Women Entrepreneurs And Bloggers You Are Wired For Greatness

Women entrepreneurs, bloggers and business owners are some of the most amazing people on the planet. If you are a blogger,  or a business owner or you take care of the home you are totally wired for greatness!  In today’s video I will encourage and inspire you by showing  you some very quick and practical tips that you can implement to help you achieve your dreams in life whatever they may be.

I hope you love this video please add your business blogging or life questions below to be featured in next weeks video and share this with a friend who needs some encouragement.


If you are on Linked in I’d also love to invite you to our new group of amazing women called “Women Entrepreneurs Who Change The World”   I believe in YOU! Now let’s watch today’s video.




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    Thanks for your vlog entitled Wired for Greatness. I love your message and your enthusiasm. I am launching a book – Too Much Gold to Flush:The Gift of Infidelity. It will be released in Oct and I am selling it over my website http://www.patgrissom.com. 1/2 of the proceeds goes to women’s shelters.

    Social media seems to be the way to promote it. I am in the process of setting up series of blogs relating to my book and I would like to have them automatically sent to LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook, but I have not found a plugin that works well with word press. Do you know of one? Thanks for your help, Pat

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    Thanks Lisa for this video! When you said that “God has a plan for you” really hit hard for me! I’ve been feeling really frustrated about my direction in life and I finally figured out I missed taking photographs! So I started a blog about my photography journey and LOVE writing and posting about my ups and downs, what I’ve learned along the way, etc. I have slowly reached out to social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, other blogs, forums…but my question is, since I have such a specific niche (topic) how do I reach out to others that don’t share my love for photography? How to I branch out to everyone?

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