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You know how you plan to do something and the whole day escapes? Well that was today. Sorry my Wednesday video is out on Thursday but it is what it is –  Tech issues Youtube taking forever so finally Wednesdays video is done even though Wednesday is totally over. Oh well. We had some excellent questions from you.

I tried to get to most of them but it may continue over until next week for more details. Today’s questions were filled with how to increase your blog traffic, a new strategy for promoting your posts, and this: “What if you’ve tried everything and you still don’t have traffic?

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We’ll address that too so get ready and be sure to add your comments and questions for next week below!



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    OK, Lisa…. you are amazing. Back with another question for next week (?). I read that one factor for Google PR regarding content is number of words per post. It was suggested that posts should not be less than 500 words. I recently did some Wordless Wednesday posts that were popular and brought me good traffic.

    So here’s a big one for you that I have not been able to find an answer for: would Google “penalize” you with regard to your PR or increasing it if you do regular WW posts? I currently have a PR2, which was relatively easy to get during the first year of blogging, and while I know PR is NOT the end-all, be-all for blogging, I surely do not want to do anything that could decrease my PR or hurt my chances for gaining a better PR in the future. So…. I’ve backed off of WW posts for now.

    Maybe I should “compromise” and do them, say, once a month instead of every week to give a better “balance” to that whole quality content issue? What are your thoughts?
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    I have a question for you that I’m about to do a video on for my followers next month but would LOVE your thoughts. What are your views on Alexa Ranking?

    These are some great tips!!

    If it’s okay I’d like to share a couple of tips. To increase posting (as someone already suggested) schedule tweets via hootsuite. There are posts that I do all the time quotes, past blog posts etc that I schedule. Then I use my iphone to post in between when I think of something. I even have the hootsuite app so sometimes my live posts are via hootsuite if I want to post to multiple platforms.

    To motherhood on the rocks: I post to my blog twice a week, however I promote my tweets all the time. I even promote older posts. So my tip would be start promoting your older posts as well. You may have new followers that have no clue of what you post a year ago. Instead of letting your old posts just stay there and get dusty send them out on facebook and twitter. They might be old but very helpful and interesting to your new followers.
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  3. Recreate and Decorate says

    WOW! and Thanks for all that information! how much traffic is the norm for the first 3 months? I know you had 14,000, is that typical?

  4. Recreate and Decorate says

    Thank you for the great information, my question is how do we know what our traffic should be? I am going into month 3 and really not sure how my traffic stats compare! I think I am doing well to be so young, but I really don’t know! Any info on that would be appreciated!

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      Found this for you –
      Install and activate WordPress.com Stats. If you have a free blog on WordPress.com, this is automatically installed. Otherwise you’ll need to sign up for a WordPress.com account and get an API Key, which is a code you enter to access features such as stats. This plugin is simple and easily accessible, as the link to view stats is at the top of your sidebar when you sign in. You can view stats by day, week or month in a graph, hovering over specific stats to see more detailed data. Information about referrers, search engine queries and outgoing links, limited to the past two days, is visible underneath the chart.
      Step 2
      Install and activate WP-Stats-Dashboard. This shares similar features with WordPress.com Stats, but it has an emphasis on social sharing and media. Twitter followers, Google pagerank and Alexa pagerank are among the stats the plugin monitors for your site. Activate Dashboard widgets individually to access this data in a click.
      Step 3
      Install and activate the Google Analytics plugin. You’ll need to sign up for a free Google Analytics account separately and then follow the steps in WordPress to connect the two. This creates a new section on your WordPress Dashboard homepage that summarizes stats for the past 30 days, with information including total number of visitors, bounce rate and most popular pages, searches and referrers. You can click through to go to your Google Analytics account to view more detailed information.
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    Thanks for answering my questions! I’ll definitely figure out how to put a home button on my blog. I do have the picture linked to go “home” but apparently that’s only obvious to me. I used to only blog 3 times a week and promote the blog posts more often. But in July, I’ve decided to post more often and see how that works. I wish there was an easy formula to follow! lol

    I wanted to add for the blogger who is asking about having time to post on social media more, check out hootsuite.com. You can schedule tweets and facebook posts to be sent throughout the day. I haven’t used it much (which is why I haven’t been very active on social media either), but plan to more often in July, because I also do not have time to be online all day. Also, if you have a smart phone, you can download the facebook and twiter apps so if you have 5 or 10 minutes you can respond to people.

    Thanks again, Lisa! I’m gonna check out more posts and hopefully your book soon.
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