How To Survive Bumps In The Road Get Your Business Back On Track

Sometimes a challenge comes along in life and business that seems very hard to overcome. But I can tell you that it’s possible to conquer every challenge in your life and today I’ll share how you can get your business back on track. Last week I posted a personal vlog with you. I had faced some really difficult disappointments and was moved to challenge you as well as myself to just keep moving forward. Shortly after that vlog post something amazing happened.

I’ll be sharing with you soon. Today though I’d like to ask a question. What do you do if things in your life and business seem to get pushed off track?

What if the bump in your business, your life or your blog seems really big? Well in today’s business vlog I’ll share some very cool tips with you on what I do to move past a bump in the road. The principals I use will work for you as well. As women entrepreneurs there are many challenges we face. However bumps in the road do not have to be one of those.
We can learn to glide ride overt hem. So join me today and as always I look forward to reading your comments below. Have you had a bump lately you weren’t sure you could get over?




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    Thanks for the gentle reminder Lisa! Bumps in the road can steer off of track so easily indeed when we allow them to. They are also a great little reminder to keep our eyes on the destination and remember that the journey can be full of surprises… But if we are overly focused on the end goal, we miss the best part of the journey… the bumps that remind us to take our time and be opened to new opportunities.

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    Thank you for your SWEET reminder – need to get those ebooks done and, as you said, never do cuz I lost my ebook format program – it’s there somewhere 🙁 My desk is a mess, full of notes of “TO-DO” and “HOW-TO’S” 🙁 and I hear myself complaining all the time. Since late August, my internet provider fails at least 4 hours per day due to construction around my area. Looking forward to more tips and support.
    Thank you
    LisaG recently posted..HUGE HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAY USAMy Profile

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    Love your pillow analogy! It is so true that letting go can bring so many more opportunities than using all of your energy to hang on to something that maybe you shouldn’t! When you open yourself to new experiences and you’re willing to to release some control (which is only a perception anyway) great things can and do appear!

    Happy to be back online and finally able to delve into your blogs to riches club!
    DGMommy (Tamara) recently posted..Off We Go… Emotionally.My Profile

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    Great Vlog, I have that problem, trying to make sure I know how to do everything before I do it but I am being motivated by the inner circle group and moving forward! I have been compiling a book forever but since joining you I am 50 pages into my ebook and finishing it up very soon! I also have some exciting things going on with my blog.

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    What a wonderful share Lisa.
    It’s true that “When one door closes, another opens.”

    In 1998 I was struggling to put up my first site. I wanted it to be perfect and I was driving myself batty. Luckily I had a wonderful webmaster at the time who said
    “Your website will always be a work in process, just like life.”

    I’m loving the Club you have created. A lot of great sharing going on. You are amazing 🙂
    Wendy Merron recently posted..Change One Thought And Surprise YourselfMy Profile

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