Our Family Vacation Headed To Tennessee

Tomorrow we get on a plane for our first family vacation since Matilda’s arrival and we are headed to TN and I couldn’t be happier. It’s the first time Matilda will be on a plane and your last chance to give my your toddler flying tips. True to form I haven’t even started packing yet but I will in just a short while. I’ve toured the world most of my life and many times packed just a few hours before I had to leave. Not sure why it’s just something I’ve always done.  I’ll try to schedule some great posts for you while I’m gone or I may not I haven’t decided yet. I will tell you if you’re interested in going to Blogalicious here in Vegas I’m an ambassador and we are having lots of opportunities for you to win tickets so watch for those posts soon. They will all be via Pinterest contests so follow my board on Pinterest and you’ll learn more.

This is a picture right down the road from my moms house. I’ll show you more pictures of our vacation via my Instagram LisaCashHanson is my account if you want to keep up or via  my twitter which is @Mompreneurmogul.  It’s beautiful where my mom lives and I’ve missed her so much it will be great to visit. We plan on taking Matilda to her first zoo, enjoying the beautiful scenery and really just unplugging from the world. I know I have many responsibilities and some deadlines but I am really hoping I can shut down my entrepreneur brain and truly just relax.  If you didn’t check out my Newsletter here are some archives for you with some cool announcements from the past:

Newsletter Archives

I will be announcing officially on my blog more about guest blogging for @Problogger it’s very exciting and I know you’ve all already asked when so that you can support me there- I so appreciate you all for that. So many things to share but for now I have to pack and get ready for our flight tomorrow. Matilda has been having a terrible time teething and I’m hoping for the best day tomorrow.  Thanks as always for reading, commenting and supporting me. I trust I’ve also helped you along the way.  Have a great weekend!




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