Your Blog & Your Business Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Succeed

If you’re on my newsletter you got a funky message the other day.  Which is why I said your blog and your business don’t have to be perfect to succeed. I received a note and a reader was not thrilled with a misspelling on my  list. Now I wasn’t upset with her I get corrected all the time. Sometimes by my best girlfriends. But it really made me think. Are you are so worried about perfection that it paralyzes you and you don’t move forward? Do you think “What if I spell something wrong, what if my design is not that great, what if I make a mistake and look foolish?” Well what if you do ?  Who really cares.  I used this analogy before. The world doesn’t need perfection if it did Madonna would not have a career.

They just need answers. If you have them share them. I’m not perfect I’m working on building a life and a business just like you. I share what I learn hoping it will help you achieve great results and anyone who reads my success stories tab knows that I do get results. One thing I’m great at: Working hard and moving forward. I don’t spend time  wondering if I’m perfect because I laugh knowing- not a chance. But I know what I do matters. Just yesterday one of the bloggers that I coach made it to the video interview phase of a major media opp. I’m excited So if you learn anything from my website I hope this is the message: You are amazing and you can succeed flaws and all. I do it every day.

Here are some videos you may like the first is my new intro the second a blogging vlog from a few weeks past. watch for tomorrows video.


What one thing do you need to move out of your way to succeed? Please leave it in the comments below.


Disclaimer:  There may be typos in my blog posts and newsletter- get over it. Oh and I mean that in the sweetest way 🙂




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    This is EXACTLY what I am going through right now! This post could not have come at a better time. The only thing I have been thinking about is to make sure I’m perfect, my business is presented perfectly, don’t make any mistakes or people will criticize, etc. etc. etc. Roz Walker (above comment) has reiterated it so beautifully. I come across all of these businesses (start ups and established) and they seem so “perfect.” It’s nice to know that it’s okay to make mistakes and still be successful. 🙂

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    No truer words have been spoken! When I first started my business and blog, I thought I had to have everything perfect. But as I started networking with online business owners who were doing quite well, I found that what drew people to them was their ability to make mistakes, admit them, and share a lesson learned from them.

    So now I say, always strive to put your best foot forward, but it doesn’t have to be a perfect size to get you where you need to go!
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