Go Big Or Go Home- Are You Settling When You Were Born For Greatness


I heard an awesome message today. They were discussing how the human spirit is and that each and every one of us are born for greatness.  Sometimes in life we have a dream, a goal or a vision. Whether that be to drive a lot of traffic to our blog, to create a business from home, launch a new product in the market place, become a public speaker, or to just raise amazing kids and live a beautiful life. Some of you will chase that dream until you catch it, sadly many won’t. Why is that?  Because if you truly want to pursue your dreams it takes work. It won’t always be fun and some days you’ll be totally wrung out , hung out, and ready to throw in the towel. It’s just part of the process.

When  you look at your goals instead of thinking it’s too hard just take them in small measurable steps. No you may not know how to get your product sold at Babies R US but you can sell one to your girlfriend, start there. No you may not have 1 million visitors of blog traffic in a week but you may have 100 visitors so write your best posts for them.

Start where you are and keep pressing forward.  It’s so strange how as little children when you ask  them what they want to be when they grow up  many times you’ll hear ” I’m going to be a firefighter.” ” I’ll be a doctor” ” I want to be a movie star”- Kids have no concept of failure. They don’t think being a move star means months or years waiting tables while you go on auditions. Or that becoming a doctor takes years and years of school. They just have a dream and shout it out. Many people go on to achieve those dreams but some of us just give up.

This is just my Sunday inspiration post to encourage you – Don’t give up. Not on yourself and not on your dream. Remember you as a little kid and think to yourself how you use to feel like you could do anything. Then remember you still can  Failure may be a part of the process but it doesn’t have to stop you. Instead you can choose to make it a stepping stone not a paper weight crushing your dreams below.

Not sure if you’ve ever seen this. It’s from the Olympics in 92′ You have to watch and see what Derek Redmond’s dad does for him but what is so amazing is his will to finish the race- we are all born with greatness tap into yours today.

Here is another great example and story of not settling-” A professor asked his class as they were about to receive their exams, ” I will give anyone a C who wants a C. If you don’t wish to take this test and see how you do you may raise your hand now and I’ll give you a C. One hand went up then another then another.  Those who opted for the C’s felt relieved and left the class. The instructor put the exam face down on the remaining students desk. He went on to encourage and inspire them telling them they are born for greatness. That he admired that they were willing to try for the good grade instead of settling for a C. Told them they would go on to do great things in life. When he got done speaking to them he asked them to turn the test over. It had 5 words. Congratulations you’ve got an A.  Then he told them, “You did the right thing by never settling.”

What is your dream?  Make it happen today and don’t settle. It won’t just fall on you it will take some work but it will be so worth it in the end! What is it you really want to do ? Share that with me in the comments below.






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