Case Study- The Truth On How To Increase Blog Traffic

OK my sweet peeps let’s get down to the real nitty gritty with this case study on how to increase blog traffic. No tutu fluff around here. Let’s talk straight. Wow! Like all those phrases? Doesn’t make you feel better when a person says, “I’m going to tell it to you straight?” I always think, ” So you were fibbing all the rest of the time?” No, of course not I always tell it straight on my blog. Many of you write with questions about how to increase blog traffic. I’ve done a few videos they are weekly and they are EVERY Wednesday so don’t miss them. They are filled with resources and tips that I’ve researched for you and have used myself to make more money and grow my business and my blog. I answer some great questions from YOU my readers via video, so please don’t forget to add yours  to the comments section of  the other videos so we can hear from you and feature your question.

I’ve have found that if you really want to find out the truth it’s easiest to  just go straight to the horses mouth- WOW another weird saying. I’m full of them today.

So you are the horse- A pretty horse of course.  I really want to hear from your mouth first your traffic building tips or woes.  Then those who always have traffic questions can read your awesomeness.  So take two minutes out of your day to answer one or all or a different viewpoint you have in the comment section below:

When you go to a blog:

Why do you come back?

What makes you leave?

What makes you love it?

Is it the writing?

The pictures?

The giveaway?

The repoire you have with the writer?

Or anything else you care to share but let’s make this study as rich as possible and the only way it will be is if each and every one of you lend your voice and your ideas to help each other. So what do you say are you ready to go for it? Let the Case Study begin-




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    What keeps me coming back is valuable information. I love when I read a blog post and actually learn something new or learn a different perspective on an interesting topic. I also like it when the blogger seems personable.

    What makes me leave is a cluttered, messy blog that is visually unappealing and not easy to navigate. It’s also important that it’s easy to post a comment – like you said in your book, captchas are so annoying!
    Have a great week!
    Kelly recently posted..The Beautiful Benefits Of Argan Oil My Profile

  2. says

    Nothing will make me leave faster than bad grammar and misspelled words! I can’t help it. I understand the occasional typos – I have them myself every once in awhile! However, when all I see are misplaced punctuation and improper usage of there, their, and they’re…ugh! 🙂 Ok, I’m off my soap box now. This is a cool idea! I’m always looking for tried and true ways of spreading the word!!
    Heather recently posted..A Bouquet of Rose Cupcakes for {Mother’s Day}My Profile

    • says

      Heather you caught me on a decent day. Grammar is not my thing. It’s interesting to hear what makes people come and go. Thanks for your input and if you want to add to it please do so at any time. Glad you like the idea and thanks for passing the word so everyone can benefit!

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