Are You A Mom With A Product? Huggies Mom Inspired Can Grant Your Dream Come True

Tomorrow morning I’m headed out to the South Point Casino where the winners from the 2011 Huggies Mom Inspired Grant program will be waiting. They are in town for a All Baby and Child Conference in Las Vegas to showcase their amazing inventions and products.  When I received the email asking if I’d like to interview the moms for my blog Mompreneur Mogul I was pretty much yelling YES!  Why was I so excited?  Because this year I plan on submitting my own mom inspired baby product to Huggies in the hopes that I will grab one of those grants.  The winners receive $15,000 seed money to start their business and the support of Hugggies. Who could ask for anything more?

I have been waiting  months and months for the submissions to reopen. Some of you may know that the original purpose of my blog was to document my journey while bringing a product from idea to market. I wanted to share with other women what I was doing and encourage them they could do it too.  My blog began to take the direction of mentor, encourager and helping you make money with your blogs.

I am thrilled to take that roll but all the while I’ve been working on designs, logos, prototypes, product photos and more. I believe I’m as prepared as a person can be I’ve done months of research, worked on my product website ( which I’m not selling the product it’s only a prototype at this point but I wanted to show Huggies the most complete package that I could.  I can’t wait to reveal what I’ve made and I hope you will like it.

So tomorrow I’m off to listen to the amazing stories of women who had a dream in their heart and with help from Huggies they can now hold that dream in their hands.- I truly hope I am next.  Stay tuned for the interviews soon and in the mean time I hope all your dreams come true too!




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