Empire Avenue Tutorial Fast And Easy

Empire Avenue Tutorial: Most powerful new social media site for mom bloggers and pretty much anyone else who wants to promote their Klout Score, lower their Alexa rank, promote and eBook, increase Twitter followers and basically any other type of social media.

How It Works:  Click this link Empire Avenue and add your profile similar to any other community that you join.

Next at the top you will see tabs on says “Community” Click that and find “Mom Blogger Community”  That’s us now join.

OK don’t let the stock market look intimidate you it’s easy.

Up Top you see an e symbol with a number that’s EAVES  ( think of those like dollars) The number next to it is how much you have. Next to that is a number that is your share price ( as if you personally were a company) Don’t worry that it’s low everyone starts low.


Click your profile tab you will see Recommended click on that and then buy those people.  You won’t have a lot of Eaves At first ( money) so just buy 10 at a time.  You will notice other people buying you. Then they “shout out” on your page.

It’s great to buy them back they appreciate it and it helps increase your presence.

On Empire Avenue you can join communities, post quetions, buy shares, add connections like me  http://empireavenue.com/?t=j6eiqff5&s=c  I am listed as LisaBlogger.  Our community is Mom Bloggers Community .

Add all your social media to your profile. That tracks what you do and you get more money and points and unlock “achievements” by doing that.

Basically what this does is rewards you for things you are already doing. Such as Tweeting, adding FB posts, etc:

But here is where Empire Avenue Stands Apart:

Everyone has the “What’s in it for me syndrome”  Empire is the first community to award you for that.

Watch this.


You don’t know what they are yet but when you do you will be totally giddy.

Lets say as a mom blogger you write an eBook . ( Of course I’m going to use what I did as an example but you can use it for anything)  You want them to Tweet About your book.

You go to Missions and click Create mission. When you are brand new you may not be able to do that but it won’t take long at all.  Then you create a mission where you pay them “Eaves” to tweet about your book. It can be very specific you tell them what they need to say even add the exact tweet if you want. You get charged Eaves to do this. You can watch on the side and it will show you what you wil be charged. ( not real money of course)

You can do this with FB likes or anything you want. Click on the mission tab to see what others are posting. If you do what they ask you will earn Eaves ( points to your account you can use to buy other people or pay for your own missino)

The beauty of this moms is we can reward eachother. We can have major guru’s posting our tweets like what happened to me last night.

You can promote you FB page, your blog your giveaway..whatever.


As a way of rewarding you they will unlock achievements which goes to help you in the future. They automatically unlock as you FB , Tweet or invite others.


I know. At first I thought the exact same thing. UNTIL my Klout score jumped .…At the time of writing this they seem to have an issue it went from 52 to 10 LOL it’s back up again…whatever either way Empire is awesome.

I will add more if you have questions just ask go to community and join mom bloggers community  …more later. It’s Friday. I’m crabby LOL and I don’t want to write about scores I want to do something with my daughter today 🙂  Go promote and remember Blog Breathe Be Amazing or Breathe Blog Be Amazing…I always forget which way I want to do that !


Don’t let the fact that Empire Avenue is new and loos different stop you from discovering it.  The telephone was a weird invention at first too ..just sayin.  And women…it’s time that we jump on and be the leaders . You can do it!




    • says

      Sue once you are on the internet the real hackers can find anything about you…absolutely anything. I wouldn’t worry. I am not a tech genius but it’s just standard for new communities. But it’s up to you 🙂

      • says

        I’m more concerned about the fact that the permission state that they can post to your wall at any time, and have access and post to your wall when you’re not online. I’m worried that my wall will be filled with posts from them and I’ll lose some of my hard earned likers because they get sick of seeing message from Empire Avenue in their newsfeed. I’m not sure if that will actually happen, but I want to watch for a bit to make sure it doesn’t before I commit to it.

        • says

          Like you, I can’t imagine them doing that. That would be spam and they are a reputable company that would be totally foolish on their part.

          I do communicate with the CEO I’ll tell him your concerns 🙂

          • says

            Thanks Lisa. I haven’t had a really good chance to have a really good look at it, and I’m struggling to find the time at the moment, but from what you’re saying it seems like a really good idea and I am keen to look into it further. Thanks for everything you do to help us all out. :0)

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