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I had a conversation today about a business person who had to micro manage absolutely everything and it was totally burning them out. You’ve heard it told one million times how people have this need in business to do everything themselves. Entrepreneurs are especially guilty of this. The “I’m the best one for the job syndrome”  In one of his interviews Richard Branson once mentioned an extremely powerful businessman who did exactly that.  His time was cut short and you have to wonder if “doing it all” not only kills your business but you as well.  I decided to put this cool list together that I’m hoping my fellow members will help me curate. If if sounds like I just spoke French it’s OK I’ll share a post about that soon.

So here are some of my favorite tips from Richard Branson. One of my favorite things about him is he always seems to be smiling. I also love how he talks about treating other people. One day I will meet him and my desire to do that is not about business although that would be cool. I want him to share stories about the people who’s lives he has helped to change. That is what makes him so amazing to me.  He’s also shared that he surrounds himself with qualified people and allows them to do what he hired them to do- what a concept. Even if you’re business is in the beginning stages there are probably some tasks that you can delegate that will help you not only in business but to give you more quality time. And after all you can’t put a price on time so pay someone else so you can enjoy more of yours.

And if you have a tip or want to add your favorite person to the list please do so.

“You don’t have to be good in business you have to be good with people” Sir Richard Branson


“The Key To Motivating People Is Lavish Praise On People”

Don’t worry about failure:


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