How To Write The Perfect Pitch Letter

I’m featuring photos from my step dad’s brother if you’re wondering what’s up with the Zebra. He tours the world and these are from Africa. I’ll be doing that more often because I love the pictures he takes.  Let’s get to today’s post. What if there was a secret in how to write the perfect pitch letter? I have many people asking me how to write the perfect pitch letter. Are you trying to land a guest blog post? Maybe you are reaching out to a major company asking them if they would give you free tickets or wanting to sample a product.  They say the devil is in the details. I’m not a fan of the devil personally I think he is a wimpy jerk. So instead I’ll say there is one thing that could be blocking your perfect pitch letter. It may be you.  There is a secret to the perfect pitch and I’ll share that in today’s video so make sure you watch to find out what that is. I know it’s shocking but the reality is that many times we put things in our pitch letter that shouldn’t be there and it hinders our chances. Some pitches are much too long or  loaded with stats that many  times haven’t been requested. Perhaps we don’t even pitch because we think there is absolutely no way we will get what we are asking for.  So we don’t. Then we wonder why nothing is happening for our blog or our business.  There is some good news for you. It’s not as difficult as you may think landing a guest blogging post on a major blog, or getting companies to send you products. However you should know the number one secret that could possibly  make or break your perfect pitch letter. Click on the video and find out what that is.  And just for fun today words of wisdom from Dr Seuss  ” You have brains in your head you have feet in your shoes you can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

Please be sure to comment below because I read each and every one of them and if you have a question for next weeks video that you would like featured  or just have something to say I’d love to hear from you. So in my best Arnold Schwateneggar voice “Do It Now.” Also someone asked about time management so here is a cute infographic for blogging hope you enjoy it.

Here is an example of my pitch to the Nashville Zoo ( I did get the tickets so this pitch was successful and they were super nice. I hope this helps you notice the subject line:

Award winning blogger I’d love to promote your zoo to my readers

Hi- I’m an Author and an award winning blogger. Recently featured on Yahoo! Named Blogtrepreneur’s Top 40 Mompreneurs To Follow on Twitter and Circle of Moms Top 25 Tech Mom. I’m coming to TN with my daughter to see my mom. We’d love to bring her to the zoo she is 15 months and goes crazy every time she watches Safari animals on the computer. I live in Vegas but my readers are national and international. I also have an upcoming feature on that boasts about 1 mil visitors a day.

It would be my mom, my husband myself and my 15 month old. I’d be happy to take pictures, share, and promote the Zoo as an awesome place to go when you visit TN as a vacation destination. You may view my press room here:

And my Blog here:

Look forward to hearing from you our flight leaves this Friday and we are there about 8 days. During the week would work best I know it’s less busy then.

Thank you have a great day!
Lisa Cash Hanson
CEO Mompreneur Mogul
Las Vegas NV





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    Hi, Lisa! I love your blog! I am new to blogging, but I recently started to help promote my brand and my business. I am in the process of writing my first eBook to help market and promote my brand. I would like to send you and excerpt from my book in hopes that you might consider allowing me a guest spot on your blog!

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    Hi Lisa, Great Video! I currently pitch companies that I would like to work with and get free products to review and also products to giveaway in return for a review/giveaway post on my blog. I am always fearful of getting rejected but I have taken rejection well 🙂 And to my surprise I often get what I asked for. For now its mostly smaller products (under $100) but I am hoping to in the future be able to pitch for larger products that I would like to review.

    One question I do have is what to do when companies send you press releases? It seems like they want me to just post the release but I would love to return their email with a pitch for a review of the product or ask for some sort of compensation for posting the release but I just do not know how at this time to go about it the right way. Maybe you can do a video or post about this. I am part of your VIP Blogger Club so maybe we can address that there as well. THANKS!!!!!

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      Absolutely I will cover this :)) And I know you’re in the Inner Circle At The Blogs to Riches Club I’m so happy to have you there- I will lay out an exact strategy and tips to help you do that and awesome that you are getting products now great job!

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    I’m looking at attending a writers conference in November. I’ve had many people tell me I need to pitch a poetry chapbook. I have several poetry publishers in mind. I do suffer from the no pitch letter even started. Hoping attending the writers conference with an external deadline will be motivating.

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