed people inhabiting this country and the world.
    In my opinion you are correct when you suggest ‘misery loves company’ and the worst thing we can do is sink to their level (although it is tempting at times!)
    God is in charge and has blessed you. Continued success,
    Linda Warner

  62. says

    That must have been so upsetting – you can’t help but take some these personally when it’s about people you love too! You’ve done the right thing and rised above it – you go gal!!

    Right, off to take a look through your blog and get some inspiration! 🙂

  63. says

    Venting is good for the equilibrium. Try not to dwell (hard, I know). Letting other people’s voices into your head gives them more power than they deserve. (((HUGS)))

  64. Momma says

    People who criticize on your blog are extremely small minded and in my opinion trying to somehow get attention with their remarks that benefit no one. While it’s true those types of people (who say mean hurtful, spiteful things) will always be around, choose to focus on those that lift you up and encourage. Personally I have been in ear shot of some pretty wonderful comments about you while you were performing as “Shania” or singing in church. Those were “She is so beautiful, wish I could sing like that, OMG, we just love her!” I am leading the group of “we just love her” and Matilda is one unique and extremely beautiful child just like her Momma. Have a joy-filled outstanding, fun day!

  65. Diana says

    Thanks for saying what I was always feeling about blogs. the negative and unecessary comments by jealous people are the reasons I ended my blog. Once meant to help people, be my outlet, and encourage others, the blog ended as something it was not meant to be. I have never posted a negative comment about anyone. Thanks for you blog!

  66. says

    Hi Lisa,
    I just stumbled across your website/blog a few minutes ago…I haven’t listened to the video clip you are referring to…I am in bed beside my sleeping baby….and it’s almost time to get up for church….so I’m being all stealth….so no volume allowed – I have my laptop and am good to go!

    I just wanted to tell you that I had a similar thing happen this past fall. I have been blogging for a few years and have a beautiful group of people around the world who love me and love our family. But this fall, our 18 year old daughter was in Africa with me bringing home our newest treasure {the one sleeping beside me}….we were also in the process of bringing home another little girl {making it an even dozen for us – 9 adopted from around the world}…anyway, I wrote a blog post about something absolutely wonderful that had happened {giving the Lord all the glory} and went to sleep for the night.

    Of course on the other side of the world my husband was busy caring for the kids and home and running to the church we pastored. Our adoption caseworker had been on the blog and called my husband…”Have you seen the comments?” He hadn’t. He went on and about fell over. Some of the most hate-filled people in the entire universe had completely taken what I had written and turned it into what it most definitely was NOT. They were not people who I even knew read the blog and they were definitely not ‘loyal’ readers or friends.

    Now what I’ve gotta tell ya is that my husband is THEE most grace-filled, God-honoring man you might ever meet. He is about to turn 57…daddy to {almost 12}…lover, advocate, and defender of the orphan but boy-oh-boy was he ticked. He wrote a post and titled it Seriously? Calling out how it was all twisted what they were saying…cause the truth be known, anyone who reads my blog, knows my heart to please and serve the Lord….

    Anyway, it was a nightmare and I was far from home {ended up having to be there 7 weeks, but by God’s grace I was able to bring home a once-emaciated-only-alive-by-God’s-grace treasure and still praying our older daughter home..}

    All that to say, that I definitely kind of know how it feels and I’m sorry for the pain…I honestly think most people who say or write mean things {from behind their keyboard} are just plain jealous.

    Move on. Ignore them. YOu and your husband and your baby Matilda are adorable. God has a good plan and He will accomplish it no matter what anyone says or writes. Stupid people can’t stop His plan, cause He’s God and He moves mountains, closes mouths, heals hearts, and comforts in the night watches. Rest in Him. All the yuck we walk through has to only be used to make us more like Him…and that was His plan all along!
    Blessings from Phoenix, Arizona…Linny

  67. says

    Lisa, in the short time I have known you, I have been blessed and I thank you for that. Maybe I can’t go out much, or jump in the car and meet my friends for a cup of coffee, just to chat, or run and get that most needed pedicure with my girlfriends anymore!! Just maybe the reason I can’t is because God wanted me to sit and find my true self again. My girlfriends, are you and others that I have met via all the different Social Media venues. People who we connect with, which if I had been running around in my old life would have never been blessed to “meet” even virtually! So my dear friend, keep in the company of those that truly love you and ignore the ones that choose to hurt and throw stones. Pray for them today and let God do the rest, and just focus on the wonderful gifts that surround you and those that you will continue to receive while taking the high road. Hugs! On a lighter note, I love venting!! I visualize all those feelings and hurt being placed in a hot air balloon and just let go! LisaL

  68. says

    This is my very first visit to your blog and although I do not know what has come to pass, I am sorry that you’ve had to endure such unkindness. Have they never heard, “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all?” That aside, have a blessed day.

  69. Larry R. says

    I am very impressed by you. I was reading a yahoo article about you living on 50% less because I am leaving a job that has consumed my life and, please bare with me, I was looking to simplify my life. I am not a mom staying home and raising a baby. But, reading your story made me think of my life, family and friends as a baby that I have ignored because of work. I want to spend more time with my life. I read your story, followed the link to your site and was blown away by what I discovered. I am not a mom. I am a seasoned, strategiclly cynical (ok…grump at times…lol) career consultant and manager, and was blown away because you had an idea and ran with it. You chose to stay at home with your daughter (who has a beautiful name by the way) and create something new for you and your family.

    I was saddened, but not shocked to read about all of the people who attacked you. I know why it happened. You dared to break away from the sheep flock. You dared to do something most want to do, but are too scared to attempt. In this day of laziness, entitlement and pack mentality you created something cool out of an idea. It’s a shame that we have gone from a nation of dreamers and builders to a nation of mindless followers.

    I digress….congratulations on your site. I have always believed naysayers are rocks in a river. The river eventually grinds them into bits and disgards them because a river will follow its course. You will know you are doing the right thing when people criticize your success. You mentioned someone looked up the value of your home. So what if you do or do not have a big home or money. It is because of your hard work and effort and choices you have made. Why is being successful or rich a crime?

    I will tell you you have inspired me. I have been kicking around a business idea for a couple of years now and just need to move forward. I do not know how to blog yet, or internet market, but I am going to find out how.

    I hope this comment is not too long, but I hope you understand that the crappy things people said to you was for a purpose. It was to toughen you up so that you could put that determination and effort into the success of your family and not be bogged done by doubt.

    Kudos from a new follower.

    Larry R.-Portland, Oregon

  70. Aunt Nella says

    Lisa, Yep, ugly comments hurt. BUT, even the fact that you responded gives a smile to the pathetic, sad, jealous folks that are furious that you succeed, and worst for them, on your own terms. It really is irrelevant that you may have made lots of money in the past, and now choose to be a stay at home mom. What IS RELEvant……is that you and your spouse PROBABLY chose to save money over those years, build a reserve, and now choose to spend LESS, earn LESS, and be creative in how to save on consumables. Consumables, people, things you use over and over or eat that you have to keep buying. Being creative in saving money also takes time, effort (work), and some folks are just LAZY, boring and unhappy. So it is easier for them to continue to be LAZY, bored and unhappy instead of doing something different. Praying is a good place to start, then getting up and doing something different may be a little easier. Until we choose to do something a little different each day, to make our or someones life better, things don’t change. You are helping the cause by showing even little savings can go a long way.
    We DON’T have to live everyday in a consumer crazy world. And family time is way more important than hanging out at the mall, dollar store, or potato chip/cookie isle spending money!

  71. Chandra says


    Rant on girl! Get it all out. I have been learning to do this a lot more lately and I think it really helps. I stuff it, I boil, then I explode. Not good. I agree with everything that you and Ann said above. These people have nothing better to do than sit there and pick apart and put down other people. A lot of times I don’t even read the comments on articles anymore because they make me so mad. It’s actually pretty sad when you think about it that the only way these people can feel better about themselves is to put other people down and criticize them. I applaud your venting because it shows the real you and your honesty is beautiful, refreshing, and inspiring. You obviously are a beautiful lady inside and out and the only opinion you ever need to worry about is from the One who created you. It seems that you know Who’s you are and Who you belong to. You let your light shine and the dark always hates the light and will try to put it out. But guess what, the Light is so much stronger. I think God will give you double for your trouble and use this to teach you some great things, make you stronger so can continue standing up for things that He wants you to, and let you be a blessing to so many more people. Now how cool will that be? Those haters, well they will still be sitting behind a keyboard typing out more hate to someone else and you’re right…continue to stay in the same sorry place wallowing in their misery and trying to drag everyone else down with the.

  72. says

    GIrl –

    I found you through that article and I know what it is like to get slammed by random internet people. Even worse when it is published somewhere big and you have no way to delete really harmful comments. Just keep focusing on that traffic and the new followers and keep your head held high. They are ALL jealous…they might say they aren’t but they are all sitting on their couches typing mean things wishing their rinky dink blog was as successful as yours and that THEY were on yahoo this morning.

    Now enjoy church this morning and I’ll do the same girlfriend 😉

  73. says

    Here is what I know about the population as a whole when they believe they have received a good thing they absorb and consider, then they really have no need to comment, because they have found good info. Then there are others that are supportive when you are looking and not so much when you are not. So behind their comment page they rarely consider that there is a woman of substance providing great information and tools to a better way of doing things.Kudos to you for sharing your success in finding new and improved ways to live in an economy of uncertainty, and sharing those ideas with others. Rich, poor or anything in between has no relevance to the great info you shared with the population. So be brave be bold and be provocative. Keep sharing your secret knowledge because there is always someone out there willing to learn.

  74. says

    Hi Lisa,
    Just stumbled on here from Yahoo! Cannot belive how petty and small people can be. Do not let it get you down! Your ideas are good, your blog is interesting, this is why Yahoo picked it up.
    It so does not matter what a bunch of mean spirited people have to say about it. I’ve never seen jealousy displayed so transparently.
    Enjoy the success of it, ignore the rest.

  75. Diane E. says

    I just read the story and watched the video clip about how you and your husband cut your expenses by 50% a month and I commend you! I would like to know…just how do I go about subscribing to your blog? I too am a writer of Christian literature…though not yet published. I was employed…but the restaurant closed down and I am seeking employment. I’ve wondered about blogging. Is there any money to be made, doing so? I really need to work…make a good income so I can provide for my kids! I’m a widow. My husband has been gone now, almost two years. He had MS. I’d love to get my book published too…but, don’t have the money to do so, yet. I am believing that God will make a way! Please email me. I would love to hear from you! Thanks and Lord Bless you and your family! By the way…isn’t it so sad…about Whitney Houston? She was one of my favorite singers and I love the movie “The Preacher’s Wife”! I sing too…but, not as good as she did! I do sing Gospel music…though haven’t had opportunity since moving to Texas. I hope to hear back from you soon! Blessings to you and keep looking up! The Lord will Bless you as you do His Will.

    • says

      Very sad about Whitney. Give me a little bit Diane and I’ll get back to you filtering through a lot of emails. One quick thing I can tell you as a writer look into self publishing on Amazon. Google ” how to self-publish on Amazon”. My friends mother is a Romance novelist. She did that, sold the books for 99 cents and has made $20,000. I don’t think these are typical results but I would look into that to start. And yes there is money to be made blogging 🙂

  76. says

    I am so sorry for what you went through. It is hard to believe people do that and I don’t understand why they do, maybe it makes them feel better to put others down. I do know there are some people who write mean, ugly comments on everything they can find. I have seen the same user names on such comments on totally unrelated blogs and news stories. I read years ago there are a lot more good, sweet people than there are mean people. Unfortunately, the mean comments bring us down so far it is hard to shake it off quickly. I know when people say mean things to or about me or treat me in a hurtful way it hurts deeply and I don’t understand it. But, a dear friend told me once, “There are people who love me to pieces and think I am the best thing around. And there are other people who hate my guts. I am the same person all of the time to all of them.” That makes you think!
    So, cry and rant and get it out. Just know you have a lot of people who enjoy what you have to say.

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