The Truth About Darren Rowse And @Problogger

If you’ve been blogging for even a short while you probably already know about Problogger. The amazing blog filled with a ton of tips and resources for both the novice and the expert blogger. It’s also the home to some killer guest posts on every topic from copywriting, monetizing, increasing blog traffic, advertising and more. This week I was one of those featured guest bloggers. I had the great pleasure of doing a vlog for Darren Rowse. If you read his blog you know that vlogs are rare. I don’t think I got to do this vlog because I am so special. I believe it was  simply because I asked. If you didn’t see the post and would like to see that along with the vlog then you can visit Problogger here:

The title of my post is: The truth about Darren Rowse and Problogger. So here it is. Even though his blog has one of the largest audiences around, and even though many consider him an expert in the industry, there is something you may not know. Allow me to share that. He is a really really nice guy. I want to tell you my experience with him personally. There are a lot of “experts” but few are as kind and as gracious as Darren. Not only that but his staff is as well. Georgina who worked with me and my post was very gracious, complimentary and all around just a wonderful person- Hi Georgina!

You see I find the world of online “guru’s”  just a little laughable. I’ve been a performer long before I was a blogger and I’ve been on stage with “real” stars.  Which by the way are only human beings so I’m not really impressed by them either. Actually I’m immune to being impressed by celebrities or gurus at all. But here are some of stars I have had the pleasure of meeting over the years: Larry the Cable Guy, Michael McDonald, Wynonna, George Clooney, Martina McBride, Chris Gardner ( he was a very nice guy too) and many others. So for me this whole “celebrity online” thing is pretty funny. And some of those online celebrities ignore people. I suppose they think they are celebrities or believe the puffed up “social proof” which sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but is basically online hype. And that hype can be fabricated big time. If you don’t already know that then  you should read my other friend’s blog – again totally amusing to me.

Except Darren. He is the exception for sure. Obviously Darren could be slightly snobbish if he wanted to be. His blog is one of the largest, one of the most popular, and probably one of the most prestigious. Yet the truth about Darren is that he is very kind, very gracious and super humble. I admire that quality in any human being but I was especially thrilled to learn that about him after I did this guest post on his blog. I wanted to somehow publicly blast to anyone reading this post what a wonderful person he is and that his staff are equally wonderful.

I also wanted to send a thank you and this was our tweet exchange:


I asked to send him something to say thank you and he said- No need. How nice right?

You see there are a lot of nuts on the Internet but Darren is no nut. He is the real deal! So I am very thanful to have had the opportunity to be featured on Problogger.  Not only because his blog is so popular but because it gave me tho opportunity to see the man behind the blog. And that man is super awesome. I hope you get  the opportunity to know him in the future.  But if you don’t just take it from a girl who basically has “seen it all” throughout the years. Darren Rowse is as real as it gets. Thank you Darren. Since you didn’t let me send something to thank you, you left me no choice other than to announce how cool you really are:) Oh and I’m on Triberr so you’ll probably be blasted a lot.

Your new friend,






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    WOW, congratulations on great title (and of course post)! I was looking for something else, but somehow your post came up (although it wasn’t designed to answer my question), but just out of curiosity I clicked! It was like “Oh no, Darren Rowse is the only one who seemed to be real, but I should not THE TRUTH, let me face it!” lol And then you basically say good things about him, which I am sooo glad to hear. Thanks Lisa and glad I discovered your blog today 🙂
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    that is such a nice post about your new friend. I will definitely check out his blog now. It sounds very interesting and I really appreciate help for my blog. Thanks for all of your great posts.
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    Lisa, anything I’ve read by Darren has been exceptional, and his personality has shown through. He can’t hide the fact that he’s a good guy because he just is. I love the fact that you recognize and APPRECIATE that about him. And that you thought it important enough to dedicate a whole post to this fact speaks a world about your own character. Thanks for being you and congrats on your vlog with Darren’s blog!!
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