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If you haven’t heard about this already, Huggies is awarding a few fortunate moms $15,000 to make their dreams come true. They are going to choose the most inventive and cool new Mom invented baby products and help them bring that product to the market place- How cool is that?

I’m so  totally excited about the Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Winners for 2012. I’m hoping to be on the list because I have created a baby product and I have everything crossed that can be in the hopes  I’ll be chosen. And hey my product is pretty super cool if I do say so myself.  You may remember I shared a post but hadn’t finished sharing the rest of the winners. So today I wanted to introduce you to the second half of the  Huggies Mom Inspired grant winners from 2011.  If you missed my first post about these amazing women check out Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Winners Part I  Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Program is giving some very fortunate moms $15,000 seed money for their product. The deadline is July 31 2012 so you still have time.

I was very excited when I received the message asking to  come down to interview these awesome women when they were in Vegas for a trade show a few months back.  Some have become great social media friends of mine and I couldn’t be more thrilled. One thing I can tell you after sitting down with these women. They are all driven, they work their booty off to make these products a reality, and they are some of the sweetest most information sharing women I’ve ever come across. When they found out I wanted to submit I have to say each and every one started asking me what my product was and sharing tips and their experiences. I can tell you that is amazing. They were so giving.
Of course I would love to be chosen in 2012 and I know the money would be fabulous if I were to win. But what is even better then that is this amazing comradery with a group of women who all pull together for a common cause- To create great products that help moms and dads make life just a little easier and a lot sweeter.   And I can tell you after checking out their products they definitely do that.
Please visit their websites they have amazing products, find them on Twitter and FB I know they would love the support.
And if you have a dream in your heart and you have a product come and join the ranks of these amazing women, submit your product to  the Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Program the deadline is July 31, 2012  and give your dream it’s best shot. I can’t wait to see what happens!
And please share and tweet so other moms can be inspired too! Without further hesitation the amazing Huggies Mom Inspired Winners from 2011.
  • Charlena Smith :: IntoneCharlena Smith :: Intone
    A baby’s cries are a language of their own. For new parents, babysitters or daycare teachers, trying to decipher what an infant wants is simply a matter of trial and error. The Intone helps shorten that learning curve by translating a baby’s cries and helping parents or caregivers log sleeping, feeding and changing patterns.
    She is so witty and very excited to get her product out to the marketplace be sure to tell her hi she is really sweet!
  • Lauren Levy :: Magnificient BabyLauren Levy :: Magnificient Baby
    When changing and dressing a wiggly baby, time is of the essence. Smart Close™ magnetic fasteners in Magnificent Baby’s clothing make changing time faster, simpler and more pleasant for babies, parents and caregivers.
    She is slamming. Her product is doing amazing go check out her site and grab this for a shower gift they will love it!
  • Laura Pilcher :: Colic CradlerLaura Pilcher :: Colic Cradler
    Comforting a colicky baby sometimes just takes the right soothing touch. The Colic Cradler mimics abdominal pressure on an infant’s stomach to help relieve distress from colic, giving parents a hands-free way to comfort their child.
    She has a few products visit her for the latest amazing “must haves.”
  • Stacy Harfert :: BobeeStacy Harfert :: Bobee
    Nothing slows down a diaper change quite like searching for a clean diaper or struggling with a pack of wipes. The wall-mounted Bobee™ Diaper and Wipe Dispenser keeps diapers and wipes in one convenient place, away from curious little hands and off the changing table’s limited surface.
    I loved her product. What mom doesn’t need more space? This product really does the trick.
  • Kristi Gorinas :: DadPackKristi Gorinas :: DadPack
    A diaper bag is akin to a parent’s traveling all-in-one toolbox, though it’s typically only designed with moms in mind. The rugged, leather-look DadPack, equipped with an EZ-wipe system, gives fathers a diaper bag to call their own.
    I can’t say enough about Kristi she had a ton of tips for me she was so fun. And her bag was the coolest ever I really loved it!  Go get one it makes the perfect Father’s Day Gift!
  • Suzanne Hansen :: Baby Sleep Coach ProgramSuzanne Hansen :: Baby Sleep Coach Program
    Many new parents come to the tiring realization that their baby just doesn’t “sleep like a baby.” Ruby Sky Coaching wants to help, with personalized online sleep coaching programs that support a range of parenting philosophies and respond to the individual needs of tired families.
    As a mother with a baby who had a fussy sleeper this is more valuable then gold- No really it is. Who can spend money when your exhausted ? So get some help with her product too.
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