Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Divorce Scientology & Weirdness

My blog is normally for business tips, entrepreneurs and blogging advice. But I also have helped many women dealing with low self- esteem issues. Some of that is why they enjoy my videos because I encourage them that absolutely anything is possible. Not to mention I’ve overcome my own and so my heart goes out to Katie Holmes today.  If you haven’t heard Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are getting a divorce and it seems it’s over scientology. At least some of it is. The sudden split between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise is not a surprise. If you have two opposing views it won’t take long until they pull you apart. If Katie was my friend I would applaud her actions. I would have told her, ” If you think your baby girl is in danger and they are going to try to haul her off somewhere then yes take her and get out.”  Many faiths are called cults- I understand that. I’m not going to say specifically what I think but I’ve compiled some information here for anyone who wants to check it out for themselves. This gentlemen that is quoted below was a very high ranking scientologist for quite sometime I’m sure he knows better then most what happened. No matter your situation if you no longer feel safe it’s time to examine what you are doing- in Katie’s case I’m sure she is much happier.

The news reported:

Fear that daughter Suri would be ripped from her clutches and inducted into the hardcore Scientology priesthood called Sea Org reportedly drove Holmes to file for divorce.

The actress was convinced that Cruise planned to prep their young daughter for an early entrance into the ultra-zealous group and had no choice but to cut ties, TMZ reported.

“I think it is more than plausible (Sea Org) wanted Suri,” Marty Rathbun, a former high-ranking Sea Org member, told the Daily News. “The educational process has been geared more and more towards getting kids to go into the Sea Org earlier and earlier, at around 10, 12 or 14.”

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/katie-holmes-feared-tom-cruise-send-daughter-suri-intense-scientology-organization-article-1.1106324#ixzz1zVhDgouv

The following is from Former Scientologist and Sea Org member of 16 years, Jesse Prince was a senior executive in the Religious Technology Center, Scientology’s top management and trademark organization. Jesse Prince left the Sea Org in 1992 and he now actively assists former and current Scientologists to recover from their experiences in Scientology. In his first affidavit Jesse Prince writes:

In the beginning Sea Org crew had a six month contract but this was changed to a billion years. A contract that is still in use today. Crew were given high ranks on the ship, even though most were completely unskilled in operating a ship at sea. They wore pseudo-naval uniforms, a tradition upheld with glamour today as the pictures on this page document.

Scientology parade in Los Angeles in 1998

The Advanced Orgs (AOs) were the only organisation in the cult to deliver the Operating Thetan levels and from the beginning AOs were supposed to be run by Sea Org members only.

In 1968 Ethics was introduced in Sea Org. Crew were put into a chain-locker as punishment. A chain-locker is“a dark hole where the anchor chains are stored; cold, wet and rats,” to quote one ex-Sea Org officer. A crew member that was put on ethics could spend up to two weeks in the tiny hole. Former Scientologists who served as crew together with Hubbard in the early years remember a five years old deaf and mute child being locked up in the chain-locker. Hubbard said she was not to leave the chain locker until she completed the formula by writing her name. Another witness claims that a three-year-old was once put in the locker.

While busy “researching” OT3 Hubbard was kicked out of Rhodesia in 1967 and flew to Las Palmas. In a letter to his third wife Mary Sue he writes “I’m drinking lots of rum and popping pinks and greys.” People who cared for him at the time say they were astonished that he was existing “almost totally on a diet of drugs”and obsessed with removing his body-thetans (BTs). BTs are confused spirits of space aliens killed on earth 75 million years ago. They cling to human bodies and can only be exorcised by applying Scientology.


If you’re interested in reading more about what this gentlemen has to say you can find his website here  http://www.xenu.net/archive/so/ 




  1. Kevin says

    Spiritually, this was an unequally yoked marriage.
    Many make this mistake over and over. Any type of belief in
    a spiritual doctrine by one, but not the other will bring about
    tension in a relationship. The cares of this world, money, power,
    lovers of pride and self importance are next.

  2. says

    I HATE divorce, and as a believer know the Bible says God hates divorce too. But when it becomes a matter of protecting yourself from harm, some are forced to choose between “the lesser of evils,” not to mention when your child is involved. Any healthy mommy would go to any length to protect her child. So yes, I agree…. it is so sad but also I applaud Katie for making an extremely difficult decision and one that I, too, think she will be glad she did in the long run, for sure.

    Honestly, hindsight is 20/20 and this is not to judge her at all…. but I wish she had gave more thought to Tom Cruise’s religious practices before getting too emotionally and otherwise involved with him. Hard lesson learned I am sure. :(
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  3. says

    From the very beginning I have thought that it was only a matter of time before Katie divorced Tom over the whole scientology thing, especially after Suri was born. I’m not going to say a whole lot about it because I do not know the whole deal about Scientology and what all it stands for..only a little bit of it here and there. But what I do know is that it is weird and off he wall and Tom Cruise has acted different ever since he got into it. It has definitely hurt his image and his career in my opinion. And I’m a HUGE fan of both..Katie Holmes was at one time my favorite actress for her role as “Joey” in Dawsons Creek. Tom Cruise…from Cocktail (Do I need any further explanation?? :-)~ And together, I thought they were awesome! Until all that weird jazz about scientology! I really do think she is doing the right thing as well! Good post and I completely agreed with Kimberly as well!

    • says

      Thanks Amber- divorce is sad no matter what but you are right I’m sure it’s what she needed it sounds like she was really worried about her daughter- She’s a good mother.

  4. says

    I agree with you in applauding Katie Holmes. Divorce is difficult, divorce with children and plus add the spotlight and a controversial topic such as religion (although is Scientology a religion?) and it’s just a big complicated, painful mess.

    It’s so easy to go along to avoid the mess, but she isn’t doing that I’m so impressed. I’ve seen women turn into power houses after becoming parents. It’s amazing the strength motherhood gives to women and I look forward to seeing the Mommy community come together to lend even more strength to Katie and her daughter.

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