Tips For Using LinkedIn To Increase Blog Traffic

Do you have an account on linkedIn? If not go get one. There are so many ways that LinkedIn can help you increase blog traffic, build a better blog, promote giveaways, find powerful mentors and more. I can’t say enough how much I love linkedIN.

You may be asking “What is it? Does anyone even use it?”

Only if you think 150 Million is anyone. Yes! Many people use it. You can find CEO’s, producers of major television networks, some of the biggest gurus in business,  and in marketing,  best selling authors, you can find publicists, anything you need you can find on LinkedIN.

Here is just a quick example. When I set up my sales page for Get Famous ( Most Amazing Bloggers Resource On The Planet) I was having an issue with my flow and getting it on ejunkie properly. I’m not super tech savvy at times so I could feel a meltdown coming.

One major way to use LinkedIN is: Ask a question. They have these amazing forums and just by asking a question you can usually have 20 to sometimes 50 or more professionals lend FREE advice.  So I issued my plight and asked for help. Within 5 minutes this amazing guy answer who not only answered but went through my page and had it running perfect in under 15 minutes! What a major relief.

No matter what type of business you have LinkedIn is a powerful resource for you. These are just a few tips on using LinkedIN and what you can do when you are there.

Fill out your profile. 

This helps people find you in the search and it’s valuable in creating joint ventures and other opportunities this is my LinkedIn profile for Momprenuer Mogul:

Tips for using linked in @Momprenuermogul



Ask A Question

Pretty much anything you need to know you can post in the question section of Linkedin and a ton of helpful people are quick to lend you a hand. This is an example of a question I posed on LinkedIn. I found a great resource for my eBook cover Get Famous and it looks amazing!



Join Groups:

This is where you can join groups like Blog World, eBook authors, baby product inventors and so much more. Within those groups are many people waiting to help, share advice and tips, help you promote events and basically take your business to the highest levels.

Here are a few of mine:

LinkedIN groups


As you ask questions and participate in groups you will find all these methods will increase your blog traffic.

So LinkedIn is very useful no matter what type of business or blog you have you will find it there.  Then you can use these connections to help increase blog traffic, create a better experience and find the best blogging minds around. Here is my public profile. If your already a member of LinkedIn then send a request and I’d be happy to connect.  If not, what are you waiting for?  Linkedin is one of the best friends a mom /women in business can have.

Also be sure to share your tips for using Linkedin for your business below I’d love to hear from you!




  1. says

    A few other benefits:
    Found patent attorneys
    Found resources for eBook publishing
    Had Top CEO’s hire me as a consultant
    Connected with other bloggers for joint partnerships-


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