Do It Afraid- Don’t Let Fear Stop Your Dream

Strange phrase “Do it afraid”. What do I mean by that phrase? Many times in life opportunities come our way. Whether those opportunities be in business, blogging, TV, entrepreneurial etc; When they do arrive some of us talk ourselves right out of a killer opportunity that could change our future for the better. Why? Usually it’s fear. Fear is a nasty little thing that really needs to take a flying leap. It’s one of the most unproductive emotions that we possess. Unless of course you know the secret to using fear to your advantage. I know it seems odd but you can feel the fear and move right past or through it. The only way to accomplish that is to do it afraid. That means, yes you feel the fear but you ignore it and do it anyway. Β No matter your feelings believe me someone else has gone before you and felt the same way. But the difference between success and failure is that they too action and did it anyway in spite of the fear.

In today’s video that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Check it out and go for your dreams!

SHARE WITH ME: Something you want to overcome or a time you pushed through fear in the comments below! I love hearing from you.




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    I really loved this vlog. When I left my corporate career and came home, that little fearful voice kept nagging at me as I started on my journey to creating an at-home career. There were many times I had to “do it afraid,” but I’m sad to say there were times that I turned offers down because I let that little voice speak too loudly.

    I have since decided that if it won’t kill me, then it will just make me stronger. So, I have been doing it afraid and seeing the benefits ever since.

    Thanks for the great post Lisa!
    Roz Walker recently posted..Reach More Followers with Tasty (Business) TreatsMy Profile

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    When you are really uncomfortable about what you are doing you know you are moving into real growth and change. I did just that 8 years ago when I quit my job came home and announced to my family that I was starting my own graphic design studio. Eight years later, I’m still in business and love what I have created. Now, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone again to write my first blog geared to mom – <a href="" title-"Code Red Hat: Survival Skills for Modern Moms It’s amazing what can happen when you stop listening to your limiting beliefs and just go for it!
    So glad I found this article via the Make My Monday Morning blog hop!
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    What an awesome phrase, “Do it Afraid”! It’s nice to know, that I’m not alone when it comes to having fears that keep me from moving forward. I think that if we just begin doing (taking action) what we know we need to do, and not holding back due to our fears, there will be results. Thanks for the energy boost!

    Mark Hockenberry recently posted..The Beauty of Celebrating Christmas EarlyMy Profile

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    I’ve been conquering fear on a daily basis since I began blogging in 2006! I was completely ignorant of the entire virtual world, and had so much to learn. I started out talking about my faith, then quickly moved to include my passion for crafting. The two have culminated in my Bible Crafts 4 Kids blog, but in the process, I learned that crafting is the vehicle whereby I share my spiritual thoughts and beliefs.

    I am formerly homeless due to serious mental illness, so my passion for helping others runs deep. The fear associated with all of that is based in my perceptions about self worth, and my value as a person.

    I have come to the conclusion that God walked me through that mess so He could teach me of His unconditional love, then share that hope with others who are navigating those same circumstances. The joy that I carry now far outweighs the days of depression and despair that were part of my everyday life!

    I am still challenged by the voices of condemnation about my subject matter, but how can I keep quiet, when God has rescued me from so much pain??? My voice still feels shaky, but I am no longer paralyzed by fear. I speak in spite of it, and learn as I go.

    Thanks so much for sharing this post. Answering questions like this helps build the muscle to truly overcome. All the best to you, Lisa!
    Connie Walcott recently posted..The Atrocity of Homeless ChildrenMy Profile

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      Thank you for sharing this. Connie when we’ve been delivered from hard things it’s great to share with others so they know they can be delivered too πŸ™‚ Besides you’re not sharing alone it’s HIS voice too.

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    Fear is such a show stopper when we’re on the threshold of making a positive more or change. Then you have the negative nellies that feed that fear.

    I took a leap of faith in myself and my abilities when I join in the conversation in the Blogosphere. It was against the advice of all that new me from my old life. With the full support of a few friends and my husband, I took a chance. It has been fun, exciting and frustrating but I have never been happier.
    Susan Cooper recently posted..Life’s TransitionsMy Profile

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    Lisa, you are an amazingly strong woman who has learned to push through her fears. You are in the top 2%!!!

    I used to have to push through fear all the time. I’m not as strong as you are so I had to make up ways to help me to feel better.

    Literally, I had to change my self talk in a big way!

    Of course, we still have to take action to get to where we want, but it’s much better when we can be our own coach πŸ™‚
    Wendy Merron recently posted..Positive Thinking MythsMy Profile

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      You are very kind πŸ™‚ I have just figured out that fear stinks. So I feel it the same as everyone else but I basically look at it and say ” Umm excuse me you stink I’m going to ignore you LOL” Then I just go ahead if I fall I fall but at least I tried.

      You are so right about confession EXTREMELY important the messages we play in our heads to ourselves thanks for sharing that πŸ˜‰
      Lisa Cash Hanson recently posted..Dream It Blog It Make It HappenMy Profile

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    This was the best post for me to read today. I am currently working on making a decision of whether to leave my day job to do what I love doing full time (writing and running my home business). I know that it is truly what I want to do and I KNOW I CAN DO IT. I am just afraid. Afraid of failing. Afraid of all the unknowns. Afraid of sticking my neck out. Everytime I have stepped outside of my comfort zone to work toward succeeding at this, I have made huge steps and succeeded at it. It didn’t feel like work because I truly loved what I was doing. It is about trusting in myself and making it happen. Doubt comes from there is so much more to learn in this writing and marketing world, am I truly ready? I love that saying and I have it posted now “Do it afraid!” Thank you for writing this. = )

    Irish Carter recently posted..Inspirational – Reach Your DreamsMy Profile

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      You are so welcome πŸ™‚ I know because I’ve done it many times LOL- This will help you get over the fear of failing- you will! But not at everything and if you do so what? You join the countless crazy successful people who figured out what didn’t work and move to what does. I’m excited for you the future is bright!!

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