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I received an offer from Happy Toy Machine to build my own toy for Matilda. Of course I said yes, who wouldn’t want to build a toy?  The website is very cool and easy to navigate. That’s intentional so that your child can design a toy themselves which many of them do. Which also makes them happy thus the name I’m sure; Happy Toy Machine.

What I loved about the whole process of building a toy online is  that for a child they can totally let their imagination run wild. Long ears , shot ears, big eyes, little eyes, eyes with lashes, green eyes, blue, square feet, round feet, button nose….you imagine it and you can create it.

They have a ton of customizable options you can pick the color of the clothes your toy wears, you can add that cool patch on the chest with your child’s initial like I did for Matilda, and you can give them orange feet if you would like. They also have a really sweet pair of wings. Matilda’s toy has that . So I logged on and started to create my toy for Matilda.

Happy Toy Machine and Mom Blogger Lisa Cash Hanson


If you look closely you see that doggie with the orange ears? Yup that’s mine 🙂 Well it’s Matilda’s I named her Maddy Moon. When Matilda was born her middle name was going to be moon. Needless to say my husband and mother said absolutely not! Well you can’t win them all I guess.

So I designed this super cute toy and waited for it to be shipped. When it arrived not only was the toy super plush but I was shocked to see that it was Made In America.  That’s right! The good ole USA. That thrilled me.  Especially when every toy she owns just about does not come from America. Not only was it a good thought that I was supporting an American made product but the product more plush then most stuffed children’s toys.

The quality of this toy is really amazing and I know Matilda will enjoy it for years to come. You should cruise over there now and build your own toy for your kid or even yourself it was pretty fun. I’m sure when Matilda gets a little older her and I will be logging on to Happy Toy Machine. Just remember let your imagination run wild and if you’re not sure what to do learn from the experts. They have a super cute gallery filled with toys that were created by other children. So start there, get some inspiration and then start building your own amazing toy!

If you would to design your own toy from Happy Toy Machine for yourself or your child comment below and we may do a giveaway just for you:) . It will be via Rafflecopter and then you can have the same super fun time that I did building a toy online. The best part is no crowds, no long line to wait in, just my computer and my imagination. It’s a ton of fun!


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Disclosure: I was not paid for this post I did however receive the product free of charge for review. All opinions are strictly my own.






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