Welcome Sits Girls! My Blog Needs A Facelift And I Need Your Help

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Welcome SitsGirls! I’m so happy to have you here- if this is your first time visiting me I welcome you I’m so excited that you are here and in a nutshell this is what I’m all about: Business & Blogging tips combined with inspiration.

I host weekly vlogs featuring your Questions and Answers on blogging and business you can see and example of one of those below or search vlog you’ll see them Β so please ask yours for this upcoming week.

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And please check out success stories from my book what happened for them can easily happen for you πŸ™‚

I welcome you and I plan on visiting all of you as well it will just take me a while LOL


If you you have any questions I’m happy to answer and follow me on Twitter for updates also – You are amazing and I thank you for being here!


Oh and this is what I need your help for πŸ™‚


Ok so my blog is going to have a new look. I know you know what it’s like looking at themes night and day. I could really use your help can you look at these images and tell me which you like. You can click the link on either one and find them if you want to view them further.

Just make sure you come back to my site :))

Each can be custom as as far as color etc: Β I’m just not sure. And if you found a different theme let me know that as well- Thanks for your input or tell me what you wish a blog would have as a feature.





You can leave all of that in the comments below.





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    Congratulations on your SITS day. Sorry I’m so late; I’ve been camping. I hope it was a fabulous day for you.

    I like the Ares blog design. I think the other one is too busy, a bit overwhelming. Good luck on the decision.

  2. says

    Happy SITS Day! Checked out your 2 choices for change & definitely like the Ares one better–I don’t know why but it just looked more fun to me. I’ve recently made the commitment to improve my own blog; glad I’ve found you and plan to dive in here frequently!
    Ann recently posted..Biannual Blogathon Bash–My To-Do ListMy Profile

  3. says

    Hi Lisa – I’m excited to find your blog and listen to your vlogs as well. I started my blog when I was still a single mama of three, about two years ago. I was on fire in the beginning, but my motivation began waning over the months that followed. Looking for inspiration and a way to get into product and service reviews, in addition to the single mama and now messy, blended mama topics. :0)
    Kenyon Delk recently posted..Becoming a DelkMy Profile

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    Happy SITS day!

    Oh, I remember looking at themes trying to pick one…. Still want a different color on mine, but can’t figure that out! LOL

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    I enjoyed your Vlog about women being wired for greatness.
    You’re so right! Such a great idea, to take things one step at a time. I often find myself coming up with ideas, but not following through because I become overwhelmed!
    Stopping in from SITS!

  6. says

    HI, Looks like you have a wonderful resource here for us girls in the blogospehere! It’s nice to meet you and I look forward to learning much from your blog.

    Happy SITS day!

    Tara Denny recently posted..Sometimes…My Profile

  7. says

    You’re absolutely adorable! I’ll have to stop by later to check out your vlogs (a time when I can listen to them!)

    Have a GREAT day =)

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