How To Make Money Blogging

How To Make Money Blogging

Are you a blogger who would like to know how to make money blogging? If you are then you are in the right place today. It turns out that blogging, and mom blogger’s especially can tap into some pretty amazing resources when it comes to making money with their blogs. If this hasn’t happened for you yet don’t worry it will. You too, can join the ranks of bloggers who have learned how to make money blogging.

One of the biggest questions I receive from bloggers (besides how can I get media for my blog) is, “How can I make money with my blog?”

There many ways to monetize your blog. Only you can figure out which method works best for your niche.

Here are just a few:

1. Affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought in by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

I will be adding some of these affiliate links to go with my GET FAMOUS book, so be sure to click here to find details in the future:

There are also many people who offer affiliate programs.The easiest way to find new affiliate programs is simply via Google just type in your topic – affiliate program – and you’ll have many options.

You can also check out for affiliate programs there.

2. AdSense

Google AdSense is a “contextual” advertising program where publishers simply add a piece of code to their blogs that helps Google analyze what your page is about, so they can serve ads on that topic. This increases the chances of your readers clicking the ad, which increases the chances you’ll earn income from them.

3. eBook Sales

Get Famous The Most Amazing Blogger’s Resource On The Planet is my eBook. You create your own eBook, and then you upload and sell it on your website. If you’d like more info on this topic, just email me and let me know that you are interested. You can also do a Google search “How To Write Your Own eBook”

MONEY SAVING TIP:  Although there are many “guru’s” who will sell you a sales spiel about how to get a sales page for your eBook etc; etc; I accomplished my sales page for $80  and only $17 for my template.  That’s right. The same thing that most are trying to charge you  $200 on up, I found for $17.  Don’t you just love a deal ? I do.

5. Sponsorships/ Paid Reviews  

This is how I’ve made money with my blog. People or companies email you asking if you would review their product, and they will pay you a set fee. A big question bloggers always seem to have is “How much should I charge?”  My answer to that question is, it depends. How much traffic does your site get? Don’t allow stats to get in the way,  of making money. Let me tell you about a recent experience involving my blog.

I was looking at some of my group posts on LinkedIn.  A President of a new toy company was looking for bloggers to do a review. He wanted them to have a high Google page rank. That means when you search for their niche their blog is on the first or second page of Google.

HELPFUL TIP:  LinkedIn is an amazing resource. As you can see I found a great toy to review but there are so many endless possibilities.

My blog was very new and I didn’t have that high rank. My girlfriend did. I wrote him to tell him about my friend. He was thankful, then said this “I will get in touch with her.” Then he said,  “I saw your site and love how professional it looks. Would you be interested in doing a review for us also?”

Of course I told him, “Yes”. Even though I didn’t have the high page rank, I was still able to receive a free toy in the mail to review. It was an awesome product by the way.

If you are wondering where you can find a few products to review start by signing up for these services and you can find some great products. This is a partial list and an excerpt from my book Get Famous which has over 100 resources and links available to help you . Get Famous ,The Most Amazing Bloggers Resource On The Planet, will be available very soon .





  1. Diane Erickson says

    Hi Lisa! Thanks for the great info.! I really would love to know more about ebooks and how to sell them, online. I have written a book…just not published yet (it’s so expensive) and I would love it, if it could be marketed online as an ebook. How though, do you prevent others from copying your work…when you sell your book(s) this way? Please reply and Thanks again so much for all the great information and help! Blessings to you!
    Diane Erickson

    • says

      Hi Diane your welcome! Your book has a copyright. And many authors now sell online so it’s an acceptable medium. I will maybe write a post about an eBook although I have to admit I dread it getting mine done has been an amazing challenge. Basically you write your book , make it a pdf file, upload it to ejunkie or a site similar get a payment method, I use paypal, make your won sales page or have someone else do that or just make a post with your book and the code for the buy it now button from the service. It’s not that hard just a lot of steps. You can do it 🙂



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