Is Blogging And Business Invading Your Personal Life

Weird how life works. We launch a blog or business to spend more time with our families, you know work for ourselves, make our own hours, stay home with our kids. But before you know it we’re checking emails in the middle of the night, hopping on the computer between stirring the sauce, and telling our man, “Yea I’m coming to bed in 5 more minutes.”  Which for me turns into an hour or more. So with all this cool technology at our finger tips every moment of every day sometimes our other relationships  can suffer.  I am speaking from experience because I love working on my projects, doing videos for you , sending out my newsletter and writing books to help you blog like my Get Famous The Most Amazing Mom Blogger’s Resource On The Planet.  But the reality is without a family and relationships who cares about everything else?

So here are my quick tips to keep the home fire burning and put out an other fires that could be started from being over worked and not paying attention to those who matter most.

Learn how to shut it down.

When you’re working, work hard.  When your done make sure you’re done. That means as hard as it is at times, no texting , entering giveaways, one more blog post or anything else. Just spend time with your family and shut it down. And you can’t be shut down if you are thinking about everything else that you need to get done. Practice letting go of your tasks and enjoy you’re family.

Give your undivided attention

I’m totally guilty of this one. Poor Chad ( my husband) will talk and then say, “Babe did you even hear me.” Sadly I have to say no. I was pre-occupied or thinking about  a project I’m in the middle of or whatever. But my husband really deserves my undivided attention so I need to give it up- figuratively and literally.

Have an “OFF” day.

That means the whole Sha-Bang. No texting, no messages, no posting, no blogging, no twitter, no Face-booking no nothing. Just you and your family and a park or festival, or some ducks or whatever. But if it’s electronic don’t even turn it on.

Go have fun

I mean some real screaming, laughing till you ….(well you know what;), hair raising fun. You will feel so refreshed by the time you come back I’m sure your blog posts will be much better.


Finally just remember that we only have so many days on this beautiful planet with those we love. When life is over and we are in those final seconds I am totally positive that no one says, “OOO I forgot that blog post,” “Man I should have done that giveaway,” ” UGH I forgot to do that product launch.”  No no one says that. But everyone thinks, ” I hope I told my family how much I love them. As a first time mom I’m watching Matilda grow like a weed before my eyes. It’s so fast I almost can’t believe it. One minute she can barely turn her little head and now she walks around with the phone to her ear mimicking mommy on the phone- Amazing!  I’ll never get these precious moments back with her. And you won’t get yours back with those you love either. I think that balance is a silly word sometimes. And I don’t know too many people who figure that one out. But we can be fully present for those who matter most. So don’t forget in the midst of it all that your business or your blog was probably started as a means to spend more time with your family. So note to self,”Make sure that I do.”

Now we need your help. Add your tips that you use to “tune out the world and turn work off” when you want to spend more time with you loved ones in the comment section below.






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    Last week we found my daughter watching Netflix on her Kindle 2 hours after we had sent her to bed, and my husband mentioned that he can set up our router to kick people off at certain times. I’m thinking I may need that for awhile to wean myself off of my late-night internet habit. Thanks for the great reminder to be more connected to my family than my laptop.
    Melanie recently posted..Pinspiration: Summer FunMy Profile

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    Boy is it ever. I just recently hit a wall. I became very ill because I, quite simply, wasn’t taking care of myself. That also meant I wasn’t taking care of anything else either. Then I received an email from you asking if I wanted your ebook. It made my day and it helped me get myself back on track. I am now on the mend and getting back to normal. That also means I need to manage myself and my time and enjoy the journey not try to rush to the finish-line.
    Susan Cooper recently posted..Liberty School Chardonnay 2009 – Central Coast: WineMy Profile

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      Susan thank you for sharing that- and for those of you reading I didn’t ask her to BUY my book LOL it was a gift 🙂 I’m so glad you are feeling better. Blogs are fun but life is so much more then blogging. So take care of yourself first and the rest will fall into place.
      Lisa Cash Hanson recently posted..Blogging And Business Squawk TalkMy Profile

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