Authors And Coaches Are Not Entrepreneurs

Do you ever get the feeling that people think of Multi level marketers, authors, coaches and online marketers the same way they look at used car salesmen? Slimy grimy, slick and fake.  I don’t of course because I am an author and a coach. And I’m sure if you ask anyone who’s benefited from my services and the countless others who are in the same field they don’t think that either.  Today I had a blogger write to thank me. Let me share what she wrote:

“Message: I am trying everything that you have recommended… at least everything that I can fit in. 🙂 I am being spotlighted tonight on ABC after answering a query about kids and CT scans. Yikes! I hope this is something good. The reporter was awesome and absolutely was fine with mentioning my blog name. So cool! You were just the first blogger I thought of to share the news. Before this I also had a small stroke of luck, contacted me about being a contributor after they saw a comment of mine on their blog… again, something you recommended was to comment on 5 blogs every night.
Thank you!” ~Gina My Chocolate Peaces

I was so excited when she sent this. The part “I recommended” Gina was referring to  came from her reading my book Get Famous. But today as I checked my inbox and saw a request from a reporter this is what it said:

We’re looking for stories where your back was so against the wall, entrepreneurship was the ONLY choice.

We’re not looking for people who planned on becoming entrepreneurs or who planning while still working. We want the “my butt was thrown straight into the fire” entrepreneurs.

Please no coaches, authors or network marketing/MLM. Must be in
business at least two years and profitable. Location unimportant.

This was a little funny and a little ridiculous at the same time to me.  Are coaches and authors and Multi level marketers not a real business or entrepreneurs?  This is really just dumb on the part of the reporter. The reality is that many people with their backs against the wall have created crazy successful businesses like Brendon Burchard from Experts Academy and he is probably smok’n most “real” businesses.
I am not against any brick and mortar they are equally as powerful. But to exclude a massive group of people like that as if they haven’t worked just as hard? I’m sorry but that shows a total lack of understanding for what is happening in the world today in the climate of business online.  And it’s not just this reporter I’ve seen it plenty of times. Phrases like, ” No coaches or online marketers”  Maybe they should change that to no millionaires please.
Anyone who knows anything about business realizes that what we use to know is far from the reality of business today.  It’s totally possible to create, launch and enjoy multi-million dollar businesses all via your computer. Just ask Maria Furleo from B-School how she feels, or maybe she’s not a “real” business either.
Or ask the countless mom bloggers and other bloggers who follow this blog who make money via ads, giveaways and other creative online “non real business” ways.
If people don’t get their heads out of the tired old sand where they don’t have a clue how valuable coaches, authors and online marketers have become, then honestly  maybe you shouldn’t even be a reporter. At least not in my mind.  Because the stories of these pioneers are sometimes the most fascinating.
So that is my rant if you can call it a rant. Every business is REAL if that business makes money and changes lives. You know not too long ago people’s “old thinking” swore the world was flat and that the Titanic would never sink. Makes you think doesn’t it? I believe it’s time for a revolution.

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What about you are you a “real”business?  Have you had some great challenges or successes whether your business is in a building or online?  Let’s hear about it.




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    Very interesting. Entrepreneurs are very much on the ball and work very hard at promoting their passions or cause. I think there is a little entrepreneur in all of us. Every blogger, writer, artist, or any other person that is passionate in starting something from the ground up, will try their hardest to make it happen no matter what.
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    I agree with you. I joined a MLM this year, my first, that I promote through my blog. I still haven’t figured out if I’m going to stick with it, but I’m learning a lot.

    I spend a lot of time on LinkedIn and I’ve been attacked for being a Life’s Abundance rep, because we’re getting a bad rep over there. When someone asks a question about their pet, they get hit with 5 aggressive responses promoting the LA food. Needless to say, it turns people off. I see it as people who are new to social networking and don’t know how to gently market themselves within groups and forums.

    I wonder if the person who posted this inquiry just doesn’t want to get hit with a bunch of MLM responses. I’m finding that many people see us as only interested in self promotion and not at all interested in building relationships or helping people.

    It’s sad, because I think people are missing out on connecting with some great people. There are always going to be people who aren’t very appealing in all walks of life, but they’re the minority, not the norm.

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    While it is certainly true that coaches and MLM folks are in business, and are often quite profitable, the type of marketing done by people in these businesses and the typical growth path are quite different from the things that work well for other businesses.

    For example, a novelist who uses a sales-letter-based marketing pattern will garner immense ill-will. It’s not that there’s anything inherently WRONG with those techniques, but that they’re a mis-match for the audience, its expectations and the types of needs and benefits involved.

    I suspect that reporters putting those queries out are developing a story that describes those other paths and techniques. They know, as does anyone who has been around for a while, that the successful coaches and MLM folks are very savvy, and that queries on HARO or PRLeads, etc. will bring a flood of answers from them.

    If I were a reporter on deadline, I might try to improve the proportion of responses that were on-point for my story, and keep the ones that weren’t from wasting their own time as well as mine.

    Just a thought.

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      Not a bad thought Marion thanks for sharing however just because novelists have always done things a certain way does not mean they shouldn’t change that way. For example people who by novels LOVE their writers. What if a novelists started a newsletter and asked their audience to help them “pen” their next novel. How many of those fans would be waiting in line to get that next book? Probably all of them. I just think people are stuck in their old fashion ways and they just need a little poke- or a big one whichever.

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