Get Famous Book Launch Party And Blogger Review Opportunity Don’t Miss It

If you read this entire post there is something really important I want to share with you at the end. Please comment to let me know you read it. Then tell me  your thoughts. First  I want to invite you to my Get Famous The Most Amazing Mom Blogger Resource On The Planet book launch party!  It will be March 23rd right here on my Facebook Page for the Blogger Book.  Click the link real quick and like the page for updates and some future prizes.  Some of you may be getting an invitation to do a review  from Mom Blog Society. They are featuring my blogger book now. There already are some awesome mom bloggers who have  reviewed Get Famous and I’ll be linking to those as they come in at the bottom of this post.

I am really excited and my Get Famous bloggers resource has been getting some killer reviews which always makes me feel great! I may be doing an interview with our local paper too I’ll keep you posted.  If you want to see what other bloggers are saying about the book check it out here Get Famous :What do Mom Bloggers think?


OK now you know about my launch party. Here is the important thing I want to talk to you about.  It’s really been on my heart to start selecting certain bloggers and do some Random Acts of Kindness for them.  I already have it planned in my heart what I’d like to do. Sometimes it could be to buy their eBook ( NOT MINE LOL). I know a few who have an eBook under $3.00 and that would be so fun if they woke up to a bunch of sales 😉

Some bloggers need a logo, or a design or whatever. I think it would be so amazing to just surprise them and fill a need. BUT this won’t work if I’m the only one who wants to do this. So I want to know are there any mom bloggers at all that want to do random acts of kindness for their fellow bloggers?  Comment below and let me know.

Thentell me you went to the launch party and liked the page.  If you know a blogger in need you can post that in the comment section too. If it’s you, then of course you can suggest yourself.  Lets make it a better blogger world.  Will you join me?


How One Blogger Went From No Visitors To Over 17,000 In One Month and So Can You- Lisa Ladrido




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    Hi Lisa,

    I am stopping by to say Hi and also let you know that I’m a Mom Blogger in the Las Vegas area too (we live in Henderson)! We should definitely connect! I will hopefully get the chance to buy and read your new book soon. Take care! Have a blessed day!

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      Kelly I don’t know why I send out about two a week. Unsubscribe and then subscribe again and check your spam…….but you should be getting one or two a week. I’ll send some info your way though.

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    Yay, Lisa! Happy International Women’s Day to you. You are an inspiring woman!

    Also, because I love you and know you have too much time on your hands, just like me 😉 I have tagged you. Visit:

    Your book review is next on my post list!! People reading this (other than Lisa), I did not know Lisa prior to a couple of months ago, but I am so glad to know her now. She is a blessing to the blogosphere and the world!!!

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      I am totally going to beat you about that tag LOL It’s the second one I have received LOL and I forgot to do the last I still need to 🙂 Cool about the review I’ll add it to my post that I put up where I link back to your site 🙂

      Luv you girl you are inspiring too!

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    I absolutely love this pay it forward idea Lisa! It spreads good karma and light all over the blogosphere 🙂 Congratulations on your ebook launch, I’m so happy for you and wish you much success! I liked your new FB page. I would love to be lucky enough to do a blogger review if possible 🙂

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    I think it is an amazing idea. I know i could use a LOT of help. I was not one of the lucky few who were able to get your book to review and sure wish I could have. So I guess i am suggesting myself.
    I’ve been reading a few other posts you have done and really appreciate them!

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      Well guess what Ms Lois? Your complimentary copy is on it’s way :)) I’m sending it to your email now. I had another blogger in mind who would be the first for the random act of kindness but I’ll get you first:) God Bless You and your ministry ! God is faithful.

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