Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Program Making Dreams Come True

To say that I was excited when I received the email asking if I would come and interview the Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Winners of 2011 would be an under statement. More like ecstatic. Not only was I going to meet some incredible moms who had really amazing new baby products but I was excited to share that I had plans of submitting my own baby product as well. I couldn’t wait to hear from the women who had succeeded and learn what great tips or advice they had to share with other hopeful moms as well. The Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Program by the way is offering $15,000. An amazing start for any new business or product.

The Huggies winners were in Las Vegas showcasing their products for the child expo. As I arrived I spent some time taking pictures of their amazing products and briefly speaking with some of the women.  I have to add a disclosure here: I’m a huge fan of Huggies. They are the only diapers that Matilda has ever had on and I can’t imagine using anything else. So if I appear from time to time to be gushing, well that is the reason.

I also got the extreme pleasure of meeting Maria Bailey who is truly legendary when it comes to helping moms launch their business.  She was kind enough to offer an introduction  to Kelly Stephenson the Senior Brand manager for Kimberly-Clark which I quickly accepted.

(Pictured below from left to right Maria Bailey, Lisa Cash Hanson, Kelly Stephenson)


Maria Bailey with Lisa Cash Hanson And Kelly Stephenson

Now this is where I really received an unusual surprise. I had always wondered why in the world Huggies would grant moms money for their business. This was my opportunity to finally find out. Soon into the conversation I asked Kelly, “Why are you doing this? Why would Huggies want to grant moms money for their product?” What he said may surely surprise you I know that it did me. “Parenting can be frustrating. No one wants to get frustrated but it happens. Any product that can make a mom or dads  life a little easier  Huggies wants to help make that happen. Because when a parent is happy they enjoy their child more and nurture that relationship. We are all about nurturing the relationships between the mother and her child.” “What?!” I thought. I didn’t say that but I thought that. Surely not the answer I expected. I laughed and told him if moms knew he felt  they would always buy Huggies. That made him laugh too and I guess he was pretty happy that I told him how much I loved the Huggies brand for Matilda.

Then it was on to interview the Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Winners of 2011. What amazing women!  One post would not do them justice so I will share a little about each one as part of a series and we’ll cover as much as I possibly can. So be watching for part II.

Allow me to share what I think about these women before I share what I think about their products. They were the sweetest group of women I’ve ever met. Each of them had an amazing story to tell. They have all made major sacrifices to bring their products to market. And they are filled with an amazing amount of knowledge. Which I will be covering in the next posts. I’ve  also already invited them to post on my blog when they have something they would like to share. If you are a mom who wants to bring a product to market I can think of no better advice then from these women.

The one thing that impressed me the most about them was their willingness to share and be helpful. So many times in the world people “hide” their resources or information. I think that comes from a “lack” mentality the “If I tell her she’ll get better then me or she may get the opportunity” What was so inspiring so see was NONE of that attitude was present with any these women. Not only is there an amazing comradery among each of them but when they found out I wanted to submit as well they started pouring out information and encouragement. That really impressed me and I am forever grateful to meet these women and accept the help they so graciously offered. So on to their products.

Mompreneur Mogul Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Winners 2011Lets start in no particular order with:


Becky Rasmussen :: MyBirthClass

Becky Rasmus sen :: MyBirthClass


Becky is our neighbor she lives in Utah.Talk about helpful she sat after everyone left talking to me about everything and offering all the tips and advice she could on launching products and the entire process I am so glad to have met her. Becky had a brilliant idea for expecting moms called My Birth Class. Any mom who’s ever been to a birthing class knows they can be crowded, sometimes your husband may fuss about going, and lets face it, depending on how far along you are you may not want to go either. Becky’s solution? She brought the class to you. She has all her classes, instructions, and anything an expecting mother would need to know available on her DVDs. Available for purchase on She also has a new video you’ll have to check out moms will love that teaches baby yoga.

Romy Taormina :: PsiBands


Romy Taormina :: PsiBands

Romy is a very hard worker like all the moms that were there. When I was  finally able to sit and speak with her you could see the excitement just pouring out. She loves her product and truly believes in it and she should. There were many tests that had to be done with her product and she never gave up and now her dream is a reality we love her. Her Psi bands help moms with nausea. Placing pressure on the Nei-kuan acupressure point—2 ½ finger widths above the center of the wrist crease between the wrist tendons—is scientifically proven to help relieve nausea. Disappointed with the acupressure wristbands she used to ease her nausea during pregnancy, Romy Taormina created a more fashionable and functional way to relieve one’s queasiness. This product of course could be used for those suffering from sea sickness as well. They are trendy and amazing. Visit her website and grab your Psi Bands  today.

Katrena Shirley :: Dreemie Preemie Katrena Shirley :: Dreemie Preemie

Katrena. She was really precious. She has a heart for moms of preemie’s.

This is what she had to say:

My niece was born prematurely at 28 weeks and she was in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for three months. What can you give someone in the NICU? You can’t send flowers; you often can’t visit because of germs; you can’t send diapers because they’re often a special size you can only get in the NICU. I couldn’t find anything appropriate. That’s when I first had the idea for a preemie baby book. Dreemie Preemie baby book pages are tailored to preemie or NICU babies. I asked Katrena about the ups and downs of such a delicate life as preemie. I knew immediately that her desire was to give the moms something beautiful and these next words she spoke really touched my heart: “I wanted them to have something that made them feel normal.” Anyone who has struggled with a baby working on their precious development knows it can be filled with trials, anxieties, and joy. Katrena is offering something to bring hope to those parents so they are able to record all the wonderful progressions their baby takes and hope is an amazing healing thing. Visit Dreemie Preemmie Now And Share these with your friends.

Tune in for part II where I’ll feature three more awesome Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Winners. And here are some quick tips they shared if you are a mom with a baby product:

  • Network, network, network I asked everyone I knew and this person knew that person and this one knew the president and that is how my product ended up in Longs Drug Stores- Romy Taormina PSI Bands
  • If you have a great idea just do it everything will fall into place- Becky Rasmussen My Birth Class
  • If you believe your idea is inspired don’t worry about the obstacles- Katrina Shirley Dreemie Premmie

If you are a mom and would like to submit your product or for additional information regarding the Huggies program visit this link today : Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Program today.




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      Thank you Katrena- it’s just the first of a couple. Hard to fit so many wonderful products in one post so better to spread them out 🙂 I enjoyed our time as well and thank you so much I really appreciate your gift and what you are sharing with women everywhere 🙂

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    What a fantastic opportunity. It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many people who not only see a need, but they take the necessary steps to fulfill that need. I’m not a mom and have no use for Huggies, but I will definitely be following this story, because it’s such an inspiration for me, because I’m a new business owner and I’m working to build a wonderful brand that I’m passionate about. People amaze me (in great ways) every day – women amaze me even more. I hope this story catches everyone’s attention, because it’s fantastic.

    Best of luck to everyone!

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