The Greatest Social Media Tool On The Planet #SM

In the world of business, blogging and social media you’d have to be living under a rock not realize how important social media is to your business.  Our society today has so many ways that you can connect with people. We can reach companies and brands online that normally would be impossible. But social media has now given us an audience  and a reach that is beyond our own. Why? Well some are driven by ego and just HAVE to see what people say about them.   But some just love customer and input and really want to connect with you. If you have something amazing to share people love to share great stories. Those stories can be tweeted to their followers then they want to follow you too. Social media has become a great leveler. Everyone can now get noticed. Pretty cool right? Why do you care about followers? Because that draws traffic to your site and traffic brings sales.  I can’t cover everything about social media we’d be here all day.Here are just a few  social media tools that will help you. Followed by the Greatest Social Media Tool On Earth
Before we list those tools some things to watch out for :

Don’t just post Follow Me- ( not anywhere ) I saw a guy who has a pretty big following post this : “Follow me on …” I thought hmm that’s a little rude. He has tons of followers but it just struck me wrong so I’m sure it does with others as well.

Try to make it about them: ie- Struggling with social media here is a post that may help you- then put your link.

Don’t always automate people don’t like to talk to a robot.

Especially don’t say when they become a friend on Twitter  ” I can help you follow my blog”

1. I don’t even know you.

2. I probably won’t follow you.

A Better Approach?  “Hey social media can be stressful I’ve found some tips that may help excited to get to know you”- So much nicer.
Here are a couple social media tools you may find very useful.
Buffer : Your tweets can be fed through this tool then you can add info to your RT’s
Pitchengine- Very cool free service people can tweet out special things about your blog or your brand I’ll share my example but you can arrange your’s however you’d like.
Empire Avenue : It looks male dominated but we have a group for bloggers there called Mom Bloggers Community you can join even if you’re not a mom 🙂
Tweet Grid- Find out whats trending on twitter in real time, this is a list of their FAQ but you will love this tool.

BundlePost– Awesome tool to help make it all easier

Like I said these are just a couple I’ll cover more in my private membership community. But if you want to know what is the greatest Social Media Tool On Earth- Sorry you’ll have to watch the video 🙂  So click on the video and check it out now- You don’t want to miss it.  The video is taking 100 years to process so you’ll have to come back to see it sorry about that-


Don’t even ask me why my head is cut off it’s a long story and I’m too fried to fix it now 🙂 I’ll fix it later  HA if you didn’t see the cut off head you showed up too late I already fixed it 😉 Yea.




  1. says

    LOL, Lisa! Tell your husband if he wants to see weird to watch my first vlog. Wow. hahahaha Glad we can laugh at ourselves, right, otherwise we’d be cryin’! Truth is we are our own worst critics and the video camera, well, it’s WEIRD talking into one. I’m going to find a picture of a couple of people to stick on the wall BEHIND the camera so I feel like I am talking to someone because it’s just hard for me to visualize when the camera is staring me in the face.

    Thanks for all you’re doing… you’re awesome.

  2. Paula says

    Hi Lisa!

    Just signed up for your newsletter and following your blog. I am just getting started online with our website and blogging, so I am really appreciating all of your great content and your helpful positive attitude! You make me feel like I CAN succeed in this global scenario! Your little Matilda is so precious. Enjoy every moment with her, my baby girl just turned 16…they grow-up so fast!

  3. Laura says

    Hi Lisa-
    Thanks for the info. I love your humanness.
    Question: how do you increment your time?
    I don’t know if I have ADD or what, but I’m having a tough time with that. Do you go into that in your ebook?

    Oh yeah and what exactly is wrong with weird??? LOL;-)

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