11 Tips To Explode And Improve Blog Traffic

People write and ask all the time,” How can I improve my blog traffic and increase comments?” Naturally comments come with an increase in blog traffic. So let’s look at our blog and find some quick methods to work on  improve our blog traffic.

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1.Get Social

Invite your readers to connect with you on StumbleUpon Facebook Twitter, Pinterest

Many of us have those buttons on our blog if you don’t you should get them. The more places people can find you and your blog posts the more that will improve your blog traffic.

2.Post During High Traffic Times

Pay attention to when your blog gets the most readers.

People don’t normally read blogs at 2am so why post then?  Try to post during the “high traffic” hours and that can be different depending on the niche’ of your particular blog. Find that sweet spot and post during that time.

3. Be A Problem Solver

Although I love to hear about your baby and birthday’s as you know I recently posted about Matilda’s 1st birthday it’s important to remember that readers have problems and they are looking for answers. If you provide answers then your blog will be the go to place for them to visit. Solve problems.

4. Guest Post On Popular blogs

I know you have heard this about a million times so here goes one million and one. Guest blog on a prominent blog and that will increase and improve your blog traffic.  I have two coming up one on Laura Roeder  and one with Dany Iny from Firepole marketing  so watch for those announcements soon!

5. Engage your reader

I know we are all busy believe me I really know! With a one year old getting into everything and a crazy schedule I know as women and moms we are B-U-S-Y. However try to respond to comments and emails it makes people feel important and after all don’t we all want to feel love and be made to feel important ?

6. Link within your posts

If you have a post about “How To Make Money blogging”  edit some of your other posts to include links to the “How To Make Money Blogging ” post and use that anchor text it will help you with Google . You can also use a plugin to help with that Seo Autolinker does a similar function.

7. Tag your posts for success

WordPress ( another reason I love it) has a great plugin called Simple Tags. By using it to find the appropriate tags for your post you can drive targeted traffic to your site.  Nothing worse then looking for a chocolate cake recipe and landing on a post with a chocolate colored purse. If you don’t use WordPress just make sure you tag your post with the appropriate tags to help people searching find your topics.

8. Stay on Topic

If your blog is about how to make money blogging then try to make most of your posts centered on that topic.  If I were coming to your site thinking I would get recipes but found nothing but clothing reviews that would be confusing. I know I have a few giveaways on my site but I try to always come back to the blogging tips and how to make money blogging and improve blog traffic. Stay on topic. Your audience will know what to expect and it will keep them coming back for more.

9. Join Blog Carnivals.  I know some may thing it’s an old method but it still works so use it.
A blog carnival is where you add a post that is in the same topic as a few other bloggers and together it creates a better audience for your post.

10. Participate on Q & A forums but don’t spam. Just answer questions and post helpful links and they will visit your site for more.

11. Get media attention.  On the day my blog was featured on Yahoo! l I went from about 700 visitors to over 14,000 in three days and when the month was over it shot past 18,000. Media is probably the best way to get a huge spike in traffic.  If you’re not sure how to do that let me know in the comments I will be starting some sessions soon to help you gain traffic and media attention for your blog. In addition to that you can grab a copy of Get Famous and reap the same results other bloggers who have tried it are achieving.


What other bloggers have to say about Get Famous Most Amazing Mom Bloggers Resource On The Planet

Covering a wide array of topics, Lisa starts with the basics of finding your voice and walks you through the entire blogging process.  She gives great pointers, tells you more about how she ended up on Yahoo! Shine and covers how to make money from your blog.  Even as a seasoned blogger, I found great pieces of information and tips that I had not considered before.  The unique approach she takes of how to build and run your blog as a business has many useful insights that will have you pondering that way you run your blog.  While I can’t give it all away (because you need to read the book to get all the great information), I will say that this book helped me make a few crucial changes on my blog!  And hopefully it will help you too! – Jannette Jmanandmillerbug.com


If ever you should read an e-book about blogging this is it! Filled with great tips and ticks for bloggers both new and seasoned, this book covers topics that are helpful to all!- Emily Blogaholic Social Network

The content of this e-book crosses the continuum from the blogging basics to how to make serious money with your blog. It answers ALL the major questions to help people get started on the right path. In addition, it provides a wealth of information on how to take your blog to the next level. Lisa Cash Hanson’s style of writing makes this e-book an easy read and I love her sense of humor. I SO wish I had had this a year ago. It would have made life a lot easier and I could have made that much more progress in less time. Regardless of what I have already learned, this book taught me so much more. For example, there are chapters on “How To Get Media Exposure” and “How To Write A Press Release”, which are totally new topics for me. I also really appreciated the “Mega Resource Page”, which provides an extensive list of resources for people looking for products to review, sites that will pay for you to blog, and more.

Lisa Cash Hanson is a great resource for bloggers and I appreciate her time in creating this e-book to help other bloggers. I loved hearing her input and tips. As a mom, she knows what it is like to balance caring for a family and home with creating a business with blogging. Lisa was recently nominated for the Top 25 Mom Tech Blog. – Tidbits From A Mom





    • says

      Thank you 🙂 You are right it takes some dedication and sometimes time but it’s fun when it happens fast too:) Either way we have to love it or it will be a duty rather than something we love.

  1. James says

    Great insights. I am particularly intrigued by the idea of using the media. It is perhaps the best way for beginners to truly receive a massive traffic spike.

  2. says

    Thank you Lisa for these tips!

    I am so glad I just stumbled upon your blog. I agree with your autolinking suggestion. I added the SEO Smart Links plugin to my blog and it saves so much time. I need to work on getting more social now. Pinterest is next on my list to explore.

    Thanks again!
    Melinda recently posted..My Sonoma GetawayMy Profile

  3. says

    I love your tip on guest posting but one thing I find challenging is actually finding relevant blogs that accept guests posts. Do you have any tips for overcoming this issue? Would love to hear any suggestions. PS I came across your blog through your guest post on Laura Roeder’s website 🙂 Many thanks!

    • says

      Great happy to hear that 🙂 ( Laura Roeder) I’ve not come across that problem. Of course not everyone I pitch to responds but I’ve landed on some pretty big blogs. I looked at yours hair care so to me anyone who is a beauty blogger would be a good fit for you. What you have to do in order to have the best success is read their blog and then pitch a post that is relevant to their blog and audience. I never write the post before I pitch it. I usually give them two or three options and say something like : I think your audience would really respond to this post ….and then I start pitching it. So maybe it’s not the relevant part it’s pitching something they are interested in.

    • says

      Thanks Candace. It’s easy. Anchor text means lets just say you post and say ..I’m sharing the best Oregon coupons. Now you take the link to this post you just wrote and edit some other posts on your page where you have written about “Oregon Coupons” then you highlight that word make it a link and insert the link from the post you just wrote. Then “Oregon Coupons” will have multiple links to this main post. If you’re still having a hard time understanding don’t worry I’ll be adding some video teaching soon, super easy to help you .

  4. says

    Ok so this is now my new favorite blog site, your tips are amazing. Just hit my first 500 hits yesterday after 4 weeks, not sure if thats good or not but I’m super chuffed. Will keep reading to learn more…thanks

    Serene Motherhood

  5. says

    Love love love these tips and I have a feeling I’ve said this before on your blog. Great job, Lisa – thanks for sharing what you know with us!

    I think forums are such a fantastic place to find new eyes for my blogs and I love guest posting and have chosen to be a featured writer for 3 blogs so that I don’t feel stretched too thin. And if I see a call for a writer, especially for a blog that appeals to women, I try and take it on and do a great job, because I love the connections, I love tapping into a new audience, and I love to sometimes stretch beyond my niches (photography, blogging, and dogs).


  6. says

    These are great tips. It is hard to figure out where to put your energies when you are trying to build your blog traffic. I work very hard at it everyday and the progress is very, very slow. Any tips you may have are always well received.

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    I’ll be adding some workshops soon to help you explode your blog traffic & make more money blogging if you are interested in hearing more ten comment below and tell us and be sure to sign up on the Get Famous newsletter for the latest blogging tips and updated.

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