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Everywhere you look you’ll find crazy tactics to drive traffic to your blog. Even on my site I have many tips on how  to create more blog traffic. But in today’s vlog as I answered some of your questions I had an epiphany. Like a big fat light bulb went off in my head. Why are we trying crazy tactics to get more blog traffic.We’ve studied all types of methods to get more traffic, we try to figure out  Google and  also increase Alexa or drop Alexa scores. Why? Google is not even a real person. Neither is Alexa for that matter.  I’m not suggesting we don’t work towards improving but I do think we should not be in a box when it comes to ways to increase our blog traffic. So today I’ll share with you my number one tip for driving traffic to your blog and the answer will probably really surprise you- So watch the video don’t forget please leave your comments below and of course you can always email your questions for next week also !  Before you Watch This weeks Video Tweet This to some other crazy friends :


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    Great info as always Lisa. I know it’s hard not to focus on traffic when everyone out there is telling you how important it is. But I believe traffic is only worth while if it is targeted and engaged traffic. As for average, who cares really? If your audience is actively interacting with you and eager to learn and consume your products (starting with your blog posts) then you’re doing fine. We all want to grow our audience and it’s easy to get caught up in traffic building strategies. I know I’m always wishing for more! But at the end of the day, yes be consistent and true to yourself, and write with integrity and your audience will grow.. slowly at times, in spikes at others, but it will grow 🙂
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    I agree, I have 5 blogs and cover pages were something that I trialed seriously and never had any success with. I once read that having a cover page over your content tells the reader that the cover or sometimes offer is more important than the content itself!

    With regards to the private section would you just be answering more questions or adding some kind of structured course content, either way I think for the price point you mentioned I would give it a trial for a few months and see if I could take some value from it.
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    I had a similar experience going past 20,000 visitors after a guest blog on a high profile site. It dropped off after a while, but not right away. I recommend that when you anticipate a big boost in traffic, clean up your site, highlight your best content, and take this as a great opportunity to promote a product.

    Lisa – I noticed that you did this on your SITS Day!

    Great video.

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    Hey Lisa

    Thanks for answering my question! I hope your day gets better.
    Anyway, no questions this week… yet. As far as an online community… I have already had a bad experience with one. Basically what this person said they would do never happened and I lost money over it. I am sure you would not do that, but I might be interested in some one on one in the future.

    Cheers, Gina
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