What The Klout Is Going On?- How To Increase Your Klout Score

If you love blogging and social media Klout is our friend. Well most days. In this quick post I will show you a couple ways that will teach you  how to raise your Klout score,use Empire Avenue  to raise your Klout score, answer the question what is Klout, why you need Klout, what advertisers have to say about Klout, and what my friend, I call him friend even though he doesn’t know me, Darren Rowse said about Klout. If you’re in business it should matter to you.

According to the official Klout Blog you can do three things to boost your Klout Score and figure out how to increase your Klout score.

  • Write great content.
  • Don’t only post on FB, Twitter, or G+ but engage your readers on those posts be active.
  • Add all your social networks, your Twitter, G+ Facebook and more.

Now I’m not in the mood to type all day so I made this cool video to show you exactly what you can do. Plus I’ll add Mick Say’s link  umm that’s it this pink link that says Mick Say’s Link so click it when your done watching my video ( he has a super cool accent BTW)  he’s a smart guy and  posted on how you can raise your Klout Score. He also happens to be my friend on Empire Avenue what a small world.




  1. says

    Thank you for posting this. I was very curious as to what a Klout score even was!
    Dig the videos and your website is super helpful.



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