Celebrate Thanksgiving Name Ten Things You Are Thankful For

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time of year. Time for families, fun and eating. I love eating! But even though food is one of my favorite parts surround the Thanksgiving Holiday what I’m truly thankful for is my family. Most of you know I’m a first time mom and although so many amazing things have happened to me this past year: Winning the Huggies 2012 Mom Inspired Grant For My Diaper Changing Product SnuggWugg, winning numerous awards, launching my business coaching website and so many others, they pale in comparison to my family and my precious daughter Matilda.

I know all the parents can relate. You think your life is complete until you have a baby then you realize that your life is now even more full then you imagined possible. Matilda is the most energetic child I’ve ever seen and fiercely independent. My husband Chad and I have “discussion” on who’s fault that is. But I love her for all she is.  So this Thanksgiving Holiday as I sit at the table and enjoy the yams, pies, ham and turkey, really my eyes will be fixed on Matilda. She is so precious to me. And many times late at night after she has run herself and me nonstop all day, when every toy is scattered over every inch of the house, when I had to ignore emails because she really needed my attention, when I hug her before I lay her down- the only time she wants a hug, I still thank God every day he gave Matilda to me.

So here is a little exercise for us all. Can you name ten things you are thankful for in the comments below? Hopefully it will be so easy.

Here are mine in no particular order:

  1. Matilda
  2. My husband , may mama, brothers and all myfamily
  3. My Faith
  4. My Health
  5. That I live in America
  6. That I’m an Entrepreneur
  7. That I have a business that encourages, inspires and helps women
  8. That I have a gift to inspire that helps broken and downtrodden hearts
  9. That I can sing ( see my Vegas Videos LOL)
  10. That I am have money so I can bless others

Your turn name 10 Things you are thankful for in the comments below.






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    In no particular order:
    1. God blessing us with triplets after a long wait.
    2. An amazing husband who gave me a real family.
    3. Two yorkie fluff balls that never cease to make me smile.
    4. Powerful female friends that rally around me and support me.
    5. Going everywhere in the world I have ever wanted to go.
    6. The energy and great health that has let me do what I want to do.
    7. A passion in life to be able to help and serve people.
    8. New found success with The Detox Diva.
    9. New opportunities and new doors opening all the time.
    10. God’s many many blessings and miracles even when I forgot to say “thank you”
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    Happy Thanksgiving, Lisa!! I’m planning a similar post for tomorrow – seems to be the right thing to do, doesn’t it? This will give me a chance to put them all down and clarify them for my own writing, so thanks for the prompt! 😉

    I am so very thankful for:

    1. My 3 amazing children – they make me so proud.
    2. My husband
    3. My car! Well, it isn’t mine technically, but it’s mine for a while and it’s new and fun and zippy and gets us where we need to go in minutes (no more hours on the buses and trains!)!
    4. The fact that I get to Skype with my 101-year-old grandmother tomorrow! Yay!!!
    5. To have the opportunity to live in England and be close to my husband’s home country of France – we’ll get to visit eventually!
    6. My blog friends – I honestly don’t know how I would have survived the past year without the endless support of the blogosphere. You can always find someone who has been there or makes you laugh or inspires you to keep on keepin’ on (like you, Lisa!).
    7. My amazing parents (this is really up there with numbers 1 and 2, but the list is not technically in order)
    8. My gifts – even if I don’t get the chance to use them as often or in the ways I’d most like to.
    9. Google. It’s true. I can find anything I need to know and so much more that I don’t.
    10. My siblings – our bonds last beyond time or distance. Our hearts stay close even when we are out of touch and far away.

    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving, Lisa!!! You’ve had an amazing year!!
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