The Dirty Little Secret Most Entrepreneurs Won’t Tell You


“I am afraid it will fail”  This was a comment from one of my recent posts. Many people have a dream, an idea, a product, or a business and they get buried in the research phase and then when they have researched every piece they possibly can, fear grips them and then.. frozen.  Yea of course you’re frozen because you’ve read so many articles and studied so much that now your head is filled with every “But I, what if it crashes, maybe no one will like it, I may loose everything” and other fearful thoughts that always surface anytime you are ready to try something new.

Do you want to know the dirty little secret most entrepreneurs won’t tell you?  I know you do so here it is. They are scared out of their ridiculous minds too!  Yes they / we are. The only difference is that they push through those fears to create a really cool new business or product or service. Here’s the deal. When I was preparing to get my baby product created ( which is currently in prototype phase) I flipped out. When I thought about all of the money for manufacturing, a patent, a lawyer to write that patent, where I would sell it, how I would sell it, if It even would sell, I just wanted to quit before I even started. And oh yea it was scary. Real freakin scary.  So this is what I did. I didn’t think about the 100 steps I needed to take. Because let me tell you each time I did I just slid down the wall in a big ole slumpy pile with more thoughts then a girl should have dancing on my head. Instead of that I decided on purpose to only think about the ONE step in front of me. I would just do the one thing I knew to do and then I would do the next thing.

I’m not saying you don’t have a plan because of course you do. I am saying that if you take the first step many times the next step will be made clear. I have a new mantra for life and my business: “The process will guide your way.” Basically as you take one step the next one will be revealed.

So if you’re as scared as watching old Friday the 13th movies late in bed when you’re home alone, well that’s OK and it’s totally natural. Well maybe not watching the horror movie thing, I don’t watch those, but the being scared part.  Every single entrepreneur goes through the same exact feeling.  Well most do. But push past those scaries and do it anyway.  There is a great Martina McBride song I’m going to include the video here. She says “Do it Anyway.”

Whatever it is that you have in your heart to do, even if fear tries to bug it’s eyes at you, Do it Anyway.

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    For me starting my business was easy because I had my job as a backup. When the day came for me to leave my safety net, I panicked and couldn’t do it. It took a few more years until I went full time as a Coach and Certified Hypnotist.
    My fears still creep up but now I use my personal power tools to release them.
    Now the thought of working for someone else is WAY MORE FRIGHTENING than anything for me! I’m glad I never have to be an employee again.
    Wendy Merron recently posted..Change One Thought And Surprise YourselfMy Profile

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    Starting or creating anything is always scary. But sometimes in life you have to take the plunge to see what you are made of. Owning and running my own business I realized its a long journey not a short one. So try to take each bump in stride and move on.

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    Yes! This post was so perfect for me to read today. I was ‘freaking out’ yesterday over the 100 steps in front of me, overwhelmed by the magnitude of the projects I am working on. It is vital for our psyche to take one step at a time. Baby’s first crawl, than wobble, than walk, than run. As adults we need to keep that forward progression…the trick is pacing yourself and being content doing it, one step at a time. Of course!

    Thanks, Lisa –
    Steve Baines recently posted..What My Little Girl Can Teach You About Life and Why Adults SuckMy Profile

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      Steve -Thanks for being the male voice here love it! Second I think we all do it. We are in such a rush to create more success or complete things that we all forget to start with the first step. I”m so glad it helped you and thanks for coming by.

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    I believe in frequently testing your own discomfort. If you aren’t uncomfortable you aren’t learning. So is this context fear is a positive thing. Fear is proving you are growing.

    You just got to try. And trying comes just before success.
    Nick Kellet recently posted..Who are You to Your Tiger?My Profile

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    Thanks for being so honest, Lisa! Honestly, I’m not sure the fear ever really leaves. We just learn to process it differently as we have little successes along the way. I just kind of fell into my manufacturing business, and had to learn along the way, and one of the most frustrating things was that NO ONE wanted to help me. They all worried that if they shared a source, or idea with me, that I would take some of their business away. (Totally fear motivated, I’m sure.) So, I’ve made my motto to “Do what’s in front of me”, and I will help and share sources with anyone who needs it. Because, there’s enough business out there for all of us, and we are all just a little bit different.

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    What I’ve grown to loveut my business is that it’s unique; I make it unique. I have no idea what I’m doing or where I’m going and it doesn’t matter. It’s okay for me to make it up as I go. When I relax and go with the flow, I’m constantly inspired and shown my next steps. When I stress about what I’m supposed to do, the door is slammed to inspiration.

    It’s okay not to know what we’re doing. When I feel afraid, I ask myself if I’m leaning on an old belief system that I should chuck (i.e. most small businesses fail) or am I being told that I may be going down the wrong path. Once I do that gut check, I move where I need to go 🙂

    Great post!
    Kimberly, The Fur Mom recently posted..The Truth About Life’s Abundance Premium Health FoodMy Profile

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      Kimberly that is excellent! You made a great point that I didn’t add. Many businesses change as they go. So it’s OK if you’re not sure about your direction just START- Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this post Lisa. As an entrepreneur myself, I do get scared. But the scariest part is that sometimes I think that I am all along in feeling this way. On an intellectual level, I know that other entrepreneurs deal with fear in their business. But on an emotional level, I feel like I am the only one dealing with fear. I love and truly believe your mantra though, “The process will guide your way”.

    feeling the fear and doing it anyway!
    Stephanie Treasure recently posted..Create a Professional-looking Promotional movie for your websiteMy Profile

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