How To Overcome Obstacles In Life And Business

If you want to know the secret on how to overcome obstacles in life and in business it’s pretty simple. You may get knocked down always remember to get back up.

Recently I had some really frustrating setbacks. That’s what prompted me to think, “How can I overcome obstacles in life and business?” I wanted something very badly and it’s looking like that probably will not happen for me. I’d love to tell you that I just “sucked it up” but I did not. The only thing I was sucking was snot for a few days because I cried worse then my 17 month old. It was quite the funk but I’m happy to announce that the funk is over.  I feel like a character from that old TV show The Bionic Man (whew am I aging myself now). I’m coming out stronger, faster and better then before. And that’s really the case.

I wish I had some deep words of wisdom or courage to make you think that it’s all just tra la la. However the reality is setbacks and obstacles can be painful, and not fun.  It’s important to  get over these setbacks as quickly as possible or you’ll be sinking in your sorrows quicker than Indian Jones in quicksand. Wow I’m just full of the movie quotes today.

This weeks video is all about dealing with the every day challenges and those that are unexpected. It’s about knowing what to do and how to handle it when your world comes crashing down on top of your head and you didn’t even have a hard hat on that day.

So please watch the video. Don’t make fun of my emotional moment. Then comment below. I’m launching a new coaching program and I’ll be giving a prime slot away but only if you comment below and answer the question I asked in the video.  So thanks for watching I look forward to seeing what you share. And if you have tips for how you overcome obstacles in life and business please do share them below.




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    Hey Lisa,
    I know this is an old vlog but i just came across it after you left a comment on my question at the mombloggersclub forum. I’ve just started blogging and so far it is quiet a positive experience. There are those days when someone writes a really nasty comment or I look at my traffic numbers and it really gets me down.
    Thankyou so much for the inspirational words. You seem so genuine and warm in the video. I feel like we could be chatting over a cup of coffee.
    Would you look at my site and send me your thoughts, comments, anything at all?

    If you take the time,I promise I will treat it as gold :)
    Hope things are better now.
    Shefali recently posted..Four Once AgainMy Profile

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    Thanks for the inspiration.
    I was feeling down as I am working with the publisher on my first book and we seem to have hit a snag. After watching you I feel I can do anything. I love the way you are so original and normal. You are just so human and it encourages me a lot.
    My wish is to have more traffic.
    My numbers are not worth mentioning after blogging for 6 months.
    I get discouraged but I do not want to give up.

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    For me I need to learn how to be more orgainized and better with my time. I also need to learn to say no. I seem to be stuck in a rut and need to get out. I am starting a new business called Paparazzi Jewelry and so I know have 2 blogs. and all the other social media accounts plus I do reviews and giveaways. I also need to homeschool my son but seem to have no time for this. I am on this computer all the time and when I am not I fell bad. If I take the time off to be a mom I feel guilty and if I do not take it off I fell guilty. On top of everything else I am hosting a event called Stomp Out Cancer I have w helpers who are here to help me and we are still behind as I need to teach one and I run my sisters business. So my question is how can I manage all this and still be a wife and a mom. I need to make some money and my stats are good but I can not even get a client to invest in my Gift Guide. I know if is because I do not get comments on my blog so I need help changing this. I did join your site but have not been able to attend it like I should. Please help me.
    Glenda Cates recently posted..Gifts For My Girlfriends and Giveaway Hop 9/27My Profile

    • says

      Glenda you do need to say NO :) What concerns me the most is that you say you have no time to homeschool your son and when you take time off the computer to be a mom you feel guilty. You really need to be specific on what is most important to you. So let me ask you a question – Which would you rather have go away for one month? Your child or your computer? I think you already know the answer to correct it right away and make your son a priority.

      When this life is over none of us will give a hoot about blog stats or social media. We will however be saying ” I hope I loved my babies and family, I hope I was there for them.” So that is your first correction your son and husband are FIRST. What good is money if you loose everything else in the process?

      Next You do have way to many things going. It’s great to be creative but this seems to be such a common issue and something I’m addressing with my clients as well. You have to be successful with ONE thing and then move to the next. If you are spread too thin then you are not effective in any area.

      There are days when I say to myself out loud – “Lisa you stepped off stage to be home with Matilda, so remember to spend time with her” Like you it’s easy to get caught up in emails, coaching classes etc: There is a way to be more effective but it’s never at the sacrifice of your family.

      So here are practical tips.
      1. Pick one thing focus on that let the others go for now.
      2. Do not take on any other projects
      3. Set a list of tasks starting with the most important that MUST be done. Don’t make a list so huge that you can’t get through it in a day. DO those things. Don’t take calls (unless it’s your husband) don’t check emails, don’t do social media until you’ve done those things. Then when those things are done you can move onto the other projects.
      Lisa Cash Hanson recently posted..How To Overcome Obstacles In Life And BusinessMy Profile

  4. Studio Maiden says

    Hello Lisa.

    Thank you for being authentic and sharing your growth with your club community. I understand your emotional roller coaster ride and extend
    compassion to you. Your workload is immense and we, as women, all
    need to release now and then. It is a cleansing, a washing away of
    what is no longer needed and creates healing, allowing vital energy in
    to begin a fresh cycle. Remember to breathe!

    When I have experienced loss and heartbreak in my life, and this has
    occurred many times, when rugs have been pulled out from under me,
    I have learned to look at the lesson and look at the gift. There is always
    one of each. I recently posted this on one of my blogs because it has
    been so helpful to me through trials and has helped everyone who I
    have shared it with outside of the virtual realm. I too, look at every
    challenge as an opportunity, as mentioned above. We are here on this
    planet to learn and to grow. Resilience is key. Being open and allowing
    the next best thing into our lives, instead of resisting that which would
    no longer serve us is our strength.

    I feel blessed to have been invited into your community and life,
    and know that everything that you deserve and need is in store for you.
    I appreciate you fully and am grateful for this supportive circle.

    If I only had more time to write, to balance the roles in my life, and to be able to fully nurture everyone involved in my life both online and off adequately and abundantly. I have been creating a brand; blogs, website, social media, and ebooks to feed each other. I am close to the
    launch of the brand but need to fill it all in with more content.
    I am an intuitive, creative writer and ready to rock it so need followers and some blog coaching in the monetizing zone.
    I have expertise and seasoned wisdom in several areas
    and am working to merge niches.
    I have been merging two niches on my website and found the challenge
    to be monumental and wonder if it is a ludicrous endeavor.
    I have a vision that has become more time consuming to fulfill
    than anticipated. Perhaps I need to simplify and portray only one niche.

    Looking forward to a time when I can join the Inner Circle.

    Studio Maiden

  5. says

    At first, I thought…. what I really need is more time in a day! Or…. a maid?! LOL Seriously, though, I think I just need to get a “plan” together.

    Got another product idea recently. Like you said when you created one of the groups, many have all these great ideas but how to make them happen? I do have a meeting next month with SCORE which I think will be really helpful.

    I’m trying to write a business plan (from that free template you shared) before then so I have a better idea of what the business would look like. I’ve had some ideas but I think I need to get them better organized, which I guess is part of what a business plan helps to do.

    Perhaps for someone like me, having some kind of an “outline” for, say, product idea to getting it to market and out there, marketed would be great. I’m visual so having something I can see that says, okay, step by step this is what that process “should” or “might” look like would be most helpful, I think.

    You may have read in a message I sent you before that I’ve been thinking about a 2nd blog but wasn’t sure if I should create that “now” or once the products come out or the business is officially established, so it would be a “business” blog. I think I’ve decided I want to do it as a personal blog and then bring the business/product stuff into it when those do happen.

    I say “now” because of the whole time factor and not sure when exactly I can get it up and running. I don’t want to spread myself too thin with doing too many things at once so I never get any of them completed. But the blog, I’m thinking, once I can get it “up” will be just a matter of updating it a couple times a week and building a readership. Because it would be broader than our pretty specific niche food blog, I’m thinking I can reach a wider audience there and cross promote it and the food blog between each of them. Do you have any thoughts on this? I’ve gotten some great blog content ideas lately and I think I don’t need to wait too long to get it going.
    Anne recently posted..Healthy Breakfast Idea ~ No-Bake Fruit Crumble BarsMy Profile

  6. says

    Hi Lisa!
    So sorry to hear that things didn’t work out the way that you had hoped they would! I love your positive attitude though and and think that it’s great that you are taking that energy and putting it into other projects!
    As to your question… there are a few things that I feel I could use help with, the first being time management. I’m doing better with it (I have 2 kids under 4, so my work time is very limited), but could definitely work on it some more. Right now my main “work time” is during naps and I then have to choose to either blog or sew… not both… and I would love to be able to get both done daily.
    The other thing that I could use help with is growing my blog and making people more aware of both it and my etsy shop. I have been blogging for 4 years, but have only about 200 followers/subscribers and have never really found a niche for myself.
    Michaela recently posted..Shop Update – 9/18My Profile

  7. says

    Good morning, Lisa!
    Appreciated your vblog today! When your emotions slipped through (just a bit), I had tears well-up in my eyes. Your encouragement is such a blessing.
    I truly believe the more we can help others achieve what they want in life, the more we can achieve in our own lives. I just love that we can connect to like-minded ladies through this wonderful medium we call the internet.

    I’m sure you know this, but just in case, crying is form of stress relief. I think that’s one reason men are overly stressed – they don’t cry enough. But I agree – you can only cry so long, then you have to get on with life, because life goes on.

    I often remind myself, “There are no problems, only opportunities for growth and expansion.” Some days I have to remind myself of that over and over, again. You know, “One door closes, another opens.”

    On to the part you asked for – Lisa, if only I had more visitors to my blog and website and could make a few more sales things would be much better in my little blog/website world.

    Even as I write this I know that I am just getting started, as I have only had our blog and website up for a few months. I have partnered with my mom and sister (hence our name – Yours, Mine and Hers) in this endeavor and they are so discouraged by our lack of sales. I do my best to encourage them – reiterating, it just takes time.

    I just wanted you to know that when I need encouragement I visit your web pages – I always find something that makes me feel better!

    Thanks for all you do, Lisa
    Magpie Polly recently posted..Handy Little PocketsMy Profile

  8. Laura says

    To answer the question first: I think help with organizing my time would help me the most. I feel really scattered some days and this has been a problem in starting as well as continuing.

    I would like to add you really are an inspiration. It definitely does help to get over disappointments and sad times when I help someone else. (Sorry to hear about your disappointment(s) however.

    I love to think of rejections and the things that we tend to perceive as failures this way: God is letting us know that there is a better opportunity that is meant to be. And if the other thing hadn’t been a disappointment, the other even better thing couldn’t have happened. (My awkward way of explaining it.)

    I know it’s cliche but things really do happen for a reason. Hopefully the person who got shut down by Etsy, can open her own site and do even better for herself.

    Laura recently posted..6 Things You Can Do With Your Indoor CatMy Profile

    • says

      Laura One tips I can give you that really works I know it’s a little hard to do is don’t check your email first thing in the morning. And don’t get sucked into other people’s plans.

      Make a list of tasks the night prior and list them by importance, when you do that in the morning begin with the most important. When those are done -THEN check your email, social media or whatever else. That way your taks are getting completed first.

      As far as starting and continuing. Take it one step at a time :)
      Lisa Cash Hanson recently posted..Exclusive Blogging Community Set To Launch Aug 27TH @BlogsToRichesMy Profile

  9. says

    I am an aspiring writer and soon to be grandmother. Probably not what you expected in your readers. LOL I am looking for the best ways to publish and then gain exposure for what I have published. I am also a Geek so I do a lot of app reviews on my site. I am currently considering an additional site for promoting what I publish. Your thoughts? Ideas?
    Geek Girl recently posted..Motivational Quote – 9/17My Profile

  10. says

    Hi Lisa,

    You are such a great mentor. I am so thankful God helped me to find you. I can honestly say that I am a life learner with you. You are so filled with knowledge and have taught me so much confidence in my business. For that I am so thankful. I can’t wait to follow your new website and learn more from you.

    You asked me to ask a question for you and here it is….Growth in my company is awesome…I love it, but how do manage to keep in contact with so many followers, sometimes it feels like I cant keep up? I do 5 comments a day, stay true to my tribe and client contacts, but what about the rest? I appreciate each of them and don’t want to lose contact.

    Irish Carter recently posted..Attitude and Perception – Inspirational PostMy Profile

    • says

      You are very sweet. The best way to keep in touch with your followers is a newseltter. Then you can focus on certain readers, share your heart and stay in touch. Then tell them that :) Tell them what you just told me. You appreciate them. I don’t think one person can do everything. You can also hire a virtual assistant as you grow to help stay in touch. I’ve never really liked that option because as good as they are I can always tell when it’s the VA as opposed to the real person.

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