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I know that some of you are frustrated with the lack of money you are making, or traffic to your blog and you are trying to figure out how to stand apart from the crowd. I know this because you are writing and telling me that.  My goal with these videos is to help remove the frustrations you are going through with not only the tips that have worked with me but to tap into each other’s knowledge so that together everyone can rise up. This week Snowies and Nicole  had some killer questions as well as some others I’ll have to handle in next weeks segment. Make sure to share this post with your friends and add your business or blogging questions for next week in the comment section below. Every Wednesday meet us here and we’ll answer your questions on getting more blog traffic, how to increase comments, how to make money online, get media for your blog and more. I’ll also add some other cool traffic tips following the video.  One  great question was, “With so many great blogs our there how can mine stand out?”  So check out the video for this weeks answer.

There are some excellent resources on blog traffic and social media site- Empire Avenue is Amazing you can read more about it here in these posts below as well as some other great tips to help you with blog traffic.

Empire Avenue

11 Tips To Explode And Improve Your Traffic

54 Quickie Tips To Massively Increase Your Blog Traffic




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    What a wonderful service you offer to so many women.

    I’m not into blogging to make money. I don’t run ads or do reviews or giveaways, but I know a lot of people do have that goal. How sweet of you to help them. I’m sure it’s been appreciated by many.

    Have a great weekend.

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    I’m always on the lookout for blogging tips. I’m enjoying looking around! The LinkedIn group sounds great! Hope you have a great SITS Day.

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    This is an awesome feature! I am joining so I can get all your great tips. I know I have heard your name somewhere before but I am not sure where. Anyway, enjoy your SITS day!

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    Haven’t watched the video but will in a second. Its like I was meant to cme to your blog today. That is the question that has been going though my mind. How can I get more people on my blog. I have decided to make it a craft blog but I want to take about everything. I have been visiting SITS and commenting. Its slowly going up and I know it wont happen overnight. Off to watch your Vlog then to finish some Capris Im making today if I don’t fall asleep lol.

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    Your blog has already helped me with a few things. First, is getting that “linky” thing paste to my homepage. I’ve always wanted one of them up in my blog but didn’t know how and didn’t have the guts to try the simple copy and paste, I was able to do that just now. Hallelujah. I’m such a dummy when it comes to doing more then just blogging. Also, you’re giving me motivation to think outside the box of just simply blogging for myself. Watch out blogging world. I’m coming. LOL. Thanks Lisa!I
    Sela Toki recently posted..SuperstitionsMy Profile

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    I’m still trying to figure out what my thing is. In life and on my blog. Lots of mom bloggers. I’m havent been blessed with children. Lots of crafters. Love to but rarely take the time for it. Cooking I do alot, but again, Ree sets the standard high and many are trying to reach it. I’m a wife. Right now that is all I am. I feel like there are fewer Godly wife only blogs. All seem to have a focus on children. Not that I wouldn’t like that but we don’t have any and I have a hard time identifying. Oh and lots of infertility blogs. I’m not ready to go there and wouldn’t anyways I don’t think. I’m excited to learn more from you. Maybe I’ll get a better focus.

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    I agree with you that we are all unique in our blogging!
    I speak my mind on mine & hope that woman can relate to me and find a sense of sisterhood when reading my posts.

    Thanks for doing what you do and trying to help other bloggers!

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      No Girl LOL I wasn’t even looking at your Wormly Wednesday 😉 I was thinking of all the other Wordless Wed’s :)) I wasn’t trying to take a shot at your blog in any way 🙂 Besides I know it works for some people I’m just saying to think of new ideas that no one else has come up with before I’m sure you are filled with them :)!
      Lisa Cash Hanson recently posted..Blogging And Business Squawk TalkMy Profile

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