How To Not Get Overwhelmed-Women Doing It All In Business And Life


It’s so important that we learn how to not get overwhelmed  as women entrepreneurs. Someitmes in life we ask “How can women  in business do it all without feeling overwhelmed like we are neglecting our families?”  That is the topic of today’s video and I know so many of you feel exactly  the same way.  Life is busy and today’s woman has a ton of her plate that’s for sure. But with a few strategies you can simplify your life and business and come out on top, with everything accomplished and feeling great about business and life. Today’s question comes from Kelly over at Savvy Suburban. Kelly writes : I’m not necessarily fearful but sometimes just feel stuck. I have so much I want to do to grow my blog and writing career (some are implementing more ideas I got from your fabulous book!) But – ok, here is the ‘but’ you speak about in the video, with all the demands of raising active boys, running them around, volunteering at their school, running a house hold and just wanting to spend time with my family, etc it is tough to carve out time to write let alone research, market, and all the things we should do to grow our blogs and businesses. I am trying to take it one step at a time as you suggest. Some days I feel on top of it but most days my to do list is hanging over my head. So, I guess my question for a future video is, how do we stay organized and get it all done without feeling overwhelmed?! I think I’m going to have to blog about this!

Awesome question Kelly. Today I will show you some basic organizing tools and tips to help us “do it all”  If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or wondering how can you get your projects completed while running a busy life and house at the same time check out this weeks video for your answer.  Please also leave your comments below for next weeks video and I ask for a special request in the video so check it out I’ll see you there! ~Lisa


I don’t feel like re-inventing the wheel. So  here is a killer post with tons of resources for you including those I mentioned in the video 🙂 So here you go and leave your comments below.


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  1. says

    Hi Lisa ~
    Thanks for answering my question and mentioning my blog! Another helpful video, you know what struck a chord with me? The Twitter, FB, email checking time stealer! I recently started to schedule it and give myself an allotted amount of time each day and when that time is up, done and on to the next task. Does this always work? No, but I’m making an effort!

    It’s sort of ironic that you addressed my issue this week because it has been busier than ever. It was the kids last week of school, every mom I talk to can’t believe how much goes on during this last week. And, my dad is visiting so I’m trying not to stress about the fact that I have barely been able to be at my computer and just know that I’ll catch up and get back on track next week! I don’t have a Smart Phone, I don’t even have internet access on my cell. It would probably be a worthwhile investment but the first thing I want to do when I can afford it is hire household help, cleaning is a major time suck.

    Thanks again & have a great weekend,
    Kelly recently posted..Hard To Believe The School Year Is OverMy Profile

  2. Marty Hubbard says

    Hey Lisa! I love your blog and videos. I own a small cleaning company and believe it or not, a big chunk of my business is stay at home moms. They are consultants or teach online classes or like 2 of them, they homeschool their kids and have husbands with super demanding jobs. They all tell me how great it is to have someone clean their house because it frees up time for them to do more important things. Some of them rest, some go on outings with their kids, some run errands, or do things that have to get done, like pay bills. I spend anywhere from 2-4 hours a week or every other week, so it is a manageable amount for them, I do bathrooms, floors, dusting, basically stuff that can take time away from more important things like family and running their business. I read a book about Mary Kay Ash and that is one thing she recommended, hire household help as soon as you can afford it. It will make your household run better and it frees up time for you to spend on more important things. Hiring household help is one thing you can outsource. Personally, I keep my rates as low as I can because I love helping people and supporting families. Thanks so much for being awesome!

  3. says

    Thanks Lisa. Lots of helpful info. No more checking email in the morning. Definite time suck.

    As far as your video course, I would love to see you discuss some of the blog marketing controversies. I have seen popular bloggers and blog coaches take different sides on things like:
    1. The benefits (or lack thereof) of leaving comments on other people’s blogs
    2. Monetize from the Start vs. When You Build Your Audience
    3. Write Guest Posts vs. Keep Great Content for Your Own Website
    It would be helpful if your course dedicated a little time to weighing the pros and cons related to the marketing side of blogging.

    Thanks for being awesome and generous Lisa.
    Nicole Robinson recently posted..Why I’m Glad My Toddler Tells Me “No”My Profile

    • says

      Nicole these are interesting. I’m going to shoot you an email as well regarding some of the other questions you asked.

      My course is geared towards launching products, books ( eBooks etc) and services and removing the roadblocks to those issues as opposed to a straight blogging course but I can definitely add some of these topics to make sure it’s useful for you and other bloggers as well.

      Thanks for your input! And it’s easy to be generous with awesome readers like you!
      Lisa Cash Hanson recently posted..The Dirty Little Secret Most Entrepreneurs Won’t Tell YouMy Profile

  4. says

    Great video Lisa!!! So many great ideas here. One more tip that I would add is to categorize your list into tasks that only need 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 or 2 hours. Then when you do have that 30 minutes while the kids are playing for a bit before you go out for some family time, you can do one of your 30 minute items.

    Re: Online Business Video Course – First, congratulations! I am sure that you will share a lot of value for your community of Mompreneurs. What I like to see in online courses and one of the “hangups” that some of my clients face is shortage of cash in the initial stages of business. Especially through if it is being funded solely by you. Big question: “How soon can I make money in my online business?” or “What is the quickest path to actual cash?”. Even though we are all passionate about what we do, the reality is that we need to see a quick return on investment most of the time. Either to fund the business or to start paying the bills.

    So some ideas along these lines would help many I am sure.

    Thanks again for sharing this video and I can’t wait to hear more about your course.
    Stephanie Treasure recently posted..Create a Professional-looking Promotional movie for your websiteMy Profile

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