Why Women Still Can’t Have It All Yes We Can @TheAtlantic

A recent article in the Atlantic Magazine, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” is getting a lot of attention.   Suddenly now there is a great debate can we? Or is that a lie?  Other reporters are jumping on the trail to find the real answer. In the article the women made an amazing choice to stay with her children. I suppose they say you can’t have it all because they are discussing the landscape of today’s women in the workplace and her choice: High powered executive totally neglected children or stay home and have a healthy family. Or rather sacrificing time with your children. But what they forget is that in today’s new world women are still in very high powered positions and raising a family and having a killer marriage all at the same time. I personally know a high powered IBM executive who works from her home and is with her kids every day. And what is fascinating about the article is the attitude this women received for making the decision to leave her position and be with her family. To me that’s the real issue. No women should allow what other people think to govern their decisions. Who’s life is it anyway?

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Here is the question: What exactly does it mean to “Have it all?”  To some it means waking up to their babies every day and that’s it- the most amazing and powerful job on the planet. To other’s it’s a thriving home office and a family and women do both every day. Of course we do we are natural multi-taskers.

I think what is changing is the actual definition of “having it all.”  Women are learning that having it all is no longer wrapped up in a job title. A wise old woman I once knew said something to me that was so profound. She was a singer at the then famed Rainbow Room In NY. She told me she looked across the crowd of people and said ” I wouldn’t even walk across the street to have tea with these people”  I wonder how many women in high  positions of power feel the exact same way?

In this new world of doing business women are making better career choices. These choices suit their lifestyle nd not the other way around. They no longer allow themselves to be defined by a “title”  You see in the old days feminists made women feel that if they stayed home they were weak and dumb. Anyone who has had children just laughs out loud at that thought because most of those “feminists” wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a room full of kids.

So what does today’s woman who has it all look like? They are Mompreneurs creating some of the most powerful products in the marketplace, they are authors, speakers coaches, they are sought after by multi-million dollar companies to test products and they make up over %85 percent of the economy. Even as I type this post my 14 month old Matilda is sitting beside me eating her waffle listening to Wheels On The Bus. I totally have it all.

Here is the takeaway. Women in the world who are  using all the modern conveniences that are available to us can truly have it all. Without a doubt.

Instead of allowing the job description to define you,  it’s time you change the rules. You tell the world what your life will look like. No matter how high powered the executive you ask them in the final minutes of their life are thinking of the deal? Are they thinking of the missed promotions? Absolutely not. Universally they are all thinking about those they loved.

The article makes a great point and it’s calling on change for women in the workplace and it’s way beyond time. But it’s also time for women to stop giving a flying leap what anyone thinks about them for making choices that suit their own lives. It’s your life you won’t get another one- so do whatever it is that make you happy.

Women- You CAN have it all! So rise up and take it because now is your time. And a special note to all those moms who don’t have any other “job” then raising their babies- You are the heroes of the world. And you have the highest position of all  I salute you.


Here is the post in the Atlantic Magazine


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    I think stories like this are perposterous, because the landscape of the business world has changed. I know tons of people who work from home, even if it’s part time. There are loads of companies who are working with families instead of penalizing women for wanting a family. One of my best friends works from home 1/2 the week and she has a very high powered, busy job that requires travel – her company (and many others) are learning that being family focused helps them to retain great, loyal employees. The cost to replace an employee is about outrageous when you consider advertising, interviewing, training, and starting again.

    It sounds like this article was written several years ago (before the economic downturn maybe) and then published now. Or it was written with a very small group of people in mind.

    I never had kids, so I don’t have it all, but then again, I do, just in a different way. I love it!
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